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something from "so-not-me" workshop

just got home from my so-not-me workshop in Bukittinggi…

why is that? coz in d whole section of d workshop… I dont get what we were discussing about,  or they have been debating about… totally blank… and not intend to know more… since we’re discussing about the rule in archival matters… coz I’m simple one… I’m not really understand the complicated on it…

then why I join the workshop? simple answered coz my boss said so… hehehhehe…

so two days has been my idle time… with no work… (gosh I miss my office)… but lot of foods… yup… lot of it…

in d last day.. we had this chance to go to Jam Gadang and shop… since that I’m not shopping girl… so most of the time the committee gave us, I spent it with hanging around in Jam Gadang… and took this narciss picture… hehehhe…

And since it was still long to wait… then I deided to have a twister in KFC… I asked teteh’s hubby to accompany me… but it was ended up with buying “oleh-oleh” for teteh and my house mate -MRQ- hehehhe we travel to Bukittinggi, but it ended up by buying KFC hey… that was because KFC was much better for us than the nasi Kapau.. fuihhh full of fat!!!

ok then… time to sleep now..

love always,

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Sedari Dulu

there is a song… my favorite song… the fall in love song… and I love to hear it… come come my prince charming… please show urself to me… please…

[this song dedicated to someone.. which coz a reason.. don’t show up yet…]

SEDARI DULU (by dr. Tompi)

Hatiku berharap
Mungkin engkau kan berubah
Bisa mencintai aku
Seperti hatiku padamu

Hujan badai kan kutempuh
Bintang dilangit kan kuraih
Bila harus ku kan merayu
Untuk cintamu bagiku

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Membuatku tak bisa berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Sayangku hanya kamu

Cintaku telah terlabuh
Berhenti selamanya dihatimu
Takkan kukayuh menjauh
Biar kurapatkan cintaku padamu

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Hanya dirimu satu ohh cintaku

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu
Hanya kamu

mE..Me...aNd me...

My Weekend: totally nowhere!!!

hue… happy monday everyone…

how’s ur weekend? mine… totally nice… two days nowhere less than 2 km around the mess ^^ yup… totally feels that we were in long weekend!

Saturday morning: nowhere
like usual I wake quite late around 8 pm still in my laziness… wake by my mom’s call but still in the hug of my beloved blanket… and suddenly an angel voice came.. *wakakkaka* then I wake up took a shower, tidy up my bed and my cupboard. clean the dirty plates, and clean our dining/family table… then do cooking things with m’ayu… hmm… it was sayur bayam, deep fried squids, and tumis tempe+teri… huaa… delicious… we’re eating our breakfast and watched movie… and yiaaaaaaakkss… still in the morning.. and we already watched a “gay” movie!!! wakakakkakkakka…
oops.. It’s not what you think!! it wasn’t pure “gay” homo… actually it was korean in the past movie… which the king has this sex disorientation… he is gay! yup in love with his own emperor guard.. who’s already be his friend since their childhood. okay.. there was no any inappropriate scenes there… coz it was VCD! the movie title is A Frozen Flower… funny.. we’ve seen this movie.. but it was a nice film… *hopefully I could write something about this movie*

Saturday afternoon: attending the baby born celebration
at about 2 o’clock we had to be in this place of our neighbor to attend the new baby born… yup! but the ‘fun’ part is… we little did our favorite here.. taking pictures… like this:

this one was a moment before we left the house…

model: m’ayu and me
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: heading to our neighbor place
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: doraemon

and this is another of our pose… hehehe … 
“manyun-manyun” mode on…  funny rite… ^^
And finally our today’s photographer’s!!! doraemon… by the way he do really intend to be one.. his goal now is having a DSLR and master it… really support his idea… coz we’re really like to be the models!!! wakakkakkaka..
model: doraemon
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: our temporary model
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: me ^^ using “fish eye” effect see…. his head looks bigger and his hand look thinner hehehhehhe… which wouldn’t change her feeling kok hahhahha…
okay… after satisfied by the narcism photos at home…. and after make sure that our friends would meet us in the party place… we decided to move our body and force it to walk since that the party place was quite near from our mess… and we still have this….
Yup!! collate pictures of our journey heading to the new baby born party… which was took a long time.. not because the distance but more because the narcism activities we did!!! hehhehhehe….
And after that short party we attended…. we have our kind of party in our mess… these are little peek of our activities ^^

okay…. apparently rest of weekend was spent with another photo sessions ^^ it was me, m’ayu and doraemon… most of the pictures taken by doraemon… if you see a lot of doraemon… it wasn’t me who took the picture… hehhehhe… and you already know who did it rite… ? :p
And little bit later we have this unbalance, unfair fighting… 
it was really a unbalance and unfair fighting…. he is so big, with so much hard pillow, and of course he is a man… which’s stronger than me…. that’s why I have to protect myself by wearing the helmet… I was so lost… but shame on him… he has no mercy at all at woman…. hehheheh or maybe that’s because it is me not her hehhehehe ^^
Sunday: Going to market mode on… and still nowhere ^^ hehehe..

