So In Love with Their First Time

I’m talking about The First Time (2012) movie, here :p It IS a sweeeeeet rom-com movies for its genre.

The movie is really talking about how their first time in a really good way, the chemistry was outstanding for me, played well. Which makes me fall for this High School’s movie, was the witty dialogue and smart-genuine conversation between Dave and Aubrey.

Everything about them, is so real and natural, make me reminiscence my own love story and my wanna be kind of how I want meet my own man.

When he’s talking-she listened, and otherwise it makes me smile, and when his heart beats fast – my face blush. Oh it’s been so long I haven’t watched this kind of romantic movie: simple, real, and not so complicated.

I can watch it many times and yet not make me bore. And both actors Dylan O’brien and Britt Robertson, it’s so nice to meet both of you! what a nice introduction ^^ Love both of you there.

note: picture credit to the owner.

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