The Vampire Diaries Quiz: Supernatural Being

I’ve been marathoning The Vampire Diaries series for this past week, from the pilot of season 1 to season 5 (still working on it though), and it was a really great show there..

Not just because of the OTP (which i have love and annoying with) but the whole vampirism thing is so fantastically describe and really well thought (heads down to the original novel writer L. J. Smith). The first season is a charm, the second is a thrill, the third is a whole new world, the fourth is amazing, and the fifth… Hmm.. Haven’t finished that yet, but so far kind a little bit less of excitement there, but hopefully not.

So I want to challenge my memory lane and doing some quiz to myself ^^ Talking about TVD is always related to supernatural being, and TVD world we have:
1. Vampire – The Original
2. Werewolf
3. Hybrid
4. Witches – Powerful witches – The traveller – Original Witches

Did I miss something on the list of supernatural being in TVD?