My favorite editing of Poca ❤️ Guri by Ducan soompi

Duuuhhh… Everytime watching them give me this mixed feeling.. They’re my favorite, their interaction somewhat funny, sincere, and real.. By watching them, I have fun but I learn something.. Their sincerity teach me a lot..

The bright personality of Poca, the Be Yourself Guri.. Ahhh you shy guy behind that rocker image! Ujjjujjjuuu..

And now.. i feel like crying.. ㅠ.ㅠ
PocaGuri.. Thank you.. I’ll cherish all the moment with both of you..
Be happy.. Guri and Poca



When I read the sub, and its said that Guri doesn’t think that his WGM is a variety show, but more as documentary of couple.. My delulu heart bloom.. Ckckckck.. So Guri aaa.. What we see this far, it’s not a show right? So happy……

Pict credit to @ducan at @soompi