OMG.. Who could resist this.. His smiling like this makes my herat melt and my face grin crazily.. So lucky his girlfriend is.. *envy..envy..envy*

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I’m looking forward to this drama.. I love all the episodes.. Its wacky, witty, and beautiful.. How could I not love it when I could watch Jo In Sung’s gorgeous and all smiling naughtily to me.. (Kekekekekke..) all in my screen in total zoom in… Wakkakakka..

When I watch that winter i thought it was like drama God make a heavenly episode for us with Jo In Sung’s face all zoom in.. But I guess it was only the teaser in here.. Its completely heaven.. Not only it’s zoomed but he is all smiling … 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Plus the story is something fresh… Me love it.. And that’s the ending scene on ep 4 is really a heartbreaker..


k-Drama 101: Diary of a Fangirl – Reality Kicks

“There was a time when my heart this hurt but my tears couldn’t flow.. like the ice touched the heart and all I could feel was shivering in pain but I couldn’t do a thing just accept and digest it well to keep me sane.”

Yup and that time was when my heart broke coz that person I loved dissapointed me. And I think I wouldn’t feel it again for another reason, but I was wrong.

Today (April 24th) small tweets and a headline from Dramabeans makes me feel sad as sad as that moment again, which I never imagined that I would feel this for such irrelevant news to my real life. But it happens.

Headline on Dramabeans that shakes my mind from a meeting and left me shock for couple minutes:

??? Hiks.. yup, apparently without realized it I am one of Jo In Sung fangirl had a heart break after read it.

When usually I got curious why there were so many fangirl-ing fandom cry or sad when their actor/ actress/ idol couple up with someone not as their imagine. And now, I finally understand why. So not gonna judge them but if they let their sadness into something destructive or put their negative energy to a open forum, that I can’t tolerate!

My Reaction

So first reaction reading the news, my jaw drop, and my whole mind felt like paralyzed for a moment. In denial of course when I’m quietly shipping for Jo In Sung – Song Hye Gyo to be a real couple. And the fact that I don’t know the actress his been dating, Kim Min Hee, aggravates the situation. Shock and sad! Like there was a piece in my heart that suddenly break into millions little pieces.

I can’t stay quiet even in a meeting (yup I was attending a meeting with 2 others company!!!!), I have to let it out or else I become moody for the whole meeting. I whatsapp my fellow That Winter partner in crimes and said out loud bout what I feel. This is the moment I realize that I need to go back to reality, to look for my own Man, to see a drama as entertainment purpose only, and stay away to get really attached to a drama/ actor/ actress or worse by shipping a couple. And this is when reality kicks, apparently I put myself to deep in kdramaland, have to loose up the tied.

Then, I check in to Soompi reading several thought and leave my mind for closing. After the meeting, on my way enjoying the traffic time of Jakarta inside a taxi, I put a lot of thought for what happens with me, the fangirl fandom, and the reality.

My Analyze after Reality Kicks

Is this wrong for an actor to hook up and has relationship with any female? Nope.

Is this wrong for an actor to date the girl that he likes? Nope.

Is this wrong for an actor to date any girl he likes? Nope.

Is it a must for an actor to date the girl that his fandom like? Nope if he loves him as an actor that we adore.

Do we have the right to judge the ugliest thing to a woman that already been chosen by someone that (before/still) we adore so much for his performance if we used to say that we love him? Will we be glad to hear that someone who used to support us then saying a bad thing about our couple when that someone doesn’t really know about our couple? If we think straight, then the answer will be no, rite? So it will be the same for that actor too.

Does he/she need our (fans) approval to date? Or do we have the right to choose who he dates? We are not his/her parents, nor his girlfriend, nor his friends, even more we ever met him in real life so who we are for him to need our approval. Fans? Yup, but then.. Does he need all his fans approval then? Aaahhhh he won’t marry for sure if it yes and will live pathetically as a loner.. So we have the right to choose who he dates? Aaaahhh we can imagine but we can’t force it, rite? Coz he is the one who live his life not us.. So please don’t be that mother in Secret Garden drama.

Conclusion, actor can date anyone he loves!

Can we said out loud our opinion regarding dating rumour? Of course we can, by not hurting others rite? Coz we love peace rite?

Are we not allowed to mad/ sad/ be disappointed toward dating rumour? Sure we’re allowed, it’s a natural emotion if we sad when what we’re hoping not come true. And that’s happen a lot in any matters in our life so don’t let it to be so long, take a small break and analyze it. Then move on to a happy path ^^

Jo In Sung and That Winter The Wind Blow (when we watch how compatible Oh Young and Oh Soo that we hope it was real) Case

As O2 couple shipper, I see why this news make some of us so disappointed and all I can conclude is that is all about the bad timing of this rumour news. And it is not Jo In Sung ssi or Kim Min Hee ssi false at all. They are not the one with the intention to blow up this news, the media did! Okay, it was my perception by reading the news. So when he didn’t deny it, I’m so proud of him, that means he responsible man who loves his woman, in my opinion. Can’t you imagine how you feel if you are his girlfriend and he deny your relationship. If it was me, I’m gonna be sad inside. So this one salute.

