My Oct-13 Summary

so what’s up with me in this october? work still busy as before, new challenge from one of my vendor, hopefully could finish it this month!

ahh.. and now I’m enjoying watching the Voice US seson 5, the judges are so funny when they were bantering in blind audition!

I’m watching korean drama again after taking a long break after That Winter The Wind Blows hiatus, now I’m so ready for the Heirs! i like that they have so many characters and the story even is quite common but the characters made it more complex.. it is just what I’m looking for! did I mention they have Lee Min Ho and many cuties with abs there… kekkekekeke… it’s abs galore also *pervert mode on! hey that’s only the bonus!*

And I’m so into We Got Married again, I used to watch Adam Couple and YongSeo Couple only! But now, I found another couple that make me laughing hard watching them, JoonMi Couple or 4D Couple! Jung Joon Young and Jung Yu Mi are very different characters but yet they were so funny together.. I love them, they are so much fun and it seems they didnt fake it at all!!! Poca and Guri fighting!!

While this month I also got the chance to to take long holiday at hometown, I managed to watch so many episodes I could of Top Gear UK! I got addicted with their joke, not an Auto person, but sure yeah they are so witty with their comment!

Nah, okey that was my summary for this month, uugghh.. I forget about my mid-test college *ggrrrrhhhhh*

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