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2012: Me and Drama

After months maybe, haven’t opened my blog, now here I am ^^ I will write something simple to boost up my willing to write, something that makes me quite different in this year! yup, drama! this is just my story in 2012 and my new hobby as drama addict and drama fangirl.

Saturday nite, after a day of shop!
Soundtract: Greatest Hits 2012 Album  by Adele

As you might know from my couple posts about drama, now I will talk also about drama. I dont know since when I get so intense and engage with drama especially korea drama. *blame miss ada dech, coz she’s introduced me with Secret Garden, then made me start to watch other k-drama* I don’t know how many dramas I’ve been watching since Secret Garden, a year ago, coz for sure my 500 GB hard disc is already full with dramas, and I already bought 1 TB hard now almost full also. Many that I like to review regarding dramas that I have watched. But, since this is my first post after sooooo long, than I’ll be satisfied if I could manage to finish this post first.

In 2011 I used to watch drama in marathon way, that means I already had the source of a complete drama, then I watched it marathon non stop especially in weekend, in week day I limited myself to watch only 3-4 episodes *that means 3-4 hours a day after or before work!*, that’s why one of my 2012 resolutions is only to watch 2 episodes drama max at week day.

Being spoiled by fast internet connection with quite unlimited quota for downloading, I watch drama in new level, not streaming, but LIVE STREAMING! yup! live streaming drama. okay, regarding this change maybe I’ll post another time, my dictionary and guide in higher level being k-drama lover.

This new level is different from marathon, it needs patient, hard working, fidelity, strong will and most important fast internet connection. This new level it means we follow this new production drama to be aired, so it means it’s only 2 episodes air in a week, equal to 8 weeks for 16 episodes normal to follow a drama to final! and in this post, I’ll make it list of dramas that I watched in this new level, from my first drama watched on air up to my current drama *yup! still do the new level of watching k-drama, coz this one is awesome ^^ hehehhehe* and I’ll try to review it (review, not recap!) in my own way and give my impression on that drama. and I will also include drama that supposed to watch on air but dropped it in the middle. Okay, here we go my first drama to watch ‘real’ (air) time in 2012.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

time airing: Jan-March 2012

episodes: 20

outstanding acting: Kim Soo Hyun

favorite kid scene: King Hwon with Hyung Sun (all scenes, especially where HS dropped the petal flower from the roof to give romantic vibe for King Hown and Yeon Woo meeting)

favorite adult scene: King Hwon silly excuse when he get busted by his grand mother, his expression on that scene was priceless

story: the story actually is about first love story set up in fiction joseon era (genre: fantasy sageuk). when young crown prince Hwon, fall in love with intelligent young girl Yeon Woo which later is chosen as his crown princess. But then, set up by his grand mother (collaborated with palace shaman) a way to kill Yeon Woo. after the death of Yeon Woo, Hwon which later become King, changed into a cold King. after 8 years, Yeon Woo return as a shaman with no memory of her childhood. The King start to fall for Wol, later he gave that name to the shaman, but then realized that there were so many similarities between Wol and the late Yeon Woo. as per his investigation at Yeon Woo death, King Hwon find the truth. then, they manage to tackle down the obstacle and live happily ever after.

the ending: it’s the most beautiful ending of drama so far! like a fairy tale. so love the ending.

my opinion: it was a big hit in 2012, the rating it’s up to 40%, most popular drama on that time. and I love to watch it. especially we found different kind of King here. Kim Soo Hyun played King Hwon amazingly, his crying scenes were heartbreaking and he can be funny in King role without making it like clown, love it, love it. the beginning of drama is good, the child story built well, and I think the adult actor also good, but in the middle it’s like a filler, then rush in the end. so sad, many character are not developed well. coz it’s big hit on that time we didn’t see many flaws in the production. but to be written now, this drama not as good as the compliment when it’s aired.

my rate: 7,5 of 10

The King 2 Heart

time airing: March-May 2012

episode: 20

outstanding acting: Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi

favorite scene: too many! i love the interaction between Jae Ha and Jae Kang, and love the father daughter relationship in Hang Ah’s family, and I love when Jae Ha and Hang Ah together.

my saddest scene: when Jae Kang died, and when Hang Ah dragged back to North Korea

story: (this is hard, hahahaha) where should I try? Jae Kang as the King of South Korea, want to fulfill his father dream to make peace with North, through WOC (it’s like the olympic of army). in WOC, Jae Kang wanted to register South and North into a team. and Jae Kang also sent his bother, Jae Ha, without his knowledge to join the team. Hang Ah is the team leader from North. together Jae Ha and Hang Ah find love, how? that’s tricky how their find their love is really unique and a must watch because it’s not like any romance in drama. lazy me to review this drama because it’s a heavy story drama but light to watch and really intense. so watch it for yourself and you’ll find addicted, trust me 🙂

the ending: HAAAAPPPYYY!!! after all the intensity, this drama offers, finally it’s happy!

my opinion: this a dark drama but a funny dark drama. the core story is serious regarding South and North Korea, but the actor and actress and production team can deliver such dark drama with laugh, romance, and great soundtrack.

my rate: 9 of 10


time airing: jan-march 2012

episode: 11 episode

my favorite thing: all the french food

my favorite scene: Chie expression every times she eats, so compelling :9

story: Eisuke actually a bassist, who works for his dream until he is 30. when his mom who is a french owner restaurant died, he switches dream to become a good chef and run his mom restaurant. but unfortunately his mom restaurant is already sold to a french franchise restaurant. but because his promise he still open a restaurant in a garage that his father lend, with the help of his two band members, and a waiter from his mom restaurant. Chie is a college student who adores Eisuke food, from Chie family’s field Eisuke gets the best vegetable. Chie is a regular customer in his restaurant, which later will also be a waiter. Chie at first falls in love with Eisuke’s cook, but then she realized she’s also falls in love with Eisuke, but the other hand Eisuke has a girlfriend which used to be his supporter to play a band. with this sudden change, will her girlfriend still support him? and a french reataurant owner Tokio, which is now run a french reastaurant in Eisuke’s mother place, get really interested with Eisuke and become rival. will Eisuke be able to run his restaurant well?

