The Longest Night in Shanghai

Just bumped and got enchanted by this movie, and it’s worth the time, yet *spoiler ahead* not quite satisfied by the ending. But overall this movie successfully freeze me in front my laptop from the beginning till the end.

It starred by my favorite C-actress Zhao Wei, and it was a join production between China and Japan (forgive me if I’m wrong). Since it was joined production, sure we deal with language barrier, but in this movie it was so needed and not disturbing at all.

As per the movie title, the story about one night in Shanghai, when a japanese famous make up artist Naoki Mizushima went to Shanghai to work for an event. After the event he accidentally get bumped by Lin Xi’s car (Lin Xi herself is a taxi driver). As per apologize, Lin Xi volunteer herself to take around Shanghai. He with his own language and she with her own language. At the same night Lin Xi got news that her dear befriend who she also got crush on, would get married tomorrow. Meanwhile Naoki burden with his unwillingness to communicate with his girlfriend to fix their relationship.

Both two people, by situation force to spend the night together since Naoki apparently didn’t know where his hotel was and didn’t bring any ID nor money with himself. And by pity she couldn’t just abandon her. In this time through language barrier they spoke up their mind and comfort each other.

Ahh that was too long for resume I guess. Okay, overall I love the idea of this story. And I always fond with the trans-races kind of love. And in here it told sweetly. The relationship build nicely, I know for sure that he admires any of her behavior, and she finds himself comforting. And the ending, I wish the writer spoil us a lil bit. That was okay, but a hug will be welcome so much. *oops did I spoil to much*

*for pict cr to the owner, ahh sadly I cant find a better poster to put in here.

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