[What] An Ungrateful Friend!!

Yup! *relieved* that was my summary for this amazing movie: A Dirty Carnival. Okay, still in my emotional state toward “that” friend after watching this gangster movie, for the sake of my health, since I got a “In Sung’s fever” and thanks to his wonderful comeback drama project, That Winter, He Cried So Much in His Colourful Coats and That Unforgettable Red Pants But Yet He Still Frickin’ Awesome *big grin* I have to write something here!!!

A Dirty Carnival, is a movie about a gangster and his childhood friend who wants to make a gangster movie. Our main character is Byung Do (Jo In Sung did a marvellous acting here, love him here, so manly!), a gangster which hold tight at his gangster philosophy about family. He is loyal towards his boys. And apparently in a gangster life there are so many hardship to take in their life like as an ordinary people they also can be a jobless, this is what Byung Do deals he need work to do, a settle one, to feed their gangster family and his own family. But his boss, Sang Chul, seems didn’t give a d*mn about his hardship. Thats why when the bigger boss ask Sang Chul to help him finish attorney Park, Byung Do volunteers himself to bigger boss to do it. He and his minion successfully did it. And as his boss become suspecting him to kill attorney Park, Byung Do and his boys did the cleaning and kill his boss. So apparently a gangster have to do his job clean to the root!

Meanwhile, Min Ho (Byung Do’s friend) had been busy interviewing detectives to collect a data for his gangster movie, so happy that he finally met Byung Do again. As to get information about a gangster life, Min Ho made a plan to get close with his dear friend Byung Do toward a school reunion where there went also Byung Do’s first love. When things not going well with Byung Do and his first love, since the girl keep her distant and scared of him because he is a gangster, Byung Do got drunk and ask Min Ho to pick him up.

Min Ho piggy back Byung Do (I love this scene, coz it stood up their friendship the most) to his apartment. A reluctant Byung Do bubbling about how shitty his day and how this is the first time he wish he wasn’t a gangster. Min Ho, in the other hand getting more curious about his best friend gangster story, and intentionally digging more information to his drunken fella. And poor Byung Do spill the beans about how he murdered attorney Park.

Byung Do’s gangster life turns up getting better this day, that also works for his love life. And Min Ho’s movie got approval to produce. So basically now is calm before the storm. Byung Do happy, Min Ho success in making his gangster movie believable, Bigger Boss happy, everyone happy.

Until this Bigger boss watch the movie, and order Byung Do to watch Min Ho’s movie also. And shock is when you did shitty job and then you actually watch it in that very detail way. Yup! Our dearie friend using attorney’s Park murder as one of his scene. Betrayal. The happy life now is over. Bigger Boss wants Byung Do to clean it up. But Byung Do is a gangster with a heart, couldn’t kill his friend, instead he threatened Min Ho to keep silence, coz he is one of us, he said.

But Byung Do’s boys couldn’t believe that Min Ho will shut his mouth so they went kidnapping Min Ho and showed him how a gangster would act. Angry Min Ho can’t take it and spill the bean to a detective.

In the other hands a happy Byung Do (coz he thinks his problem fixed) plan to propose his first love, until it being interrupted by the police. And he managed to run away. He called his boys to catch Min Ho and finish him. He did the chasing and the boys did the field guard. Min Ho run away but to be caught by the boys. Byung Do go to the meeting point but surprisingly get attack by a bunch of gangster. He keep struggling and asking “who are you?” Our Byung Do survived and glad to meet his boys until he got stabbed by them. Another betrayal. That’s a gangster life, clean it to the root.

Byung Do’s right man bring Min Ho somewhere until someone called him and he turned his car. Another scene we saw Byung Do’s mom funeral, and his family didn’t have a clue that Byung Do already died also. Then we saw our ungrateful friend with his stiffen face, drinking with Bigger Boss, then came in Byung Do’s right hands boy and this ungrateful friend looks surprise but do nothing. And then the Boss sing his song. And that’s our journey end.

And I’m about to throw my ipad seeing that ungrateful friend!! Okay, already told the story, but watching the movie is another journey that worth the time. Poor Byung Do he is a gangster by situation!

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