the ending: Good.. I dont really get the term of the happy since it’s not romantic drama or action drama where someone will die or hurt, but it’s good.

my opinion: this drama is all about french food, and how to manage restaurant. i like the idea, and i like the food display. but somehow I’m not find this drama has a depth story, but this drama really do have a morale message.

my rate: 7,5 of 10

Queen In Hyun’s Man

time airing: April-June 2012

episode: 16

outstanding character: Kim Boong Do

favorite scene: when Boong Do bought Hee Jin a car! and all of the same interrogation questions! when Boong Do came to Hee Jin after his dead at joseon era.

favorite kissing scene: the tip toe kiss! hahahaha *pervert*

story: it’s time travelling genre. Kim Boong Do is a yangban from joseon era, who his life is dedicated to restore the former queen position (later in history she’s known as Queen In Hyun). a day when he was fighting and almost get killed, he finds himself travelling to modern era (time now), which later he figured it out because a talisman that a gisaeng gave him. in the modern era, he meets hee jin, an actress who just got the part as Queen In Hyun, which later will be his savior in modern time. Kim Boong Do whose very smart later taking advantages of his travelling time to help restore the former queen position. by that time Kim Boong Do and Hee Jin fall in love, but the different era and the talisman dependency effects their romance, coz later known that the talisman has it limitation.

the ending: Haaaappy ending for our couple! and for me the ending it’s quite explainable (I will say logic, but then I remember it’s fusion sageuk/ fiction, hehehehe)

my opinion: this the most well written romantic time travelling drama. i love how the writer have her own rules of the time travelling, and show us how it works. and I love how she wrote Kim Boong Do character so perfect. he is a perfect man, smart, have faith, and have commitment, with high dedication. i also love the love story here, it’s so sweet not cheesy but sometime cheesy. the best romance drama so far! plus the main lead dating in real life in the end of drama. I love it. period.

my rate: 9 of 10

I Need Romance 2012

time airing: June-August 2012

episode: 16

annoying character: Yoon Suk Hyun

favorite scene: the make up scene between Yeol Mae and Ji Hoon

heartbreaking scene: Yeol Mae and Ji hoon broke up ㅠ.ㅠ

story: this drama is Korea’s sex and city version. actually there was a drama with the same title in few years before, with almost the same recipe, about a women with her long time relationship. Yeol Mae, she’s a woman in her early 30, living in one roof with her ex boyfriend Suk Hyun. their relation is a on-off relationship over 15 years. the last break up happen coz Suk Hyun doesn’t want to get married. despite of all that, Yeol Mae loves Suk Hyun so much, that she is still clinging to him. but one day she met Ji Hoon, a coffee shop owner next to her studio. Ji hoon personality is very different from Suk Hyun. if Suk Hyun is very introvert with his feeling, Ji hoon is an open person one, who spoke his heart openly and very understandable person. After a big fight with Suk Hyun, Yeol Mae open her heart to Ji hoon. then she changed into someone with less temperament, and more patient. and this is what bother Suk Hyun. and then he start to interfere and seeks for her. but there something that Suk Hyun kept a secret from Yeol Mae.

the ending: happy *but I’m not happy*

my opinion: hiks T.T why she has to end up with her ex. it’s not fair, when there is a good guy there for her, why she chose him. aaaarghhhh… I like the story but I hate the ending. period.

my rate: 8 of 10

Ma Boy  

time airing: August 2012

episode: 3

outstanding acting: Sun Woong

favorite scene: when Tae Joon sit in the bench with Irene, and he’s so shy talking to Irene, meanwhile Irene has those priceless facial expression. and those scene also capture how great they are together, xixixixixi..

story: Geu rim is new student in this special high school. Irene who is the princess of CF is a very quiet girl happens to be Geu Rim room mate. problem occurs when couple girls named theirself Tackle start to trouble her, because geu rim idolizes Tae joon. As her day in her new dorm, she found out that actually Irene is boy. meanwhile geu rim idol, Tae joon, is so in love with Irene, asking Geu Rim to help him to get her.

the ending: happy ending of course

my opinion: I love this drama, It’s really sweet.. made me blushing, smilling, and even giggling when I’m watching it. so simple, easily to digest, but yet so sweet

my rate: not gonna rating it.. since it’s mini.. and it has it’s own charm 😀

Arang and the Magistrate

time airing: August – airing

episode: 20 (now still 10)

outstanding acting: Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah

unique character: Arang – the Ghost

favorite scene so far: Arang’s dress measurement by Eun Oh (so intense! love the acting and cinematography) and Arang-Eun Oh bickering which ended up they’re turning their back!

touching scene so far: Eun Oh’s taking Arang to ‘heaven’

story: Arang is maiden ghost which has no memory of her past life. then she met Eun Oh, who actually can see ghost but pretend not to, after knowing the truth, Arang is asking Eun Oh for a favor, by turning him into a magistrate in Miryang. Eun Oh helps Arang in order to get her memory back, so he wishes she can tell him about his mother binyeo which is now in the Arang’s possession. in their quest to get Arang’s memory back, they fall for each other, but knowing the boundary, can they love each other? and what it’s all about the mystery, will it reaveal? is Eun Oh mom the bad guy or she’s just a victim?

