LOVE (2012) – What A Sweet Movie!

Okay, I just finished digging more information about Zhao Wei’s filmography when I found this movie. It is also her latest film before the Painted Skin: Resurrection. As per my curiosity and my boredom attack, I managed to watch this movie without any expectation. And that’s what kicked me, this movie is actually good as a romantic movie. (Yup, any movie that at least captivated me to watch from the beginning till the end, I consider that one good!)

So this movie is a three love stories mixed in one, with a little tiny string attached between the characters to relate the story, surely. So this is the Taiwan’s Love Actually version, which for me much warmer.


The movie begins with a girl, Li Yijia (Ivy Chen), discovered that she was pregnant. She showed the test pack to Kai (Eddie Peng), which of course made him not happy at all. Then Ni (Amber Kuo), Li Yijia’s best friend swoop in and kissed Kai (woops). And she turned up to be Kai’s girl friend. Having a mood swift, Kai excused himself, and ride on his bike. Losing his concentration, Kai almost got hit by car, driven by Mark (Mark Chao), a handsome business man.

Then the camera lead us to where the Mark’s car heading. On his way, his friend called for invitation to hook up with Japanese’s models in a villa. And unhappily, Mark had to pass this chance since he will fly to Beijing this weekend. Then, we arrived at this hotel in Taipei. He got in to elevator and followed by a bunch of noisy ladies. One of the elevator’s passenger was Xiao-Ye Jin (Zhao Wei), she was here in Taipei for her duty trip? (it looks like it).

Mark got off the elevator and knocked in a room, which opened up by this sexy lady, Zoe Fang (Shu Qi). She greeted him with a kiss and a hug asking for a made up session. He seemed to looking forward to this moment, but he kept restraining himself. As she kept sending him smooches, he lead her near to window, and closed the curtain.

Then the camera bring us to room upstairs, where Xiao-Ye Jia, holding a name card, and picked a phone like she would make a call, but she didn’t. She left the room and bumped into Kuan (Ethan Juan), a part time worker servant. And suddenly we followed him into an elevator to a hotel kitchen. we heard his friend talking about Zoe the actress, whose rumored just checked in this afternoon. They were talking about how small Zoe’s feet (duuhhhh???). Kuan made a delivery of champagne to a room, which actually is Zoe’s room. Mark opened the door and told Kuan to leave it there, and Kuan managed to spot Zoe in the room.

After Kuan’s left, Mark asked about the champagne, and she looked unhappy, she said after all this long flirt, finally they have this chance. But Mark seemed hesitate to this situation. He said he is serious to her, but she cut it asking him what those flirt meant. He had no choice but to flirt her again. She stopped him by saying stop flirting if you do not dare to touch. (Ouuuuchhh!)

He kept denying, and she kept throwing facts. Ultimately she asked him did he love her, which froze him, couldn’t answer her. Shockingly she took it light, and said her finale goodbye, “The inability to love is more pathetic than impotence.” 1-0 for her. She left and called someone to pick her. Then we realized she wasn’t happy at all with her discovery.

She waited in the lobby, and caught Kuan took her picture without permission, she snatched Kuan’s camera, and saw her picture and then another girl. She asked why then he answered his friend said her feet is small, and then we realized that Kuan is a stammerer (adorable one though). He wanted his camera back and she gave it back to him but deliberately let it slip and fall down. As he took his pity camera she got in to a car.

And there was sit a middle aged man, Mr. Lu (Doze Niu), commenting on her behavior in throwing paparazzi’s camera. She is not in the mood in answering then she lean to him and asking him to marry her (and what’s wrong with her, she just in one man embraced and now asking this old man to marry her?). He looks quite shock (happy?) but he managed to keep silent, and he saw the car’s window and now we saw a flying balloon. the red balloon brings us up into the open sky, and then there was a text LOVE completed by the balloon as “O”.

And that’s how the movie introduced us to the 8 main characters, which later on, would tell about three main stories about love. How each of them will fall in love and describe love itself.

What an introducing, rite? hopefully I could tell the rest of three stories in my next post. Bottom line it’s a beautiful, sweet, warm and funny movie about love.

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