Oh my.. there are so many fan-fics of Queen B and The Lonely Boy here.. It seems like they never end. Love it so much.. Keep imagining gals ^^

really wish someone will produce one of the fan fic with Leighton and Penn as the leading whether as Blair and Dan or as someone else. And please make sure to be rom com and happy ending

XOXO a girl who can only dream


When Tony Stark Dances *giggling*

Yesterday, I was watching Iron Man Three for the second times (now, with my bro), and it was still great, felt like watch it for the first time -but this time I know the story- hehehe.

The first music of Blue by Eiffel 65 mesmerized me again bring me back to my MTV years of my life (it was always nice to hear a song that you familiar back then). What surprised me the most I still got to feel shocked and thrilled when Tony Stark in his private lab, doing his work as mechanic and made those experiment to his iron man suit, then he told jarvis to play to music and DANCE! yup he DANCE! not cheesily but SEXILY HOT!

Remember when the first time I watched the scene, I was like.. “Oh my…” and I smiled, blushed, and I whisper to my friends commented “that’s really a hot man!” hahahhaha… seriously hot and manly (can’t believe I write this kekekeke). And when I watched again yesterday, it still wow me… hahahaha..

Always love Tony Stark, and I can’t imagine anyone else suit him the best other than Robert Downey Jr. Love his acting in Iron Man and Avenger, witty, rationally rude but awesomely right, hah!

Wish someone will post that dancing’s picture or gift in a good quality in sooner time. ^^


The Tale of Queen B and The Lonely Boy

I’m officially shipping Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I now the show is ended like a year ago, but managed to watch that show again after I read that they decided to make Dan and Blair a couple and ruined it in the finale.

I was watched Gossip Girl like years ago, the first was okay then the second season, I got bore and say my goodbye. But then that rumor made watched again, and I love Dan and Blair to be together.

I watched their scenes only for the rest episodes, and they are really good match, I stopped watched it at season 5 ep 23, coz I can’t stand the fact that Blair’s going back to Chuck and Dan with Serena, a big NO for me! And thanks to Tumblr introduces me to many others DAIR shipper! Love.. Love.. Love the fan-fictions!


So In Love with Their First Time

I’m talking about The First Time (2012) movie, here :p It IS a sweeeeeet rom-com movies for its genre.

The movie is really talking about how their first time in a really good way, the chemistry was outstanding for me, played well. Which makes me fall for this High School’s movie, was the witty dialogue and smart-genuine conversation between Dave and Aubrey.

Everything about them, is so real and natural, make me reminiscence my own love story and my wanna be kind of how I want meet my own man.

When he’s talking-she listened, and otherwise it makes me smile, and when his heart beats fast – my face blush. Oh it’s been so long I haven’t watched this kind of romantic movie: simple, real, and not so complicated.

I can watch it many times and yet not make me bore. And both actors Dylan O’brien and Britt Robertson, it’s so nice to meet both of you! what a nice introduction ^^ Love both of you there.

note: picture credit to the owner.



You know, I don’t really think Serena was in love with Dan all that time. She even dated Ben for a while. I don’t know, just my opinion 😛

Yeah, Serena treated Dan pretty shittily in S4 but she fell in love with him in S5 when they were pretending to date during Blair’s wedding so that Louis wouldn’t suspect that anything was going on between Dan and Blair. But by that time Dan was already madly in love with Blair and hence he didn’t respond when Serena declared she was in love with him during B’s wedding. That part really baffled me because it was SO obvious that Dan really didn’t want Serena and wanted Blair. I think Serena started to fall in love with him when they spent time together because she remembered how great they used to be when they first started dating and the memories of their relationship in high school sort of made her want the same thing with him again. It’s quite sad, really, because I do think Serena deserved better than Dan. 

And I completely disagree with people who claim that it was Blair’s fault and she shouldn’t have “dated her friend’s ex”. I don’t think Blair went out with the intention of hurting Serena because she started to fall for Dan without even realizing it. When she did realize that she liked him a LOT, she tried to fight it. Both of them did. After a point, they just gave in to it and I definitely couldn’t blame Blair for it. At the same time, Serena’s feelings for Dan finally turned her into the worst version of herself – where she plotted against not just Blair, but even Lola, stole Blair’s diary and sent the pictures to Gossip Girl and then finally slept with Dan as revenge (though even Dan had an equal part to play in it. But still. Serena did tape them and that was quite disgusting).

Honestly if Serena had gotten even half the development that the characters of Dan and Blair had gotten, she would have been so much more likable in S5. It’s sad because I really liked Serena before S5. I think it would have been nice if the writers had made Serena move on and be happy with someone like Nate who didn’t judge her the way Dan did and put her up on a pedestal and turn on her when she disappointed him. I think she deserved better than that the way Blair deserved better than Chuck.

Dan and Blair became so much better with each other in S5 where Blair was actually content and at peace and Dan was not so judgmental and actually did not have control of Gossip Girl at that point. This reminds me of the obvious contrast drawn between the DS and the DB relationships: Dan telling Blair that their relationship was “their world” in S5 and later telling Serena in S6 that he always felt like an outsider in “her world”. It wasn’t just about Dan’s world or Blair’s world in the DB relationship. It was both of them working as a team and their relationship really was their world. And it was beautiful.

I hate DS more than CB because it’s frankly super disgusting how Dan and Serena was step-siblings at one point of time and actually share a brother. I think DS are their worst versions with each other – Dan cheated on Blair with Serena and Serena stooped down to the level of manipulating him to sleep with her and then taping it. Dan was never like that with Blair and Serena was actually a lot nicer when she was with Carter or Nate.

Honestly, I would have loved to see Serena and Dan as friends and nothing more and Blair and Serena as BFFs and Dan and Blair married dating and Serena and Nate together. It would have been perfect. 

But then again this is GG and they HAD to put both the female leads with the men who treated them badly instead of the ones that treated them right.

I just realized that I’ve been ranting. Dair tends to do this to me -.-

I just watched Dair S4 and S5 and I love this couple. I stop at ep 22 coz I can’t stand the idea that they will separate. And I found this Dair Tag and thank you..

And I have to re-blogged this post, coz I love your thought and your idea how the story suppose to be. Dan and Blair really deserve each other they are perfect coz they learn and they make their relationship work in their ways.