I’ve been wondering how was the ending for Han Tae Sang in When A Man Loves? Was it good ending? Did he get the happy life? *I stopped watching the moment Mi Do cheated on him*

just curious how it ends



[Preview] When a man loves Ep 9 

Han Tae Sang: Are you free tomorrow? Come to my house tomorrow, I’ll cook.

Mi Do: At your house?

Han Tae Sang: Worried?

Mi Do friend: Have you worn nice inner wear? Didnt you say you are going to ahjussi’s house?

Mi Do: He is much more innocent than me! 

Sung Joo: Go together with Mi Do. Gangwon-do 3 days 2 nights.

Jae Hee: With Mido?

Sung Joo: I think the both of you look compatiable. It felt great everytime I see.

Sung Joo: I will tell Han-sajang. 

trans: @ssh_world

Dear DramaGod,

Please no “one night stand scene” between Seo Mi Do & Lee Jae Hee… As the angry mobster of Han Tae Sang will definitely fly to Korea to start the witch hunt on the writer if she breaks Tae Sang’s heart..

We hope you hear our prayers and read our raves and rants in forums.

This line true to Tae Sang character “He is much innocent than me!” wakkakkaka… how can a 38 years old man and a gangster be that innocent!!! So Rare, Yet So Adorable to See!!!

And big NOOOOO to duty trip together!!! Jae Hee should know already that it is not a good idea and that Sung Joo has bad, BAD MOTIVE, since he knew that Mido is Tae Sang’s!!!

Guess that we love Tae Sang character so much to be this protective! hehehhe..


k-Drama 101: Diary of a Fangirl – Reality Kicks

“There was a time when my heart this hurt but my tears couldn’t flow.. like the ice touched the heart and all I could feel was shivering in pain but I couldn’t do a thing just accept and digest it well to keep me sane.”

Yup and that time was when my heart broke coz that person I loved dissapointed me. And I think I wouldn’t feel it again for another reason, but I was wrong.

Today (April 24th) small tweets and a headline from Dramabeans makes me feel sad as sad as that moment again, which I never imagined that I would feel this for such irrelevant news to my real life. But it happens.

Headline on Dramabeans that shakes my mind from a meeting and left me shock for couple minutes:

??? Hiks.. yup, apparently without realized it I am one of Jo In Sung fangirl had a heart break after read it.

When usually I got curious why there were so many fangirl-ing fandom cry or sad when their actor/ actress/ idol couple up with someone not as their imagine. And now, I finally understand why. So not gonna judge them but if they let their sadness into something destructive or put their negative energy to a open forum, that I can’t tolerate!

My Reaction

So first reaction reading the news, my jaw drop, and my whole mind felt like paralyzed for a moment. In denial of course when I’m quietly shipping for Jo In Sung – Song Hye Gyo to be a real couple. And the fact that I don’t know the actress his been dating, Kim Min Hee, aggravates the situation. Shock and sad! Like there was a piece in my heart that suddenly break into millions little pieces.

I can’t stay quiet even in a meeting (yup I was attending a meeting with 2 others company!!!!), I have to let it out or else I become moody for the whole meeting. I whatsapp my fellow That Winter partner in crimes and said out loud bout what I feel. This is the moment I realize that I need to go back to reality, to look for my own Man, to see a drama as entertainment purpose only, and stay away to get really attached to a drama/ actor/ actress or worse by shipping a couple. And this is when reality kicks, apparently I put myself to deep in kdramaland, have to loose up the tied.

Then, I check in to Soompi reading several thought and leave my mind for closing. After the meeting, on my way enjoying the traffic time of Jakarta inside a taxi, I put a lot of thought for what happens with me, the fangirl fandom, and the reality.

My Analyze after Reality Kicks

Is this wrong for an actor to hook up and has relationship with any female? Nope.

Is this wrong for an actor to date the girl that he likes? Nope.

Is this wrong for an actor to date any girl he likes? Nope.

Is it a must for an actor to date the girl that his fandom like? Nope if he loves him as an actor that we adore.