The Bad Timing! Yup the revelation timing is really really bad, since many of us still have TWTWB withdrawal syndrome or maybe still watching the drama. It should be revealed in maybe another 6 months when we already get over the hype of TWTWB. On that time, it won’t bothers so much. But again, this is not Jo In Sung’s false.

We are all the victims, Jo In Sung is the victim, TWTWB is the victim. I’m imagining that Jo In Sung ssi himself wouldn’t feel so happy about this news seeing how he loves his TWTWB crews and how he likes TWTWB itself. So would we, his fans will make it harder for him? Ask yourself, the answer might varies.

So when I thought more about the news and about the reaction about it. I understand the sadness, and to make it into a cheering up, supporting, self opinion, even funny opinion, I feel so glad. But to bash our actor or even his girlfriend that was away too much and cross the line.

We should imagine ourself if we were in her shoes, are we gonna be okay if people said you are not good enough to your partner, before bashing others.

Fiiiuuuuhhh, never thought I will write this much for something that I never imagine I will be sad about. But yeah.. I understand more the crying fandom over such news.. It’s okay to be not okay.. But remain yourself to keep stay in the track..

And for me, it’s time to go back to reality, I’m going down too far in the kdramaland to make me able to write a post like this.. Kekekekeke..



I still can’t get my mind off of him, weak to struggle to get over from “In Sung” fever when my heart allow it even enjoy it. Jo In Sung is one of my fave actor who had quiet impressive filmography in his list, and many of them I’ve watched and enjoy.

There is one that impress me much, coz it was my first time introduction with him. And to be surprised when I first watch it, I’m not that into k-drama. So it was pure my first impression after watching the movie alone, the bonus is I met him and I fall for him, it was A Frozen Flower (I love the history story and it was edited/censored version).

It was 2010. My friend and I love to rent and watch movie together, and she brought AFF. My first impression was What A Gay Movie!!! In a good way. Why so shocked? We watch it right after we got up from bed, early in the morning. We taught a classic epic movie will be good for starter, but we never knew it was about same gender relationship. But thanks God we watch the censored one, if not we could have throw up for sure (not that we’re against it, it just we didn’t use to it).

So the movie set in Goryeo era, when there was a young King and his all male troops lead by Hong Lim (Jo In Sung) later on, and apparently they are in a “special” relationship. As a King (Joo Jin Mo), we have also a Queen (Song Ji Hyo), barely untouched by the King, since the King doesn’t have the ability to have sex with a woman. Since the ministers and Yuan Dinasty push the King to have heir (Queen came from Yuan), the King suddenly has this crazy and unbelievable non make sense plan asking his beloved Hong Lim to serve his Queen. Both Queen and Hong Lim against it at first, but King’s order is a must.

With hesitate both parties agree. Three night consummation were set. First attempt didn’t success but second succeeded in awkward feeling and the third attempts succeeded even they seemed enjoy it. After that Queen and Hong Lim, become attracted to each other, even they have to sneak around at library to meet and express their mutual feeling, which later effect the Queen to be pregnant, but the bad news is the King already knew the Consummation didn’t success on that time.

But King is not stupid, he become suspicious. Until one day he busted both of them in library in inappropriate act. Both Hong Lim and Queen defense other party and would like to take the blame for their self. King’s angst arises when Hong Lim said he love the Queen, then King order Hong Lim to be castrated (the whole scene hurt my heart, like i feel the knife through my skin).

Queen requests to Hong Lim’s fella to save him and bring him out the palace. Hong Lim agreed after to be told that Queen save and already outside. But then to be realized that it was all lies, Queen still in the palace. Hong Lim take the horse madly, but then realized he still didn’t have to power and go back to his fella, but now they were all dead. He went to the palace and saw all his fella heads hang outside palace with one lady head with a perfume sachet around the neck. He noticed the sachet since it was a present he gave to Queen. Now, what left to Hong Lim when everyone that he cared and loved died, nothing than a revenge to the King.

He under covered himself and get inside palace, and confronts the King. They have one on one sword battle. Good sword battle, and good emotion both actors played there. And in the end both men died. Before Hong Lim died he notice that Queen still alive, and then turns his head to the dead King. And the scene switched to King painting scene, but now with the King and Hong Lim, ride a horse in a savannah. The End. *sob sob sob*

Those last scene apparently become a huge debate whether Hong Lim loves Queen or King. For complete recap, can be read at Dramabeans (and don’t forget to read the comments coz it was interesting reading people inside for the movie and Hong Lim’s love)

For me, Hong Lim loves Queen. What He had with King is not love, since he was boy he already groomed by the King, he hadn’t have the chance to choice, he never met woman, he was with the King all the time. So that’s how when he did it with the Queen it’s surprised him and his heart. And it was not all lust, he cared for him, it showed. And Queen also cared from him.

