k-Drama 101: How to watch and enjoy a drama

Okay, now I want to share how I watch and enjoy my k-drama addiction here. So there are so many ways to enjoy watching k-drama: Marathon-ing, Subbed-streaming, and last Live Streaming. Each way bring each joys. Trust me, how you’re watching them makes a huge different impact to the enjoying rate to the drama. So let me share mine.



Marathon a drama all night long, is a more healthy for your heart but beware for the panda eyes in the morning. It’s usually done for a finished drama or old drama. K-drama usually have 16 eps length with an hour for each ep, that means 16 hours (almost) non stop to finish our *fave* drama on a go. Me, myself usually did it in the weekend so it definitely took all day long to watch, let’s do math 16 hours of watching, 30 minutes of preparing, 2,5 hours to cook and eat, one and half hours to pray and take a shower, and 3,5 hours to sleep, answering phone or whatsapp (see, it’s 24 hours full to do a marathon! that’s if it was 16 eps, if it’s not than you’re doom hehehehhe).

The good things:

  1. healthier for your heart, coz you won’t dying wondering how the story will be for the next episode even for the final, since you have all the series with you.
  2. save your time. how come? although it looks tiring, trust me it’s the more efficient way to watch a drama. a day sacrifice is a wiser choice for the rest of your day (you’ll see why in the Live Streaming section)
  3. how you interpret and enjoy the drama is totally your own interpretation without many spoilers. so it’s more peaceful.
  4. for me, it shows my truly emotions toward the drama.

The bad things:

  1. It’s really isolated you from outside the world.
  2. It can caused a panda eyes in the morning.

My last marathon-ing drama: Sang Doo Let’s Go To School, What Happened In Bali, Will It Snows at Christmas.


Subbed-streaming means watching a drama online when the drama is still airing and the aired episode already had sub in the online streaming website. So basically you are a quite up to date person by doing this but keep patient to wait for the sub to watch. And as we know that k-drama only air about 2 episodes a week, with That Winter The Wind Blows as exception for their gala premier week to show three episodes instead of two like others, which usually it takes 2 days for subber to finish sub (this is really depend on the popularity of the drama itself). There are several website that you can watch the subbed-streaming really soon at Viki, Dramafever, Dramacrazy, Epdrama, Kshow, etc. But my favorite is viki, since there are comment section to viewer and many of the comments are so funny.

The good things:

  1. You spare your heart here, by patient, you can get two episodes in a go without feel anxious to wait 24 hours to watch the next day episode.
  2. It’s a good way to keep up to date but less torture in waiting.
  3. If you are not greedy, it is the most efficient way to watch and enjoy your drama. But if you are, then it just help a little, hehhehhe.

The bad things: I can’t find a bad thing to do this one, but then I usually did it to a hype drama but I’m not really into the story or I can say it just an okay drama.

My Last Subbed-Streaming drama: Nice Guy and I Need Romance 2012

Live Streaming

This is such a risky way to watch a drama but totally worth the fun! This means that you are follow the airing drama. Why I call it risky, since the drama only airs two days in a week? yup, the drama itself airs two days in a week, but you definitely won’t watch only one time per episode, trust me, it will be more than once you will watch each episodes. First, for information there are three kind of dramas: Mon-Tue drama, Thurs-Wed drama, and Weekend drama. We do this, usually because we are so into the drama. If you are watching Live Streaming, it means you are also join in a drama forum (90% it’s true) since we get the live streaming site from there, it can be anywhere but my favorite is Soompi. So here my summary of the impact doing Live Streaming (in this case Wed-Thurs drama).

Wed – at 10.00 pm SKT (8 pm my time), watching live streaming, excited, but guessing the story. at 9 pm, jumped to the forum, curious what this episode about or read the live recap from many bloggers. at 11.30 pm, give up and go to bed.

Thurs – dawn, just wake up, grab ipad and read the full recap. When to work and read other blog recap and forum discussion. afternoon, streaming for the preview for tonight episode and the rest in the office is wondering what will happen in tonight episode, and keep checking in the sub progress. at 10.00 pm SKT (8 pm my time), watching live streaming. at 9 pm, jumped to the forum, curious what this episode about or read the live recap from many bloggers. at 11.30 pm, give up and go to bed.

Fri – dawn, just wake up, grab ipad and read the full recap. When to work and read other blog recap and forum discussion. Afternoon keep checking out for the subbed progress, and still reading all the discussion even joining the discussion in a forum. After work streaming for episode subbed.

Sat – Sun spend the weekend wondering what will happen to our OTP and keep stalking at forum.

Mon – working and keep refreshing soompi and others blog waiting for the preview.

Tue – crazy waiting for the preview!

And how’s I spend my days when I have a Live Streaming to catch up, pretty hectic-insane day but the joy in reading people thought, insights and people share gif, photos and BTS in a forum is paid all the sacrifice. I find in amusing and so much fun, since you won’t feel alone to watch a drama and people keep amaze me with how this drama can make them do that kind of things (analyzing, creative, funny, witty, and kind).

The good things:

  1. If you also join a forum or follow live recap blog, you can find new people whose also love the same drama and how that can’t be great? It’s perfect right.
  2. You can understand the drama more if you do the number 1.
  3. The joy to watch the first time along the airing time, uhmm.. that brings it’s own satisfaction.

The bad things:

  1. have you read my explanation? it needs a hell of dedication, devotion, patience and good internet connection to do all the cycle.
  2. It’s really bad for your heart. Coz it drains you emotionally. and don’t you forget the feeling of waiting and being toss by the cliffhanger. hahhaha.. yup, it’s that bad.

My last live streaming drama: That Winter The Wind Blows, Arang and The Magistrate, Queen In Hyun’s Man

There is another way to enjoy a drama without watch it by reading the recap only. This is for you who don’t have time to watch but still curious in how the story goes. Since there are many bloggers who happy to do a recap, so it’s possible to keep enjoy kdrama without watching it. I’m doing it right now for When A Man Loves, since I still feel tired after my rolling coaster ride with That Winter The Wind Blows, I think I need a break for live streaming or even watching drama. Heee…

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