Do we have the right to judge the ugliest thing to a woman that already been chosen by someone that (before/still) we adore so much for his performance if we used to say that we love him? Will we be glad to hear that someone who used to support us then saying a bad thing about our couple when that someone doesn’t really know about our couple? If we think straight, then the answer will be no, rite? So it will be the same for that actor too.

Does he/she need our (fans) approval to date? Or do we have the right to choose who he dates? We are not his/her parents, nor his girlfriend, nor his friends, even more we ever met him in real life so who we are for him to need our approval. Fans? Yup, but then.. Does he need all his fans approval then? Aaahhhh he won’t marry for sure if it yes and will live pathetically as a loner.. So we have the right to choose who he dates? Aaaahhh we can imagine but we can’t force it, rite? Coz he is the one who live his life not us.. So please don’t be that mother in Secret Garden drama.

Conclusion, actor can date anyone he loves!

Can we said out loud our opinion regarding dating rumour? Of course we can, by not hurting others rite? Coz we love peace rite?

Are we not allowed to mad/ sad/ be disappointed toward dating rumour? Sure we’re allowed, it’s a natural emotion if we sad when what we’re hoping not come true. And that’s happen a lot in any matters in our life so don’t let it to be so long, take a small break and analyze it. Then move on to a happy path ^^

Jo In Sung and That Winter The Wind Blow (when we watch how compatible Oh Young and Oh Soo that we hope it was real) Case

As O2 couple shipper, I see why this news make some of us so disappointed and all I can conclude is that is all about the bad timing of this rumour news. And it is not Jo In Sung ssi or Kim Min Hee ssi false at all. They are not the one with the intention to blow up this news, the media did! Okay, it was my perception by reading the news. So when he didn’t deny it, I’m so proud of him, that means he responsible man who loves his woman, in my opinion. Can’t you imagine how you feel if you are his girlfriend and he deny your relationship. If it was me, I’m gonna be sad inside. So this one salute.

The Bad Timing! Yup the revelation timing is really really bad, since many of us still have TWTWB withdrawal syndrome or maybe still watching the drama. It should be revealed in maybe another 6 months when we already get over the hype of TWTWB. On that time, it won’t bothers so much. But again, this is not Jo In Sung’s false.

We are all the victims, Jo In Sung is the victim, TWTWB is the victim. I’m imagining that Jo In Sung ssi himself wouldn’t feel so happy about this news seeing how he loves his TWTWB crews and how he likes TWTWB itself. So would we, his fans will make it harder for him? Ask yourself, the answer might varies.

So when I thought more about the news and about the reaction about it. I understand the sadness, and to make it into a cheering up, supporting, self opinion, even funny opinion, I feel so glad. But to bash our actor or even his girlfriend that was away too much and cross the line.

We should imagine ourself if we were in her shoes, are we gonna be okay if people said you are not good enough to your partner, before bashing others.

Fiiiuuuuhhh, never thought I will write this much for something that I never imagine I will be sad about. But yeah.. I understand more the crying fandom over such news.. It’s okay to be not okay.. But remain yourself to keep stay in the track..

And for me, it’s time to go back to reality, I’m going down too far in the kdramaland to make me able to write a post like this.. Kekekekeke..


Should I stop watching K-Drama in order to find my own Man?

K-drama and their leading actors already set higher standard for men! how can I find one, if I use to see that they are all pretty and manly, sweet and macho, tender and strong-willed in the same time! can someone beat how caring Oh Soo, how cute Tae Sang, how calm Eun Oh Sato, and how smart Kim Boong Do.. hiks.. TT.TT

*really consider to take a break to watch k-drama


Thundie and My K-Movies Plan This Weekend

I just finish reading Thundie’s blog and I realize that there are so many goodies for classic k-drama and k-movie reviews there. I dare to say that she/he has so many review for the 2003-2011 of both movies and dramas. And amazingly all my favorite and which I consider good to watch, she has it there.

It’s powered by many of guests blogger, which all of them really good in writing and put their heart on it. They make me marathon-ing for Sang Doo Let’s Go to School, Time Between Dog and Wolf, What Happened In Bali in even more exciting way.