Actually this movie remind me a lot with C-movie starred by Gong Li, it almost the same, it was about inside palace story, same as as sad as this one, the title was Curse of The Golden Flower. Full of intrigue movie, epic one!

From story premise and the actors acting, it is a good movie, classic epic one. The sex scenes lil bit bothers me, i know it was neccessary but the library scene for me is unnecessary. They can still meet and talk like other couple that would be more beautiful coz it shows more about the feeling grow between Queen and Hong Lim. And King, he was amazingly sadis person.. Hahahhaha.. Salute to Joo Ji Mo with all his jealousy acting here.

For a Jo In Sung’s fans is a must watch! ^^


for the picture, full credit to the owner


[What] An Ungrateful Friend!!

Yup! *relieved* that was my summary for this amazing movie: A Dirty Carnival. Okay, still in my emotional state toward “that” friend after watching this gangster movie, for the sake of my health, since I got a “In Sung’s fever” and thanks to his wonderful comeback drama project, That Winter, He Cried So Much in His Colourful Coats and That Unforgettable Red Pants But Yet He Still Frickin’ Awesome *big grin* I have to write something here!!!

A Dirty Carnival, is a movie about a gangster and his childhood friend who wants to make a gangster movie. Our main character is Byung Do (Jo In Sung did a marvellous acting here, love him here, so manly!), a gangster which hold tight at his gangster philosophy about family. He is loyal towards his boys. And apparently in a gangster life there are so many hardship to take in their life like as an ordinary people they also can be a jobless, this is what Byung Do deals he need work to do, a settle one, to feed their gangster family and his own family. But his boss, Sang Chul, seems didn’t give a d*mn about his hardship. Thats why when the bigger boss ask Sang Chul to help him finish attorney Park, Byung Do volunteers himself to bigger boss to do it. He and his minion successfully did it. And as his boss become suspecting him to kill attorney Park, Byung Do and his boys did the cleaning and kill his boss. So apparently a gangster have to do his job clean to the root!

Meanwhile, Min Ho (Byung Do’s friend) had been busy interviewing detectives to collect a data for his gangster movie, so happy that he finally met Byung Do again. As to get information about a gangster life, Min Ho made a plan to get close with his dear friend Byung Do toward a school reunion where there went also Byung Do’s first love. When things not going well with Byung Do and his first love, since the girl keep her distant and scared of him because he is a gangster, Byung Do got drunk and ask Min Ho to pick him up.

Min Ho piggy back Byung Do (I love this scene, coz it stood up their friendship the most) to his apartment. A reluctant Byung Do bubbling about how shitty his day and how this is the first time he wish he wasn’t a gangster. Min Ho, in the other hand getting more curious about his best friend gangster story, and intentionally digging more information to his drunken fella. And poor Byung Do spill the beans about how he murdered attorney Park.

Byung Do’s gangster life turns up getting better this day, that also works for his love life. And Min Ho’s movie got approval to produce. So basically now is calm before the storm. Byung Do happy, Min Ho success in making his gangster movie believable, Bigger Boss happy, everyone happy.

Until this Bigger boss watch the movie, and order Byung Do to watch Min Ho’s movie also. And shock is when you did shitty job and then you actually watch it in that very detail way. Yup! Our dearie friend using attorney’s Park murder as one of his scene. Betrayal. The happy life now is over. Bigger Boss wants Byung Do to clean it up. But Byung Do is a gangster with a heart, couldn’t kill his friend, instead he threatened Min Ho to keep silence, coz he is one of us, he said.

But Byung Do’s boys couldn’t believe that Min Ho will shut his mouth so they went kidnapping Min Ho and showed him how a gangster would act. Angry Min Ho can’t take it and spill the bean to a detective.

In the other hands a happy Byung Do (coz he thinks his problem fixed) plan to propose his first love, until it being interrupted by the police. And he managed to run away. He called his boys to catch Min Ho and finish him. He did the chasing and the boys did the field guard. Min Ho run away but to be caught by the boys. Byung Do go to the meeting point but surprisingly get attack by a bunch of gangster. He keep struggling and asking “who are you?” Our Byung Do survived and glad to meet his boys until he got stabbed by them. Another betrayal. That’s a gangster life, clean it to the root.

Byung Do’s right man bring Min Ho somewhere until someone called him and he turned his car. Another scene we saw Byung Do’s mom funeral, and his family didn’t have a clue that Byung Do already died also. Then we saw our ungrateful friend with his stiffen face, drinking with Bigger Boss, then came in Byung Do’s right hands boy and this ungrateful friend looks surprise but do nothing. And then the Boss sing his song. And that’s our journey end.

And I’m about to throw my ipad seeing that ungrateful friend!! Okay, already told the story, but watching the movie is another journey that worth the time. Poor Byung Do he is a gangster by situation!