my opinion: the first couple episodes are the one making me hook to this drama. I love the acting and the chemistry, first episode and they already have such good chemistry even though most of their scenes are bickering sweetly. i love that Eun Oh is not that perfect even so cold in the first. and i like the fact that Arang is not soft at all. she is ghost with princip! hahahhaha. the first 6 episodes roll so fast, giving us so much clues yet so many more mysteries to solve. i love their description about the other world and heaven, how they did cast so differently between the Hades and Jades emperor, but making them as twin, brilliant! but the episode 7-8 is quite a slow, even though we get development from our main couple and the villian. but the episode 9-10 pay all the last slow episode, it’s no reveal any mystery, but it gives our main couple time to grow their bond and their emotional up, and starting to acknowledge their feeling. ohh so love this drama.. and I’m sure I aint gonna drop this drama, that’s why I put it on the list. Araaaaaaaaaang!

my rate: 9 of 10 (so far)

Omo… what did I write? I can believe that it’s already this much.. after long time no write, this is my longest post. Okay, that was quite a lot dramas that I’ve been catching up, right? actually beside all dramas that I mentioned above there are also few dramas that i watched marathon, but i won’t discuss it here since it’s late already.

not all dramas that I watched live streaming *catching up the on air* I followed till the ending, there are also several dramas that I dropped in the middle, such as:

I Do I Do
this drama is funny in the beginning, I like the interaction between the main lead, but then, come the second lead male character that so mature, not so nice, but he wins my heart, and deep down I want him to end up with that pregnant working lady *i forget the name, sorry*. by the time I was catching up this drama, deep down in me felt that she wont be with my second lead guy, and that’s why I dropped it, since I saw that between the main couple there is chemistry, but not ‘that’ chemistry.

Dr. Jin
this drama is so promising in the beginning,  coz it has such promising actors/ actresses in the character line up. but when I watched it and I watched it with positive thinking, then I gave up at episode 7. i read the recap after that and I’m glad I dropped it, it was the worst script drama ever. and cheesy editing. sorry.. but that’s it.

this is actually my favorite one. I saw the first episode and it hooked me just like arang did. the premise is also good, the acting was superb. i watched it till the episode 14, but it seems that they won’t deliver the *right* body to the story so I dropped it before I get like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? you end it like that?” hahhahhaha… that was my wise choice also. confused? okay, big is about body switching, a high school boy get switched body with his teacher’s fiance. when the body switched Da Ran (the teacher) realize that her love grow for Kyung Joon not to Yoon Jae *her fiance*. they suppose to end together in the right body in my opinion, coz Shin acting as KJ in first episode was so outstanding, that won’t go away from my mind everytime I think about drama Big.

okay.. now.. I’m off to bed. coz it’s passed the day already.


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Milk, Fever, and Gastritis

Hellowww oowww ooowww,

How’s your day? mine, not really great, since this is my first day of work after 3 days in row not working, and regarding that today is the official “day off” based on “sudden announcement” of our government regulation, which piss me off!!! the more I mention it, the more I get piss! okay, that was not the topic that I’d like to write in this post… maybe next time… ^^

and again… welcome to my absurd, odd and yet so not important blog ^^ hehehe… but trust me this blog help me a lot to transfer my mood, share my story and thought, and of course in my unbelievably queer style ^^ So in this post I’ll write about the chronicle how I get gastritis again! since that there are millions of people asking my healthy… *even most of them knew I was sick, from my tricky status or answer :p wkwkwkwk* but then, there’s a lot of lesson here… so please read carefully…

It’s all starting with last weekend, saturday 7th may 2011, I went shopping, and I saw this gorgeous strawberries in the display… and they keep calling my name *that’s why I bought it*

what will I gonna do with those strawberry? I don’t like the sour taste, not big fan of sour fruit… so I start to imagine… lot of recipe *yes, I’m exaggerating it* then, it came out with strawberry milkshake! and yes we do need the milk then… and I found my favorite milk, Gr**nfields, I love that milk! it was my “coffee exchange” drink when I was in college, as my energy drink at night before the exam day 😀 a carton a night. And how’s that strawberry milkshake turns out? failed! the strawberry got rotten… cause I get sick hiks…

So… I have this a big carton of my favorite milk in refrigerator, ready to mix with the strawberries, but one night, on Thursday night, I have this passion to drink the milk as the substitution of my night meal, so I drank about one… two.. and yup three glasses of milk on a night… so delicious o it was :p

and then… Daaaaang.. at the middle of the night, I got this stomach ache.. diarrhea I got! and successfully emptied my stomach at a night. and it was a Thursday, that means my fasting day… so.. what did I had on mind on that time??

diarrhea… acute one I believe… so that means on the whole day.. I hypothesize myself that during day… I’ll got diarrhea acute, so my fast decision was to still have fasting, since by fasting I definitely won’t get diarrhea, since I’m not put anything to my stomach! okay… done! fasting still on… coz I do believe.. by fasting won’t kill us! yes it won’t! but… hiks

by the time I should have my early breakfast before I start my fasting that day, I felt too lazy since my body so weak coz the diarrhea, then decided again that I will pass my early breakfast… so fasting starting with the will only…

and yup…. totally disaster!!! that was my bad decision! fasting should be done in the fit condition…

so… my hypothesis regarding the diarrhea is correct.. a hundred percent… I didn’t get diarrhea all that day… but my stomach not feeling so good… plus I’m too weak! I did the normal activity but no carbo to be burnt into energy… and no energy to support my activity -___-” so it was, the gastric was working, but none in it to be worked at… so the gastritis occurred hiks…

and yup… bad decision.. finally I had my fasting finish line time… I cook my meal, ate it with laziness since that I have no energy…. I finish it.. and I got so weak still… then… fever… yup… I got fever… all that night my body temperature increase… damn so miss my mom on that time…

