A Dirty Carnival: Gangster’s Facts

This is several facts about gangster that I find after watching A Dirty Carnival:

  1. They get their shoes polished even though they may starve to death. Ahh this one interesting, they pay so much attention in appearance.
  2. Respect yourself. Never lose face, never get jumped on.
  3. A gangster is NOT a scamp. A scamp is a gangster who lose their integrity.
  4. A Family is a mouth that eats from the same table. This one seem odd and funny. But it’s a family philosophy it kind a mean if one hurts other also hurt (really not good in explaining here)
  5. They clean the problem to the root, even that means to murder. If they must to kill someone.
  6. When fighting they manage not to stab or hurt the vital organ. Stab or kill is only for cleaning job. That’s why they bring stick not sword or gun (in this movie).
  7. They love karaoke so much.
  8. They are two faces. Beware! you don’t want to end up like Byung Do, rite?
  9. They like to wear suit. Anyway this one is mystery to me, why almost all gangster or mafia wears suit? why they doesn’t wear t-shirt or shirt? big mystery to be solved.
  10. They don’t do flying kicking things when they fight.

Aaaah.. okay.. those are meant to be fun and joke only. ^^

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