well, they didn’t really emphasize that much importance on Mariko. but I guess, she helped Logan get over the fact that he gutted Jean and helped him become a hero again. I am hoping it’s paving way for Future!Logan in Days of Future Past.

Could not to disagree for that part, I get the part that Mariko helped Logan to get over Jane and be a hero again. But my question was more why in the beginning of Logan meeting with Yashida, Yashida pinned point that his reason to live was to protect Mariko, which later made Logan put his life in the line to safe her. And that made me wondering why Yashida mentioned to Logan that he want to protect Mariko? What was so special about her?

Is Yashida could overshadow the future and know that Logan eventually would fall to Mariko?

I get the reason in Mariko’s father and fiancé side to capture Mariko, but in Yashida and Logan’s side that I didn’t quite understand.

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