Okay.. do you wanna puke after read this post…. go head puke… coz I want to do the same now…
love always
the narcis me
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Romantic Dinner

this post created after having discussion with my friend, who’s been busy preparing the everlasting unforgettable full of moment romantic dinner. fuiiihhhh…. long rite? that’s why this romantic dinner is so special to him.

any women love to have one. who doesn’t want? any women will be flattered to be treated like that ^^

can you describe a romantic dinner, with ur loving one, of course? hmm… most of us… or the standard and yet so universal answers would be the candle light dinner. in where? in any place which has lot of candles, or surround by vague lights (that’s the basic environment that could create a romantic situation *the writer is quite “sotoy” here hehehhe :P* and the place can be anywhere… in the fancy restaurant, in the beach, in the rooftop… any place that you can imagine and like… gosh… romantic rite? ^^

actually… is it truly the ingredient that create romantic situation…. I dont know coz never have it yet :p but I do believe it’s depend on who the person with… not the candle or the food, or the place….

and what about your romantic dinner? *hmm… bet you like it a lot when you describe it…*

and truly… still can’t imagine myself in that candle light dinner in a fancy place… hehehhe… coz I guess is not me… but don’t I want it? yes of course.. can’t say no to an offer like that… but maybe… not really suit me…

for me the romantic dinner will be like… * is starting here*
since that I kind a family girl… so I like stuff that warm and not too quiet.. romantic for me.. not always have to be roses, candles, or dolls… hehehhe… and not in fancy place… *coz it will have moving limitation, and not really match with my laughing voice, coz when I’m happy I like to smile and laugh.. and I’m laughing out loud! and I don’t like quiet* that’s why… a crowded but with a spaced place will be nice… and then the singing of street artist will be much better… and don’t forget tasty food… delicious!!! hmm… remind me of… uggghh… I know, my family candle light dinner in Jimbaran, Bali a long long time ago…

wow… *when it comes the moon.. this place crowded by people hunts for fresh seafood.. and warm circumstance*

it was a long long time ago… along the beach stood many tables and chairs… with candle on it… it was many people there, to have fresh seafood dinner… with the view of the beach (which as I remembered so dark.. since it in the night…) and the very nice rhythm of the waves… gosh… and the dancing candle… the people’s laughing voice… the busy of the waiters delivering food… the street artist sang happy songs… and of course… the delicious food… seafood attacked!! fresh one… so delicious…

and that’s romantic dinner should be fit best for me ^^

aaarrghhh… I’d like to have one… now, start thinking about going to Bali, visiting my dear best friend, xena… and… have my romantic dinner there… yummy :9

for my dear friend… hopefully you’ll find ur best place to have it…
for xena… hmm.. wondering when I could visit you… ^^

love always

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I wanna go home…

playing on my head:

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

Yup, Michael Buble – Home… the most favorite song… remains me of home… which always make me want to go home… Baiti Jannati – Rumahku Surgaku – My home is my heaven on earth… that’s quote fit me well…

anytime I have trouble, feel insecure, I always come back to my home… looking for a peaceful in mind… and anytime I’m back.. that is everytime I heal security, comfort, and a mind peace… everytime…

remembering, back at college… when I got this shocking feeling… I feel this big vacillation in my soul… feel insecurity… in uncomfortable zone everytime… what I did was coming home… -and pray of course- then… I found myself getting better, evethough there’s nothing much I can do at home… I was just stay at home… that’s why I believe in baiti jannati… and hopefully someday I can build one for my children… amien

and now.. that song is keep playing in my head… i wanna go home… something wait me there.. I know for sure… I just know… [or I just run away from my problem… I really dont care… coz I know I’ll be fine there].

still singing on my head:

And I’m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

mom… your daughter need a hug here…

it used to be like this... · it's all start with... · mE..Me...aNd me...

dari Pejalan Kaki ke Penebeng Sejati

Tak terasa sudah lama, hon merantau di ranah minang ini, tepatnya sudah hampir 2 tahun. Masih ingat di angan 31 Agustus 2008 sambil menahan haru, keluarga melepas hon ke padang. Tiga ramadhan telah dilalui di tanah ini bersama 20-an lainnya yang juga perantau… diantara-nya 6 sahabat perempuan hon yang tough abis.. berani merantau hingga ke sini…

dan selama itu pulalah hon bertempat tinggal di komplek perusahaan L75, sebuah komplek untuk karyawan, mess hon tepat di depan lapangan bola kecil, lapangan bola besar terletak dekat dengan kantor pusat, pandangan keluar rumah langsung tertuju pada deretan silo-silo dan cerobong suspension preheater, yang terkadang berbatuk-batuk ria. lucunya batuk itu terkadang menenangkan kami, karena berarti pabrik tidak stop hehehehe -bukan suatu hal yang baik memang, namun suatu hal yang lucu bagi kami.

