[Preview] When a man loves Ep 9 

Han Tae Sang: Are you free tomorrow? Come to my house tomorrow, I’ll cook.

Mi Do: At your house?

Han Tae Sang: Worried?

Mi Do friend: Have you worn nice inner wear? Didnt you say you are going to ahjussi’s house?

Mi Do: He is much more innocent than me! 

Sung Joo: Go together with Mi Do. Gangwon-do 3 days 2 nights.

Jae Hee: With Mido?

Sung Joo: I think the both of you look compatiable. It felt great everytime I see.

Sung Joo: I will tell Han-sajang. 

trans: @ssh_world

Dear DramaGod,

Please no “one night stand scene” between Seo Mi Do & Lee Jae Hee… As the angry mobster of Han Tae Sang will definitely fly to Korea to start the witch hunt on the writer if she breaks Tae Sang’s heart..

We hope you hear our prayers and read our raves and rants in forums.

This line true to Tae Sang character “He is much innocent than me!” wakkakkaka… how can a 38 years old man and a gangster be that innocent!!! So Rare, Yet So Adorable to See!!!

And big NOOOOO to duty trip together!!! Jae Hee should know already that it is not a good idea and that Sung Joo has bad, BAD MOTIVE, since he knew that Mido is Tae Sang’s!!!

Guess that we love Tae Sang character so much to be this protective! hehehhe..

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