and yup… I asked for a day off in the morning, noticing that I still not in my fit condition.. plus… got little shock when seeing my tongue in the mirror.. it was so pale… I was so scared if I’m having typhus… I can’t imagining myself lying in the bed.. in the hospital alone.. oh no…
so I managed myself to have a descent meal.. and less move my body get totally bed rest… and then I couldn’t avoid to tell my mom… between regret and glad on that time…

regret, coz I made my mom worry… glad, because my mom told me, that “pale” tongue it could be because of the diarrhea… *Alhamdulillah…*

but I still manage myself to have bed rest… to avoid that worst case of scenario… but… everything were blew off by the phone ringing…
something happened in the work… and they need me to fix thing… so.. working was started.. proper bed rest… how are you there…

but Thanks God it could be done before day…. and during that day… I didn’t get any fever again… but there were definitely something wrong with stomach… coz sometime it hurts… and it was fast to feel empty or hungry again… and yup… my gastritis is officially recurrence…

since that time… hunger attacks lot of time… I have this must to eat actively.. not let my stomach empty.. and drink the medicine every night for a week.. which I failed to obey it… hehhehe…
and since then… I have to stock food in my bag :p and bon appetite… fuiihhh it was shamefully big… hahahhaa 😀

so it was my story about Milk, Fever and Gastritis…

now, time for the morale…
as Allah SWT mentioned in the Al Qur’an… any thing that is over done, is not good ‘”segala sesuatu yang berlebihan adalah tidak bagus” and that’s correct!!! too much drink milk not good!!!

okay.. enough for boring me…
take a good care of your health please..
coz health is so expensive when you were sick :p

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yes, this is the time!

It might used to be my mistake
for being that self centered
for just thinking “Me”
for just being “Me”
that I’ve already known for a long time…

which still I couldn’t change
which I’d love to change it – for you
but I don’t know how…

Or it might be your mistake
for not be square with me
for not shared with me
for just being a man
But, believe me, I did forgive you

Sorry, for not being honest,
for not showing how I felt
for not communicating it
But, trust me… in my head
all that communication with you went okay
went so well…
But then, I realized it was just in my thought
in my thought only…

I’d love to make a move
I’d like to say a word
Coz I realized…

I miss talking to you
I miss laughing with you
I miss quarreled with you
I miss sharing dream with you
Now I realized I miss and missed all those things

Time goes by
I ready to make my move
but then, it wasn’t the same

It’s different from it used to be
It’s awkward right now
I have already tried
maybe not my best

But knowing how it went
how your reaction

I guess now… I know…

Yes, this is the time
to let you go
to emptiness my head – from you

Yes, this is the time
to live my life again



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Belitung Island – Desember 2010 (part 1)


Ok this is another a late post… coz this post is about my holiday on December 2010 in beautiful island called Belitung Island…

Belitung Island – December 2010

Belitung Island
Belitung Island is on Province of Bangka Belitung, on the east of Sumatera Island, on the southeast of the South Sumatera province. This island formerly known for its rich tin, now… it’s more known coz its beautiful beaches with the giant granite rocks. The beauty had been filmed on the trilogy of Laskar Pelangi and since then, tourism on the island is growing rapidly, many tourists attract and come to enjoy the beautiful beaches in the archipelago, including me ^^

Belitung or Belitong itself means a sea slug, do you know that there’s a story regarding the derivation of Belitung Island — for further story please visit: 

The Trip to Belitung Island

My trip this time to Belitung Island was helped by a travel agent, that we found in internet. after several web visit, then we decided to try the

we found it much scheduled and much certain! short story about the travel agent, there were already few scheduled travel with several choice of type like Lighthouse, Laskar Pelangi, and Photographer with different length too, and beside that you can also manage your own trip by choosing the date, choosing the length day you will stay, and the place you will go… so it’s so flexible.. but to be noticed is the more member on your group, the cheaper is the trip ^^ 

since that rule is on, then we’re -me and my travel buddy, m’ayu- decided to join the Photographer’s trip, since that was the most feasible date for us 3 days on Christmas holiday and it’s already 4 person there, so plus 2 it’s cheaper rite? then it was decided!! trip to Belitung 3 days 2 night (total member on group = 10 people) it cost IDR 1.375.000 per person. 

the travel cost is covered the hotel fee, guide fee, transportation in Belitung (destination as per itinerary), breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning snack, evening snack, hiring boat… complete daaaghh :p 

the extra cost you will spend are for transportation to Belitung and for something you bought there for your friend *read: oleh-oleh* plus if you want to try other menu beside what they’re already offered. Okay enough for the opening… let’s read the whole story about my trip to Belitung, *of course* with my lebay way of telling it… Please Enjoy ^^

Day #1 Going to Belitung, Enjoy the Beaches and the Rocks!

We went to belitung on December 24th from Padang (as per my current domicile) morning flight with Lion Air 06.00, which means we had to depart from Indarung, about 4 a.m… three of us ride to BIM (Bandara Internasional Minangkabau), morning cold little bit cloudy and perfect timing, no delay to Jakarta… what a thing to start our trip ^^

Narcissism: depart to Belitong ^^

Up to Jakarta, only two of us, flew to Belitung using Batavia Air (since there were only two airlines which had flight scheduled to Belitung, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya Air). Since that we had few hours to wait… guess what we did? we went straight away to the new terminal for Batavia, and enter it… and got surprised! yup, it was much better than the terminal we just went… lot of shops and yup… we were shopping then ^^ we couldn’t resist our temptation to shop since we saw that “discount” signed in Batik Keris.. we hadn’t started our trip yet, but we had already spent money :p (women!!!). 