selama itu pula lah hon menuju tempat kerja dengan berjalan kaki, mulai ketika OJT di pusdiklat, sumpah beneran hon pernah jalan ampe sono, stengah jam waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk ke pusdiklat, namun alhamdulillah, seringnya begitu di tengah jalan, banyak teman dan bapak-bapak yang mengangkut hon hingga atas. Begitu juga ketika hon ditempatkan di pabrik, masih setia jalan kaki. dan terakhir ketika hon ditempatkan di kantor pusat, tentu setiap pagi, berangkat dengan jalan kaki, 5-10 menit untuk sampai di kantor pusat. ketika hari cerah hingga hari hujan… melewati TK, GOR, SMU, lapangan bola besar, sambil ngeliatin daerah tambang, mengagumi alam sumatera… menikmati sejuknya udara indarung ketika mendung atau gerimis, bermesraan dengan air hujan, dan yang paling hon suka adalah pemandangan setelah hujan, subhanallah hijau segar dimana-mana…

dan sekarang itu semua berubah… perusahaan memindahkan kami yang tersisa ke mess tamu Bukit Atas, masih dalam komplek namun di atas, jauh di atas Pusdiklat…*curhat hon termuat pada tumblr hon lohh -promosi mode on- hehehehe*

hon yang sudah dua tahun bekerja di sini, blom juga punya kendaraan, sepeda gunung yang hon punya, dan itu pun kepayahan kalo harus ke Bukit Atas 😦 Dari sinilah status hon berubah dari pejalan kaki ke penebeng sejati. jauhnya letak Bukit Atas dan lebih terpencilnya dari keramaian, serta tidak punya-nya kendaraan bermotor membuat hon, menggantungkan diri pada tebengan teman.

Alhamdulillah, berangkat hon ada tebengan MRQ, kalaupun MRQ dinas, masih bisa menebeng teman yang bekerja di pabrik. tapi kalo pulang… diperebutkan oleh temen-temen buat kasih tebengan hon ke Bukit Atas *baca sebaliknya, red* hehehehehe… Alhamdulillah sebagian temen hon ini mengerti keadaan hon… mulai dari nebeng MRQ, meminta tolong diampiri si Emprit, hingga nungguin si Koko pulang… sungkan sih sebenernya minta anter terus… tapi mau gimana lagi… apalagi kalo pulang kantor… kalo masih ada matahari bertengger, berjalan kaki masih memungkinkan.. lah, kalo matahari dah nyungsep… Astaghfirullah… jalan kaki pun segan…

Guys, makasih banyak yah…

entah sampai kapan kebaikan kalian ini berlanjut? terima kasih banyak, maaf merepotkan kalian.
Ya Allah, sampai kapan penebeng sejati ini bertahan?
whatever it is, I know for sure this is for my goodness, and there’s some lesson that I can learn in here.

there’s always a sunshine after the rain

with love,

mE..Me...aNd me...

d concerto ^^

July, 13th
Tuesday nite
Music Concert time!!
Artist: Vierra and Afgan
Place: Hotel PB, Padang

We’d like to repeat our fun while we were watching Tompi Concert on March 2010. So, here we are… on saturday, 10th of July, bi’ nito announcing the concert of Vierra and Afgan in our MT group, as a refreshing seeker, I was the first who joined the concert squad ^^, then there our old concert mate, TTT would also like to join, but he didn’t know exactly whether he could go or not. 

Then on Sunday, 11th… the Squad formation should be made, confirmed to join: me, bi’ nito, m’ayu, doraemon, and there also some uncertain member and condition which will effect the squad formation, so here my little formulation: 

The Formulation of Squad Member

the uncertain formulation squad member:
mas senior, if koko joined the squad
koko, if TTT joined the squad
TTT, if the factory run well

the condition:
*me and bibi’ couldn’t go, if there is no one give us a ride*
me and bi’ nito needs mas senior, or someone else with car

alternative if factory not run well, and the pro cons:
[pro] he likes live music, and he has a car
[cons] gossip, since we have history
The Senior (not mas senior yah)
[pro] Tompi’s concert squad, and he has a car
[cons] awkward 