Now, when I dig even more for the older posts, I found so many great k-movies review there. And NOW I have to do so many Rewatching after reading their posts. On my Re-watching List: King and The Clown (always love this movie, but her review make me wanna watch it again), Madeline (maybe I’ll back with this movie recap, since so in love with Jo In Sung, kekeke) and maybe I have to marathon A LOVE TO KILL again! hiks…

P.S hope Thundie will back really soon.. get well soon dear..


When Reading Is Not Always Shows Its Good [Case: When A Man Loves]

I just finished watching 4 episodes of When A Man Loves, and… it was totally a mistake! d*mn, now I have to wait wed and thurs again to find out what happen next to them, when I suppose to take a k-drama break!!!

When I read about this drama couple months ago, I can’t help but distracted. When they mentioned to have Song Seung Heon as the lead actor, I’m both nervous and excited. Nervous that it will become another Dr. Jin’s project but excited to see all his sweet-manly face onscreen again! I’m not talking about that BONUS, but yeah, that is the advantage of having him in a drama.. hahahha *pervert*

Then, I read the premise and I cringed. Is not my favorite plot. It said that is about a man (a gangster) who is already married to his ex-boss girl then later in love with a poor girl (younger one), and it’s believed to be another melo. Intriguing right? but that is not my cup of tea. I never like to watch a cheating drama.

There was a movie called The Naked Kitchen, I watched it without knowing the story, coz I knew they had Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Min Ah (really love many of her projects, that’s why I checked that movie). And since is about cheating (in my pov) so I never finished the movie. So here goes the same with the premise told us about When A Man Loves, and since I’m on a break and still curious how Song Seung Heon ssi’s doing with his new project, I decided to follow the recap since there is one in Dramabeans. For information the recapper is the one who recapped Dr. Jin, so it was an entertaining yet witty recap, but sadly she only did the first episode recap.

So first, I found it so so and seems not good. Until I found that another blogger did recap this drama, Couch Kimchi. Both DB and CK recapping the same show, but it was totally different style, different aura, and even different emotion came out after reading it. How come? coz people have their own perspective and it’s their rights to be different. And since I know the one who recap at CK, she’s one of windblowers in Soompi, she made me to watch this drama. And…

I Like it, Not regreting It, And loves to see Song Seung Heon blushes in front a girl and diligently study how to get close with woman! It was totally smart turns from the writer!

Oh ya, did I mention that it has the same director who did Arang and the Magistrate? I should have known it, that it couldn’t be a total disaster since I love the director’s work in Arang. And he proved it. 4 episodes and I’m looking forward to it.

So far, it’s quite different from what the premise told in the beginning.

The story begins 7 years ago when Tae Sang (as a gangster boss, Song Seung Heon) collects debt from a bookshop owners who is Mi Do’s father (Shin Se Kyung). Seeing himself in Mi Do’s who struggling to defense her father. Tae Sang, decided to cut the interest and gives Mi Do “scholarship” money to her education. The Big Boss mad knowing it, and the fact that his girlfriend, Baek Sung Joo, also has a crush on Tae Sang, make him even angrier. He decided to kill Tae Sang but it didn’t work out. Then he decided to kidnap Mi Do since he knew that Tae Sang likes the girl. When helping Mi Do escape, Tae Sang got stab in his back.

Present time, we knew the Big Boss died, since Chang Hee, Tae Sang’s loyal friend kill him unintentionally and went to jail. Tae Sang become a success CEO of a fund company. One day Tae Sang meets again with Mi Do in a restaurant, and save her from a rich-spoiled girl humiliation revenges to her. From that moment Tae Sang keeps helping her, start to move his father who is sick in hospital to a private room, father’s medical bills, and finally gives Mi Do a job at his company when she insists that she will repay his kindness.

Okay, when I write it, I know that the show seems boring. But trust me, it’s not! what I love about this show it’s that It really true to its title. When A Man Loves is definitely about a 38 years man, Tae Sang, to fall in love with this 26 years old girl. And he even old, he is never had relationship with woman before, and never fall in love before. How he expresses his love to her is so innocently cute and totally get me hooked.