The Belitung calling was saving our wallet from shopping :p yup.. yup… yup.. It’s all about “can’t wait to see Belitung”. The flight was quite OK, since that was a sunny day, and it only took about 30 minutes flight from Jakarta to Belitung. almost 75% people in the airplanes went to Belitung for vacation… we were so dag dig dug… guessing who will be our travel mates, since that there were 10 people in the trip, and we were only two… we’re so hopping that not all of them are couples… ckckckckck… and thanks God it’s true…

so we met our travel mate, a couple from Bandung, a couple (a work colleague) from jakarta, and a photographer groups (4 people from jakarta which had the photography hobby, with their all big bag and tripod full of their precious belongings, read as big camera :p)

udik dulu di bandara Tanjung Pandan

we went straight away to the hotel Billiton, which is a nice hotel in the center of the Belitung city (woops… remember Belitung is not a big city… so please be noticed :p) not far from the hotel -the tour guide said there is the beach-. The tour guide asked us to leave our belongings in the room and change our outfit to more beach outfit, and yup, guess we (me and m’ayu) were disappointing the tour guide coz we didn’t change our outfit, we were just replaced our shoes with flip flop :p which others, they really did changed their outfit.. what do you expect from us.. whether it’s beach or it’s mountain we will use the same outfit, a long shirt, long jeans/ skirt, and head scarfs (read: jilbab) 😀

Greeeeengg… Greeeng.. we were heading to the beach, coz we will eat lunch by the beach… and voilla… it was so quiet restaurant made from the wood… with the view of the beautiful beach… white sand and perfect sky… perfect sea,,, it’s all blue…. a clear blue 🙂 we were just to starving… yummm :9 it was a perfect taste of seafood under the shinny sun… it was a fish soup with pineapple, fried calamari flour, and grilled fish with ‘terasi’ chilly sauce… and cah kangkung… yumm… yummm… plus tropical fruits… and an ice of jeruk kunci (this the famous lemonade in Belitung). Gosh it was the best…

Tour continued by visiting another quiet beach close to the restaurant, it was really quiet, in fact it was only we who’s there. the photographers got really excited by the row of high coconut tree, which stand there by the beach gracefully. And then… with no command, they were ready with their big camera, stand closely with their action ready to take the picture of it… and clicked *I also took their picture… that moment :p nice right?*

photographer in pose -1-

 and this one is the most hilarious -yang duduk kayak anak ilang-

and of course we also took pictures of ourselves and the beautiful and peaceful beaches…

beautiful right – Tanjung Tinggi Beach

And here the pose! ^^

tetep narcis at Tanjung Tinggi Beach

then, another beaches visited… this time to beach ….. this place quite special since that the Laskar Pelangi ever took a scene in this beach.. and yup.. we know the reason… it is amazing place… big rocks almost every where… and the beach wowwww….. Subhanallah beautiful… really REALLY BEAUTIFUL… 

since that I went with m’ayu, and the couple busy with their self, the colleague busy with their swimming things, and the photographers busy with their spot and objects… so we went all narciss by ourselves, taking picture in almost every beautiful spot, in many style… and guess what? thanks to the Mr. Tour Guide who volunteer himself to be our photographer… hey he wasn’t bad.. since that he often company photographers he knows little bit of it… you can check it below… ^^

m’ayu and me *sok jadi model video klip xixixixi*
gagagaga… no comment

after it, of course another beach to visit it the evening. this time we visit beach… it was cloudy there, in front of us were laid beaches and white sand, looking toward the sea we’ll see granite rocks… and many of boats were lined up against the beach… and yup… we’re taking picture.. there and there… then, mr. tour guide took us (me, m’ayu and the couple -since, that we were the only people who didn’t have specific agenda) walking along the beach to a rock hill… it was quite… perfect for couples :p nice combination between granite rock and green plants… it was almost sunset… and the wind blows romantically… and upon the sky… many black birds flying across…

Mr. Tour Guide told us that they are a huge bird, he said the length of the wing when it spread is about a meter, he also mentioned that they were categorized as ancient one. and I saw above, and no doubt that it was a big bird… sadly I didn’t ask the name of the birds *huukkkss*

Then we continued our walk to the rocks, through the path which surrounding by bushes and green plant, we passed an rock which look like a fish head.. and then we did this… *big grin… narcissism mode on*

pose in the “fish head” rock

and we also took several picture of us in there with “model” pose.. #eaaa…

lagi lagi pose aneh -___-“
dua anak ilang ^^
cyiiiiiaaaaaaaat… martial art in action

after satisfied taking pictures by the beach, it’s time for us to back to the hotel. and we’re in group with the photographers, then when the sun is set, it meant a “sunset hunting”. and yup.. we did sunset hunting, but this time we did it in other beach, according to Mr. Tour Guide was the most near and perfect place to hunt sunset (and it was a romantic place). there’s no sand, but there were lot of piers heading to the sea, the pier was tremendously look so exotically fragile made by wood and it’s already mossy. there were also lot of boats parked along the pier… and it was so quiet… it was the perfect scene for a romantic thing. That time was the time for the sun to take a rest… it was beautiful, but unfortunately it was cloudy so the perfect moment and colors couldn’t be caught in camera perfectly. But through our bare eyes, it was quiet perfect… we, who didn’t have the big camera, were sitting by the pier, looking at the moment when the sun set… and admiring that beautiful moment accompanied by soft rhythm of gentle wave and rubbed by wind breeze… gosh… so quiet on that moment.. it was a right place to admiring what Allah SWT has created.. Subhanallah.. it was so beautiful..

sunset view at Belitung

the catching sun set was done, Mr. Tour Guide took us back to our hotel to take shower and change outfit before he took us to dinner. after showering and replacing our dirty outfit to the new one, we’re all ready for dinner… and yummm… he took us to a local restaurant which quiet far from the city… but, the menu was delicious! we were served with Crabs (Kepiting Asam Manis) and another Crabs meal (the crabs was smashed and flavored, then it shaped like little ball) and it was delicious… then grilled prawn and grilled fish… hummmm… yummm yummm….

kepiting asam manis and Nugget Kepiting :9

you know what… I found best seafood in Belitung… so it was a recreation and culinary tour 🙂

and that’s how our first day in Belitung end… perfectly full and happy ^^ okay, see ya on my Belitung part 2

love always

travel lover
*coz this is one of ways to see how Great Allah SWT and be admired and graceful for His creation.*

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for Formula 1, Kuala Lumpur here we come!


