DAIR Appreciation Week: favourite episode

Empire of the Son: 4X17

love that episode, coz their closest people start to questioning their “mystery” relationship and how they (actually more Blair) with their (her) plausible denial-ability would like to keep their whatsoever relationship but in the end they just have to tell the world that they were friend only (when I/ we were all know they’re just not a friend only!). And in the end, Dan bothered and would like to make sure that he didn’t fool his own feeling, by challenged Blair to prove him wrong by kissing, and all we knew he too chickened to do that and Blair had to do the first moved to kiss him. Cut! what a shame, I want more for the extend she kissed him!

Ahhh too bad I’m not really good at making gif.. very love that episode! *the way he looked at her after their meeting in the street and fight, that was so intense and longing!!!

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