That [Last Week] Winter’s Wind, Left Very Interesting Discussion

That Winter’s wind last Thursday night, surely blew our mind and unconsciously struct and swept the line between reality and drama. Yup, those last 5 minutes of raw acting, without any background music is doomed to be grey area to discuss. Discussion in what’s people interpreting to that raw scenes came out into two different point of views, like I said it swept the line between reality and drama.

Some thought it was understandable, and some saw it as a sexual harassment attempt. Two different opinions for the same 5 minutes scene of That Winter The Wind Blows creates such a very interesting discussion for me to read and digest. Best of it, it helps me a lot to get deeper with the drama and yet understand others thought in disagree for the understandable and the necessary of that scene to its drama. Yup, I’m one of those who didn’t see it as a sexual harassment but as something that Oh Soo would do.

Someone mentioned it best as those 5 minutes in the end of episode 13 as something uncomfortable to watch but it meant to be, thats why there was no background music. For me thats was very brave of the writer and the director and what an excellent actress and actor there to put a really raw acting.

Me, myself didn’t enjoy the first time show it. But I understand why Oh Soo’s choice of act. First read regarding the discussion was at Dramabeans, and through people “hot” discussion there, I understand more to Oh Soo’s character and more the writer and her beautiful story. Here are some favorite explanation to why those last 5 minutes of very uncomfortable scene was needed: Curioser and Curiosor’s blog and many others insightful comments on Dramabeans. And my favorite recapper as for deeper understanding through beautiful discussion of the drama, I highly recommend you Softy’s blog.

Ahhh That Winter’s Wind wish you could blow all the time but yet there won’t be any beauty in waiting Wed and Thurs and Wed again to come. Hopefully It blows a very nice spring breeze on the next 2 Thurs. But then, it means parting already with the winter’s wind which blows to that lonely Tree and a glass of chime. Sad.. sad.. sad.. but the bright side, I can always do the marathon 😀

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