Twin Tower Petronas

Ok, in this post I will write about my short holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Basically this holiday happened because several of our friends want to watch Formula 1 live in Sepang. And since that they got cheap ticket, then here we come… joining them, but not to watch Formula 1, just for travelling…

Ticket, place to stay, place to visit… was already arranged by the boys ^^ we’re the women (me and m’ayu just prepare ourself and prepare the money to spend there :p hehehhe)

Kuala Lumpur, in my opninion is better for city tour, like shopping or just walking… it’s almost the same as Jakarta but of course with much better city planning ^^ it’s true… the street, highway, wow… so width with less car… never found traffic jam there.. and the mass transportation.. wow.. planned well… bus, train, mono rail, and taxi… terrific… making many place reachable without troubling yourself looking for transportation.. quite cheap and clean…

And one thing that quite different from Jakarta, you can still see many pedestrian there… make the walking activities comfie :p

As I remember, everytime I went abroad it was always mean “WALKING TIME”, when I went to Perth is almost everyday is walking… When I was in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it also many walking (to do SAI and Tawaf 😀 serious!) and this time in Kuala Lumpur is also many Walking… and in abroad walking is a need, a fun, and no complaint activities… in Indonesia??? *huffff* walking is not comfortable at all, due to of the miss-used pedestrian, the indiscipline parking and driving… and everywhere is far!!!

Day #1 Genting Highland

Enough for the opining, now the trip… day #1 we’re heading to KL Sentral by KL Transit then continued the journey by bus to Genting, to get to Genting atas (is it true?? sorry if miss informed the name) we’re riding Kereta Gantung to Genting Atas. In Genting we spent time by playing… yups it’s quite same as Dufan in Indonesia except it’s in highland… and it’s cold enough.. we play in Indoor theme like Snow World, Bom Bom Car, etc… and we play in outdoor theme park… to get adrenaline rush ^^

my opinion:

it’s a fun place like Dufan… the Kereta Gantung is amazing, since that we don’t have it here…

my advice:

(1) if you want to go to Genting, try it come early… so that you could try many games in the theme park and enjoy the view… (2) first arrive there submit yourself in the outdoor theme park first, coz the ticket is one day ticket… you could come out from outdoor and back again in a day… (3) try the Kereta Gantung two way (return ticket) to feel the sensation… (4) loose yourself and Enjoy!! ^^

Day #2 City Tour

Day #2 in Kuala Lumpur will be spend with city Tour, first we were going to KLCC to see the Twin Tower Petronas (sadly we couldn’t get to the top, since that the ticket to Petronas is limited, and we had to queue at early morning to get it) we see the twin tower, taking lot of picture… and went shopping in Suria Plaza (still in KLCC), the Formula one and the gals team separate in here… coz the boys will be heading to Sepang and the Gals will be going to Bukit Bintang. Second destination is Bukit Bintang, we went there by monorail, first we take Train from KLCC to KL Sentral, then little walking to Monorail station. In Bukit Bintang, we went shopping there… and since there were request for “VINCCI” shoes, so we spent lot of time in Vincci shop searching for shoes, which in here is cheaper than in Jakarta (this happened because Vincci is originally made in Malaysia).

Then our trip continued by monorail heading to Maharajalela, by little bit walking after arrived at the station, the we were entering a china town, which in front of us there is big street market sold many of things (lot of them is malaysia’s goody goods in lower quality), it was so crowded with stuff but still can be enjoyed by walking and it’s affordable. we went there and buy several souvenirs, our guide (our friends) quite shocking knowing that we didn’t shop a lot :p

After almost everything is already bought, then we back again to KL Sentral (see, KL Sentral is really the central station of almost any transportation, except airplane :p) we took a rest there and having dinner… and then suddenly the boys called us and told us that they get jammed… and asked us to go to KLCC to buy a jacket for them… and here we go.. we went back to KLCC, bought the jacket and see the beautiful view of Twin Tower at night and Kuala Lumpur at night… Beautiful… ^^

KL at nite… many people with their own way to enjoy KL

my opinion:

see, you couldn’t expect a lot if you went to Kuala Lumpur except the City Tour. Since that they have beautiful City planning and great mass transportation… The one which make different is the Twin Tower Petronas… it is really a masterpiece especially at night

my advice:

hehehehe… you should be true in here… should prepare your goal first, do you want to shop or you just want to admire Kuala Lumpur? (1) if you want to go inside the twin tower, you have to queue at least from morning. (2) bring your own chilli sauce in here it’s so sweet ^^

Day #3 Going Home and Working Again
This day was the killing day… we had to wake up at 3 a.m (malaysia time) and heading to LCCT at 4 a.m. since it still dawn, we have no choice beside taking the LCCT Bus from the KL Sentral it’s only cost about 9 RM and it took about an hour. Arrived at LCCT we checked in and having breakfast first, before heading to Padang and going to work…

My Overall Opinion

It was a nice adventure… a nice opportunity for me… seeing such organized city (this one bigger than Perth, since it’s the Capital city of Malaysia). Love the mass transportation and love the pedestrian ^^ the adventure…hm.. sorry will say it’s not much… since that I couldn’t find the adventure except for the city traveling… maybe it was happened because the short trip that I had there, so couldn’t explore more of it.. Overall it’s a nice one…