And the girl is not ordinary girl also, she’s in dilemma, in one hand this is the same guy who made his father almost suicide and almost ruin her family, but this is also the same guy who helps her family, gave her intuition money 7 years ago, and now he become richer and not a gangster anymore but a success CEO, further than that, he still the same guy who keeps helping her and her family. One day he just went straight forward to her ask her as his wife but she rejects it since if she say yes that will because of his money.

So now he has to win her heart and her family to show her that he really loves her. And it won’t be a smooth path for Tae Sang. Since it is a drama we have obstacles here and there. First, Sung Joo, the one who still love Tae Sang even she knows that he doesn’t love her. I dunno why the premise said Tae Sang is married with Sung Joo, when up till ep 4, there are no clues to lead to that path, since we know that Mi Do now officially joining war to be Tae Sang’s girlfriend. Highlighted in their meeting at Tae Sang’s office when Mi Do tell Sung Joo not longer to buy Tae Sang’s tie and after shaves since she is the one who will do it. So the part Tae Sang’s married is still big question mark to me, and hopefully is it’s true please make it believable and understandable, and please not make it into cheap turns how to make your love one jealous thing.

Second obstacle, we have Jae Hee, Chang Hee’s younger brother who also falling in love with Mi Do. And he is such a cutie pie especially when he finds out about the quote that he asked Mi Do to write in the chalkboard when she wants to meet her and he did saw it. But he didn’t know that it was Tae Sang who wrote it and not Mi Do. Poor him if he finds it out.

Third obstacle is this blonde guy who happens to be Big Boss’s friend and Sung Joo’s crazy admirer. And we still have this mystery with Tae Sang’s mother and brother.

So to be honest, I still can’t figure out how the story would be, but I do really enjoying Tae Sang and Mi Do relationship here. And enough for the rant! hehehe..

Bottom line, It’s different between just reading and watching! Reading only wasn’t enough to make a judgement. Watching it first then decide it whether to keep watching or just reading the recap for the rest, is a wiser choice.


k-Drama 101: How to watch and enjoy a drama

Okay, now I want to share how I watch and enjoy my k-drama addiction here. So there are so many ways to enjoy watching k-drama: Marathon-ing, Subbed-streaming, and last Live Streaming. Each way bring each joys. Trust me, how you’re watching them makes a huge different impact to the enjoying rate to the drama. So let me share mine.



Marathon a drama all night long, is a more healthy for your heart but beware for the panda eyes in the morning. It’s usually done for a finished drama or old drama. K-drama usually have 16 eps length with an hour for each ep, that means 16 hours (almost) non stop to finish our *fave* drama on a go. Me, myself usually did it in the weekend so it definitely took all day long to watch, let’s do math 16 hours of watching, 30 minutes of preparing, 2,5 hours to cook and eat, one and half hours to pray and take a shower, and 3,5 hours to sleep, answering phone or whatsapp (see, it’s 24 hours full to do a marathon! that’s if it was 16 eps, if it’s not than you’re doom hehehehhe).

The good things:

  1. healthier for your heart, coz you won’t dying wondering how the story will be for the next episode even for the final, since you have all the series with you.
  2. save your time. how come? although it looks tiring, trust me it’s the more efficient way to watch a drama. a day sacrifice is a wiser choice for the rest of your day (you’ll see why in the Live Streaming section)
  3. how you interpret and enjoy the drama is totally your own interpretation without many spoilers. so it’s more peaceful.
  4. for me, it shows my truly emotions toward the drama.

The bad things:

  1. It’s really isolated you from outside the world.
  2. It can caused a panda eyes in the morning.

My last marathon-ing drama: Sang Doo Let’s Go To School, What Happened In Bali, Will It Snows at Christmas.


Subbed-streaming means watching a drama online when the drama is still airing and the aired episode already had sub in the online streaming website. So basically you are a quite up to date person by doing this but keep patient to wait for the sub to watch. And as we know that k-drama only air about 2 episodes a week, with That Winter The Wind Blows as exception for their gala premier week to show three episodes instead of two like others, which usually it takes 2 days for subber to finish sub (this is really depend on the popularity of the drama itself). There are several website that you can watch the subbed-streaming really soon at Viki, Dramafever, Dramacrazy, Epdrama, Kshow, etc. But my favorite is viki, since there are comment section to viewer and many of the comments are so funny.

