When Tony Stark Dances *giggling*

Yesterday, I was watching Iron Man Three for the second times (now, with my bro), and it was still great, felt like watch it for the first time -but this time I know the story- hehehe.

The first music of Blue by Eiffel 65 mesmerized me again bring me back to my MTV years of my life (it was always nice to hear a song that you familiar back then). What surprised me the most I still got to feel shocked and thrilled when Tony Stark in his private lab, doing his work as mechanic and made those experiment to his iron man suit, then he told jarvis to play to music and DANCE! yup he DANCE! not cheesily but SEXILY HOT!

Remember when the first time I watched the scene, I was like.. “Oh my…” and I smiled, blushed, and I whisper to my friends commented “that’s really a hot man!” hahahhaha… seriously hot and manly (can’t believe I write this kekekeke). And when I watched again yesterday, it still wow me… hahahaha..

Always love Tony Stark, and I can’t imagine anyone else suit him the best other than Robert Downey Jr. Love his acting in Iron Man and Avenger, witty, rationally rude but awesomely right, hah!

Wish someone will post that dancing’s picture or gift in a good quality in sooner time. ^^

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