Bapak/ Ibu di pemerintahan kapan nie kita mo bikin kota dengan mass transportation yang oke dan trotoar yang seru buat jalan kaki? Jadi kalo kemana2 kan ga perlu repot bawa mobil dhewe atau desek2an di angkot… biar gak macet tuh jalanan dan semua orang happy…

Little Tips and Cost

  1. Cost for entering Kuala Lumpur is cheaper than the exit cost. LCCT/KLIA – KL Sentral by KL Transit 12,5 RM for entering, and around 30 RM for exit. Oh ya.. this is the cost if you want to use train+bus. But if you want to go to LCCT by bus it’s around 9 RM.
  2. The Cost for meal around 5-15 RM (for not expensive restaurant or for fast food)
  3. KL Sentral is almost like the central station… get lost? better go to KL Sentral :p

Ok it was a fun trip… thanks for the guys, who let us joining you, even in the time almost in any time we were bothering you with our stuff… thanks to Mr. Boy and wife for letting us stay in your home… so that we could save our cost ^^ and thanks to Angel for accompany us (me, especially) and for letting us sleep in your room ^^

Thanks again to KL Government and KL people to keep their city that nice ^^ I have great time there…
Capek tapi menyenangkan ^^

Love always

*wondering where will I go traveling next*

note: foto menyusul blom di transfer ma empunya camera -____-“

mE..Me...aNd me...

Life Less Ordinary *something missing…*

Hi there,

it’s been long time not updated my dear blog, place to talk non sense, place to be mad, and place to be exist… Happy New Year 2011.

wishing for the better things will happen in this year. Amin… Bismillah…

Remembered first week on May 2010, I bought myself my Blackberry… and since then… it’s quite change my networking life… re-connecting again with friends from College, High School… and getting more intense with my colleagues who already scattered even still in one company… an easy and fast connection with my mom and brother.

The loneliness was replaced… and life become merrier and merrier… then BB become something that less noticed… yet we still kept it near to us… even in the “private” place (read: toilet)

Sunday morning, 30th January 2011. I reset my BB by replace the battery for a while… and then.. yup… HANG!! my BB displayed nothing than the white screen and a small loading icon… which always shows the “loading” process all the time…

Anything that I could imagine has already been tested… but still no difference… and the consulting has been done to the IT from our company group… but still.. he surrender…

big dark cloud suddenly appear right in front of me.. and yes! a black out for my merry world… from my existence… lebay? oh yes I am… :p

Alhamdulillah, it was happened not more than 2×24 hours 😀 re-installing the OS was the cure, unfortunately I missed all my contact phonebook and my notes… hiks… but *smile* the existence is begin…

But unfortunately the same thing happened again to my BB on my duty trip, and this was happened because the same mistake, I unplugged the battery 😦 and this time was three days off from BB world… poor me… so poor me… same mistake, same handling, and same technician… since then, screw the procedure to unplug battery to refresh our BB memory..

from now on.. I’ll love my BB more… I’ll take care of him more… ^^
*Lebay??? I don’t care…*

see ya at my other post


this was a two time period of writing, since I’m too lazy to finish my post in the first time I start this post ^^
and will happen lot more in future posts…
please understand ^^

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the "unaccomplished" fishing

this is a late post ^^ (supposed to be on 14th November and near it)

happy Idul Adha… *as I say in d beginning, it is a late post :p so please understand…*

so happy in this year Idul Adha… *even it was little bit disturbed by news from office 😦 okay… okay… I’m not going to discuss about office in this post… so let forget it for a while*. this year Idul Adha was special, since that this is my first Idul Adha at my hometown in two year abroad (“merantau”). I took a few days leave, and it was worth!

I never knew that my mom need me so much till I came home… and thanks to Allah that I could come home… no regret at all… so in Sunday, we decided to have lunch outside… my father was driving the car without deciding where would we have lunch at. the choices on that time were eating Gulai Kambing in Tempoe Dulu or eating Kepiting Cak Gundul… and since it was so sunny… hehehehe… we prefer Tempoe Dulu then…

we’re taking the highway and…. voilla… my father came out with this unusual idea… how bout going fishing and eat there… my mom greet it with high enthusiasm ^^ *typical mom… so mami.. hehehe* the idea to fishing… get some fish… than eat our fish in the same place was so terrific… so okay… fishing we will!! car changed the direction immediately… Gedangan and straight toward the beach… on the way we found lot of fish market and fishponds. and -what we were afraid of was happened- we lost.. or we don’t know where -to be exact-. so my family -___-“

we didn’t get to the place that people recommended, but we find another place which almost the same as their description, except it didn’t meet with our expectation… yes, it was a fishpond… and yes we could eat there… but it was not as our imagination as the place should be…

apparently, for fishing there, you should bring your fishing equipments, and you have to –ehhm…– quite understand and mastering the fishing technique… and yup!! so not us!! and the place… not bad… but surely it was not for eating in the place… little peek for the fishpond sceneries:

quite beautiful right…? it was so sunny… the sun in a really in a happy mood ^^ meanwhile we were waiting for the assurance… I was taking several of photos there… ^^ 

this is me and my mom ^^

my father and me ^^

believe it or not… I have a lot pictures like this in my family album… apparently since I was a little girl, I’d like to have the spoiled pose with my father… no matter how stiff he is… I love him so much… ^^

hehehe… this is me with my beloved little bro… he is kind a uneasy person when dealing with camera.. very different from his sister ^^

my mom and my lil bro… hey… be nice each other.. I know that you love each others so much… then sometime it was a undemonstrative one, which caused a big misunderstanding… I love you both so much… ^^

and since… the service not so great, and we have no equipment at all, plus we are already starving… we were deciding to leave the place, and back to the first destination, tempoe dulu! yup… after we were enjoying being narciss of course ^^

so off from that place we are… to tempoe dulu… but wait… it seemed it was another journey for us… yup.. yup.. yup… WE COMPLETELY LOST!!! we were just following the road… while keep guessing that we are close enough from the main street… it was so lost… since that we could see the free highway (tol) several meters in our side… but still couldn’t reach it…

but… since that I could make this post… then the conclusion is… we made it… it was so long journey… but it worth the Gulai Kambing and Sup Iga!!! after we arrived at home… my lil bro has his own problem with his headache.. which turn him to do several exercise that my mom forced to him… hehehhehe ^^

