{better than yesterday}

This the most romantic wed photos so far.. I like the editing..

The background is so grey gives a mysterious vibe just as our couple with their ups and downs..

Then the pose itself, its so sweet and romantic pose so far beside the almost cheek kiss we can get from our couple.. In my delusion it seems they really wanna have romance… Xixixixixixi

Aaaaarghh.. Credit to the photographer.. Daebakkk.. He could pull this beautiful pict from our unordinary couple.. Daebak,k!!!



cr. on pic || http://blog.naver.com/gyuhan80

via: soompi

Their wedding photos are daebak to the max! When I thought i already choose my faves, then new batch of their wed photos come out.. And many of them are beautiful..

I like how they came out, and yet it was so them -pocaguri’s style- and in each I see sweetness… Ahh watching them now, like watching our children grow well and happy…

Aaah.. My rambling.. Guri and Poca yaaa.. Live well!! And be happy!!


This one from the photographer itself… And I like this one too (guess I have lot favorites in their wedshoot pictures.. 😁😅)

And JY pull another COOL Rocker pose again.. Love that they are so compatible and natural together…

Pict cr to its owner (thanks to nikkolay at soompi for sharing it)


I like this pose.. Guri originally suggest this light like a feather pose to the photographer and it turns out great.. It was so him.. COOL Guy kind of pose and it really match with Poca acting cute.. Just “so them”

Maybe that’s why I love both of them.. Whatever they did in WGM they keep true to being their self.

Pict cr: Ducan at soompi