The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Supernatural Being

I’ve been marathoning The Vampire Diaries series for this past week, from the pilot of season 1 to season 5 (still working on it though), and it was a really great show there..

Not just because of the OTP (which i have love and annoying with) but the whole vampirism thing is so fantastically describe and really well thought (heads down to the original novel writer L. J. Smith). The first season is a charm, the second is a thrill, the third is a whole new world, the fourth is amazing, and the fifth… Hmm.. Haven’t finished that yet, but so far kind a little bit less of excitement there, but hopefully not.

So I want to challenge my memory lane and doing some quiz to myself ^^ Talking about TVD is always related to supernatural being, and TVD world we have:
1. Vampire – The Original
2. Werewolf
3. Hybrid
4. Witches – Powerful witches – The traveller – Original Witches

Did I miss something on the list of supernatural being in TVD?


My Dear Friends Nobita

Since I’m kindergarten I’ve already watched the elementary Nobita with friends.. with his zero grade all over his test papers, and how his over greed toward doraemon’s bizzare tools made the good tools became a disastrous tool of an event..

And when I was elementary, they still accompany my sunday morning.. even when I was already in high school.

Now, I’m already working for years and it quite strange to see my best tv buddies, Nobita and friends are still in elementary!!!! But the truth I still enjoying their movie.. it’s not that weird at all 😄😂 *and sadly it make me realize how old I am! 😣😢

The truth that I’m already growing up way more than Nobita.. I feel cheated watching the movie.. How come Nobita plays with faith.. while in the first time it was mentioned that Jaiko is his future wife.. and suddenly the movie turns to the quest on making Shizuka chan as his wife!! Shouldn’t the moment when his grand-grandson coming will be interupted also?

He wouldn’t be there offering Doraemon as help if Nobita isn’t married his grand-grandmother??

Ahahahaha.. Maybe, I’m over thinking in watching Doraemon!! Overall it’s a good movie.. I feel young again!!!



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Their wedding photos are daebak to the max! When I thought i already choose my faves, then new batch of their wed photos come out.. And many of them are beautiful..

I like how they came out, and yet it was so them -pocaguri’s style- and in each I see sweetness… Ahh watching them now, like watching our children grow well and happy…

Aaah.. My rambling.. Guri and Poca yaaa.. Live well!! And be happy!!