It was really nice journey with my strange yet so funny and so lovely family…
I love you all…

wondering when I could come home again
since I have no many leave left 😥

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something from "so-not-me" workshop

just got home from my so-not-me workshop in Bukittinggi…

why is that? coz in d whole section of d workshop… I dont get what we were discussing about,  or they have been debating about… totally blank… and not intend to know more… since we’re discussing about the rule in archival matters… coz I’m simple one… I’m not really understand the complicated on it…

then why I join the workshop? simple answered coz my boss said so… hehehhehe…

so two days has been my idle time… with no work… (gosh I miss my office)… but lot of foods… yup… lot of it…

in d last day.. we had this chance to go to Jam Gadang and shop… since that I’m not shopping girl… so most of the time the committee gave us, I spent it with hanging around in Jam Gadang… and took this narciss picture… hehehhe…

And since it was still long to wait… then I deided to have a twister in KFC… I asked teteh’s hubby to accompany me… but it was ended up with buying “oleh-oleh” for teteh and my house mate -MRQ- hehehhe we travel to Bukittinggi, but it ended up by buying KFC hey… that was because KFC was much better for us than the nasi Kapau.. fuihhh full of fat!!!

ok then… time to sleep now..

love always,

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Sedari Dulu

there is a song… my favorite song… the fall in love song… and I love to hear it… come come my prince charming… please show urself to me… please…

[this song dedicated to someone.. which coz a reason.. don’t show up yet…]

SEDARI DULU (by dr. Tompi)

Hatiku berharap
Mungkin engkau kan berubah
Bisa mencintai aku
Seperti hatiku padamu

Hujan badai kan kutempuh
Bintang dilangit kan kuraih
Bila harus ku kan merayu
Untuk cintamu bagiku

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Membuatku tak bisa berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Sayangku hanya kamu

Cintaku telah terlabuh
Berhenti selamanya dihatimu
Takkan kukayuh menjauh
Biar kurapatkan cintaku padamu

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Hanya dirimu satu ohh cintaku

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu
Hanya kamu

mE..Me...aNd me...

My Weekend: totally nowhere!!!

hue… happy monday everyone…

how’s ur weekend? mine… totally nice… two days nowhere less than 2 km around the mess ^^ yup… totally feels that we were in long weekend!

Saturday morning: nowhere
like usual I wake quite late around 8 pm still in my laziness… wake by my mom’s call but still in the hug of my beloved blanket… and suddenly an angel voice came.. *wakakkaka* then I wake up took a shower, tidy up my bed and my cupboard. clean the dirty plates, and clean our dining/family table… then do cooking things with m’ayu… hmm… it was sayur bayam, deep fried squids, and tumis tempe+teri… huaa… delicious… we’re eating our breakfast and watched movie… and yiaaaaaaakkss… still in the morning.. and we already watched a “gay” movie!!! wakakakkakkakka…
oops.. It’s not what you think!! it wasn’t pure “gay” homo… actually it was korean in the past movie… which the king has this sex disorientation… he is gay! yup in love with his own emperor guard.. who’s already be his friend since their childhood. okay.. there was no any inappropriate scenes there… coz it was VCD! the movie title is A Frozen Flower… funny.. we’ve seen this movie.. but it was a nice film… *hopefully I could write something about this movie*

Saturday afternoon: attending the baby born celebration
at about 2 o’clock we had to be in this place of our neighbor to attend the new baby born… yup! but the ‘fun’ part is… we little did our favorite here.. taking pictures… like this:

this one was a moment before we left the house…

model: m’ayu and me
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: heading to our neighbor place
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: doraemon

and this is another of our pose… hehehe … 
“manyun-manyun” mode on…  funny rite… ^^
And finally our today’s photographer’s!!! doraemon… by the way he do really intend to be one.. his goal now is having a DSLR and master it… really support his idea… coz we’re really like to be the models!!! wakakkakkaka..
model: doraemon
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: our temporary model
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: me ^^ using “fish eye” effect see…. his head looks bigger and his hand look thinner hehehhehhe… which wouldn’t change her feeling kok hahhahha…
okay… after satisfied by the narcism photos at home…. and after make sure that our friends would meet us in the party place… we decided to move our body and force it to walk since that the party place was quite near from our mess… and we still have this….
Yup!! collate pictures of our journey heading to the new baby born party… which was took a long time.. not because the distance but more because the narcism activities we did!!! hehhehhehe….
And after that short party we attended…. we have our kind of party in our mess… these are little peek of our activities ^^

okay…. apparently rest of weekend was spent with another photo sessions ^^ it was me, m’ayu and doraemon… most of the pictures taken by doraemon… if you see a lot of doraemon… it wasn’t me who took the picture… hehhehhe… and you already know who did it rite… ? :p
And little bit later we have this unbalance, unfair fighting… 
it was really a unbalance and unfair fighting…. he is so big, with so much hard pillow, and of course he is a man… which’s stronger than me…. that’s why I have to protect myself by wearing the helmet… I was so lost… but shame on him… he has no mercy at all at woman…. hehheheh or maybe that’s because it is me not her hehhehehe ^^
Sunday: Going to market mode on… and still nowhere ^^ hehehe..

Okay.. do you wanna puke after read this post…. go head puke… coz I want to do the same now…
love always
the narcis me