The Tale of Queen B and The Lonely Boy

I’m officially shipping Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I now the show is ended like a year ago, but managed to watch that show again after I read that they decided to make Dan and Blair a couple and ruined it in the finale.

I was watched Gossip Girl like years ago, the first was okay then the second season, I got bore and say my goodbye. But then that rumor made watched again, and I love Dan and Blair to be together.

I watched their scenes only for the rest episodes, and they are really good match, I stopped watched it at season 5 ep 23, coz I can’t stand the fact that Blair’s going back to Chuck and Dan with Serena, a big NO for me! And thanks to Tumblr introduces me to many others DAIR shipper! Love.. Love.. Love the fan-fictions!

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