There were the conditions, and then… I chose to contact the alternative, and since I felt more comfortable to go with Raden… and yes, Raden it was… he agreed…*I know people will gossiping ’bout this.. who cares.. I just need a ride hehehhe!* and it was the right choice to contact him, since that apparently TTT couldn’t skip from his work 😦

so there we go, me, bi’ nito, m’ayu, doraemon, and Raden… the concert start on 8pm, and since we already know that the artist will appear at least at 9pm, then we decided to depart at 8pm… and it was not a straight to the destiny trip, we stop for kebab, since that Raden suffered from hunger 😛 and both of us -me and bi’ nito- also like to have kebab as our desert.. so we stop… not too long to have our kebab ready and gone (apparently we are a kebab monster).

we arrived at the hotel and thanks God we could park in the hotel parking area ^^ we entered the convention hall asked for help to the committee, since that there’s someone else in our seats (okay.. little explanation here: we paid our ticket expensively, and in our ticket it shows our seat… since that we paid for the seat, of course we want our seat as we paid them.. make sense right), then we got our seats… it was in one row, but two seats were separated by an aisle, and we knew exactly who supposed to be in that separated seats -m’ayu and doraemon- and in the other seats were raden, me, and bi’ nito.

Okay.. Concert Time!
The first artist/group band which came out was Vierra, we’re not really know this band and the songs, but groupies sitting behind us the know them well, they called themselves Vierrania… they were about junior or senior high school… Gosh.. they were so loud… so noisy… “Widiiiii………. aaaaargggghh….” -___-” then, they’re singing…. gosh they do remember all the songs… and then.. “Kevin… aaaaaargggghhhh!!!” yup, they screamed really loud… all of us, shocked, we were too shocked to get this euphoria, especially me and bi’ nito. when we were watching Tompi, the audience quite different, their just sat, sometimes clap their hand, and just it. but this one… wow…. it seems like we heard bi’ nito in 10 years ago, so loud!!! hahhaha…
I guess, we came in the wrong concert, we had to attempt this concert 10 years ago…

Vierra was not really familiar for us, eventhough when they sang, we kinda like to… “ooo… so this is Vierra’s song” wakakkakakka -___-” the performance not bad, but also not too good either.. it was not the worth as the ticket we paid (if it was only Vierra).

And then the Afgan’s part. hehehhehe… quite embarrassed… so when Vierra ended their performance, several Vierrania chose to come home… (they are too rich -___-a or it was too night for them hehhehe). the MC announced the Afgan show, but he didn’t show up ’till all the audience curious about when he would come out *including us*. people were standing up from their sit, looking for Afgan. then there was he, sang his song… and suddenly… Arggggghhhhhhhh…. (everyone screamed… yelled his name… or just arrrrggghhh) hehehhhe..

Raden was moved to in front the stage… and we *me and bi’ nito* came to join, behind him… he got the best spot and took some pictures and even video from my camera digital *just like photo above*. It was nice… everybody in the euphoria… everyone move in front the stage, sang together, shaking their body and little bit of jumping following the melody, and waving our hand blending with the song. Gosh, this is a concert should be ^^ Raden keep moving ’till we got best position, it was really near from where Afgan stood to sing. In front of us was a guy, who we identified as Afganisme… truly an afganisme!! he know every afgan’s songs… and he sang it full of energy, and I guessed that was also why Afgan himself noticed him. hehehhe…

Afgan sang almost all his song in the new album, which is not all of them ever we heard before. even though we never heard most of them before, we still could enjoy the song, even joined to sing in the refrain… gosh, his voice really great… and for me it’s much better hearing he sing the song live, than from the mp3, seriously ^^ 

He also sang his popular song, like “Sadis” -my favorite one, really like that song-, “Terima Kasih Cinta”, “Bukan Cinta Biasa” etc, and he also sang other artist’s song like the Groove’song, “C.I.N.T.A” so surprisingly he sang that song *it is ‘angkot’ song, we considered that song as “Lagu Ga Banget yang Tetep Disenandungkan Banyak Orang” wakakkakka… but when he sang that song.. coz totally different, sounds more exclusive, sounds not longer “nggilani” hehhehe…

Then, the audience asked him to sing “Cinta Satu Malam” which is Melinda song *who is she, dont care, I also didn’t know the song until afgan sang it hehehhhe* The song was Dangdut Remix, and he sang it terrific… *which is make me curious and I search the song in internet -and of course I’m looking for the Afgan version- and I found it, apparently he usually sing that song in his concert*
Overall it was a nice concert… very worth the ticket price… because in there I could go nuts, jumping when he is sing, releasing all the burden to just enjoy the song, the euphoria… the mingle time in the crowd was great, all the yelled was needed…. and wow… it was nice concert.. really refreshing ^^

wondering when will be watching concert again
P.S. gosh.. Afgan is really cute… hehhehe.. he has a very clean face
*wondering what kind of treatment he used… hehehe*