Butterfly, Yogurt, Star, and Mango

Not my first blog, but it’ll definitely be my well kept blog. It was there when I was in the bottom of my wheel of life, it keep me sane through my insanity posting, place for blabbing anything that I don’t even care what you’re thinking, coz this place is my way to get off my burden by muttering my problem, exaggerating the fun that I have, or even just to share my silly and thoughtfulness thought.

I’ll make this place to be the place of my own. I might write a lot about my broken heart, but I doubt myself to write a lot when I’m in love -since that I absolutely will be full of it and kind a forget about other, hehhehhehe- Sometimes I will write a lot about certain things in a certain moment, which is it indicate what I’m keen on on that moment. Or maybe I’ll be generous enough to share my precious moment in here.

This blog will be mixed up and not in the certain track or path since I’m quite dynamic ^^ It will change as I change.

Happy blogging… Happy Reading ^^

h0n’s n!ech

——————————– h0n——————————–

h0n’s n!ech

Someone who want to stay mysterious, but yet can’t help herself to keep it :p

Someone who want to look mature as a lady, but yet feel so trapped by the whole manner and people think.

Someone who want to post something serious, but yet can’t help herself to express other way.

Someone who want to write fun blog, but yet can’t help to just write what she think ^^

Someone that want to share her story, to write her life, so that in the future she can laugh about it.

Someone that realize but still have to learn… that… “Something that is TOO MUCH is NO GOOD at all”

And she believe that a balance is a need in life.

And someone that very thankful for the family she have, for the people surround her, for all the things that happened.