The good things:

  1. You spare your heart here, by patient, you can get two episodes in a go without feel anxious to wait 24 hours to watch the next day episode.
  2. It’s a good way to keep up to date but less torture in waiting.
  3. If you are not greedy, it is the most efficient way to watch and enjoy your drama. But if you are, then it just help a little, hehhehhe.

The bad things: I can’t find a bad thing to do this one, but then I usually did it to a hype drama but I’m not really into the story or I can say it just an okay drama.

My Last Subbed-Streaming drama: Nice Guy and I Need Romance 2012

Live Streaming

This is such a risky way to watch a drama but totally worth the fun! This means that you are follow the airing drama. Why I call it risky, since the drama only airs two days in a week? yup, the drama itself airs two days in a week, but you definitely won’t watch only one time per episode, trust me, it will be more than once you will watch each episodes. First, for information there are three kind of dramas: Mon-Tue drama, Thurs-Wed drama, and Weekend drama. We do this, usually because we are so into the drama. If you are watching Live Streaming, it means you are also join in a drama forum (90% it’s true) since we get the live streaming site from there, it can be anywhere but my favorite is Soompi. So here my summary of the impact doing Live Streaming (in this case Wed-Thurs drama).

Wed – at 10.00 pm SKT (8 pm my time), watching live streaming, excited, but guessing the story. at 9 pm, jumped to the forum, curious what this episode about or read the live recap from many bloggers. at 11.30 pm, give up and go to bed.

Thurs – dawn, just wake up, grab ipad and read the full recap. When to work and read other blog recap and forum discussion. afternoon, streaming for the preview for tonight episode and the rest in the office is wondering what will happen in tonight episode, and keep checking in the sub progress. at 10.00 pm SKT (8 pm my time), watching live streaming. at 9 pm, jumped to the forum, curious what this episode about or read the live recap from many bloggers. at 11.30 pm, give up and go to bed.

Fri – dawn, just wake up, grab ipad and read the full recap. When to work and read other blog recap and forum discussion. Afternoon keep checking out for the subbed progress, and still reading all the discussion even joining the discussion in a forum. After work streaming for episode subbed.

Sat – Sun spend the weekend wondering what will happen to our OTP and keep stalking at forum.

Mon – working and keep refreshing soompi and others blog waiting for the preview.

Tue – crazy waiting for the preview!

And how’s I spend my days when I have a Live Streaming to catch up, pretty hectic-insane day but the joy in reading people thought, insights and people share gif, photos and BTS in a forum is paid all the sacrifice. I find in amusing and so much fun, since you won’t feel alone to watch a drama and people keep amaze me with how this drama can make them do that kind of things (analyzing, creative, funny, witty, and kind).

The good things:

  1. If you also join a forum or follow live recap blog, you can find new people whose also love the same drama and how that can’t be great? It’s perfect right.
  2. You can understand the drama more if you do the number 1.
  3. The joy to watch the first time along the airing time, uhmm.. that brings it’s own satisfaction.

The bad things:

  1. have you read my explanation? it needs a hell of dedication, devotion, patience and good internet connection to do all the cycle.
  2. It’s really bad for your heart. Coz it drains you emotionally. and don’t you forget the feeling of waiting and being toss by the cliffhanger. hahhaha.. yup, it’s that bad.

My last live streaming drama: That Winter The Wind Blows, Arang and The Magistrate, Queen In Hyun’s Man

There is another way to enjoy a drama without watch it by reading the recap only. This is for you who don’t have time to watch but still curious in how the story goes. Since there are many bloggers who happy to do a recap, so it’s possible to keep enjoy kdrama without watching it. I’m doing it right now for When A Man Loves, since I still feel tired after my rolling coaster ride with That Winter The Wind Blows, I think I need a break for live streaming or even watching drama. Heee…