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2012: Me and Drama

After months maybe, haven’t opened my blog, now here I am ^^ I will write something simple to boost up my willing to write, something that makes me quite different in this year! yup, drama! this is just my story in 2012 and my new hobby as drama addict and drama fangirl.

Saturday nite, after a day of shop!
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As you might know from my couple posts about drama, now I will talk also about drama. I dont know since when I get so intense and engage with drama especially korea drama. *blame miss ada dech, coz she’s introduced me with Secret Garden, then made me start to watch other k-drama* I don’t know how many dramas I’ve been watching since Secret Garden, a year ago, coz for sure my 500 GB hard disc is already full with dramas, and I already bought 1 TB hard now almost full also. Many that I like to review regarding dramas that I have watched. But, since this is my first post after sooooo long, than I’ll be satisfied if I could manage to finish this post first.

In 2011 I used to watch drama in marathon way, that means I already had the source of a complete drama, then I watched it marathon non stop especially in weekend, in week day I limited myself to watch only 3-4 episodes *that means 3-4 hours a day after or before work!*, that’s why one of my 2012 resolutions is only to watch 2 episodes drama max at week day.

Being spoiled by fast internet connection with quite unlimited quota for downloading, I watch drama in new level, not streaming, but LIVE STREAMING! yup! live streaming drama. okay, regarding this change maybe I’ll post another time, my dictionary and guide in higher level being k-drama lover.

This new level is different from marathon, it needs patient, hard working, fidelity, strong will and most important fast internet connection. This new level it means we follow this new production drama to be aired, so it means it’s only 2 episodes air in a week, equal to 8 weeks for 16 episodes normal to follow a drama to final! and in this post, I’ll make it list of dramas that I watched in this new level, from my first drama watched on air up to my current drama *yup! still do the new level of watching k-drama, coz this one is awesome ^^ hehehhehe* and I’ll try to review it (review, not recap!) in my own way and give my impression on that drama. and I will also include drama that supposed to watch on air but dropped it in the middle. Okay, here we go my first drama to watch ‘real’ (air) time in 2012.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

time airing: Jan-March 2012

episodes: 20

outstanding acting: Kim Soo Hyun

favorite kid scene: King Hwon with Hyung Sun (all scenes, especially where HS dropped the petal flower from the roof to give romantic vibe for King Hown and Yeon Woo meeting)

favorite adult scene: King Hwon silly excuse when he get busted by his grand mother, his expression on that scene was priceless

story: the story actually is about first love story set up in fiction joseon era (genre: fantasy sageuk). when young crown prince Hwon, fall in love with intelligent young girl Yeon Woo which later is chosen as his crown princess. But then, set up by his grand mother (collaborated with palace shaman) a way to kill Yeon Woo. after the death of Yeon Woo, Hwon which later become King, changed into a cold King. after 8 years, Yeon Woo return as a shaman with no memory of her childhood. The King start to fall for Wol, later he gave that name to the shaman, but then realized that there were so many similarities between Wol and the late Yeon Woo. as per his investigation at Yeon Woo death, King Hwon find the truth. then, they manage to tackle down the obstacle and live happily ever after.

the ending: it’s the most beautiful ending of drama so far! like a fairy tale. so love the ending.

my opinion: it was a big hit in 2012, the rating it’s up to 40%, most popular drama on that time. and I love to watch it. especially we found different kind of King here. Kim Soo Hyun played King Hwon amazingly, his crying scenes were heartbreaking and he can be funny in King role without making it like clown, love it, love it. the beginning of drama is good, the child story built well, and I think the adult actor also good, but in the middle it’s like a filler, then rush in the end. so sad, many character are not developed well. coz it’s big hit on that time we didn’t see many flaws in the production. but to be written now, this drama not as good as the compliment when it’s aired.

my rate: 7,5 of 10

The King 2 Heart

time airing: March-May 2012

episode: 20

outstanding acting: Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi

favorite scene: too many! i love the interaction between Jae Ha and Jae Kang, and love the father daughter relationship in Hang Ah’s family, and I love when Jae Ha and Hang Ah together.

my saddest scene: when Jae Kang died, and when Hang Ah dragged back to North Korea

story: (this is hard, hahahaha) where should I try? Jae Kang as the King of South Korea, want to fulfill his father dream to make peace with North, through WOC (it’s like the olympic of army). in WOC, Jae Kang wanted to register South and North into a team. and Jae Kang also sent his bother, Jae Ha, without his knowledge to join the team. Hang Ah is the team leader from North. together Jae Ha and Hang Ah find love, how? that’s tricky how their find their love is really unique and a must watch because it’s not like any romance in drama. lazy me to review this drama because it’s a heavy story drama but light to watch and really intense. so watch it for yourself and you’ll find addicted, trust me 🙂

the ending: HAAAAPPPYYY!!! after all the intensity, this drama offers, finally it’s happy!

my opinion: this a dark drama but a funny dark drama. the core story is serious regarding South and North Korea, but the actor and actress and production team can deliver such dark drama with laugh, romance, and great soundtrack.

my rate: 9 of 10


time airing: jan-march 2012

episode: 11 episode

my favorite thing: all the french food

my favorite scene: Chie expression every times she eats, so compelling :9

story: Eisuke actually a bassist, who works for his dream until he is 30. when his mom who is a french owner restaurant died, he switches dream to become a good chef and run his mom restaurant. but unfortunately his mom restaurant is already sold to a french franchise restaurant. but because his promise he still open a restaurant in a garage that his father lend, with the help of his two band members, and a waiter from his mom restaurant. Chie is a college student who adores Eisuke food, from Chie family’s field Eisuke gets the best vegetable. Chie is a regular customer in his restaurant, which later will also be a waiter. Chie at first falls in love with Eisuke’s cook, but then she realized she’s also falls in love with Eisuke, but the other hand Eisuke has a girlfriend which used to be his supporter to play a band. with this sudden change, will her girlfriend still support him? and a french reataurant owner Tokio, which is now run a french reastaurant in Eisuke’s mother place, get really interested with Eisuke and become rival. will Eisuke be able to run his restaurant well?

the ending: Good.. I dont really get the term of the happy since it’s not romantic drama or action drama where someone will die or hurt, but it’s good.

my opinion: this drama is all about french food, and how to manage restaurant. i like the idea, and i like the food display. but somehow I’m not find this drama has a depth story, but this drama really do have a morale message.

my rate: 7,5 of 10

Queen In Hyun’s Man

time airing: April-June 2012

episode: 16

outstanding character: Kim Boong Do

favorite scene: when Boong Do bought Hee Jin a car! and all of the same interrogation questions! when Boong Do came to Hee Jin after his dead at joseon era.

favorite kissing scene: the tip toe kiss! hahahaha *pervert*

story: it’s time travelling genre. Kim Boong Do is a yangban from joseon era, who his life is dedicated to restore the former queen position (later in history she’s known as Queen In Hyun). a day when he was fighting and almost get killed, he finds himself travelling to modern era (time now), which later he figured it out because a talisman that a gisaeng gave him. in the modern era, he meets hee jin, an actress who just got the part as Queen In Hyun, which later will be his savior in modern time. Kim Boong Do whose very smart later taking advantages of his travelling time to help restore the former queen position. by that time Kim Boong Do and Hee Jin fall in love, but the different era and the talisman dependency effects their romance, coz later known that the talisman has it limitation.

the ending: Haaaappy ending for our couple! and for me the ending it’s quite explainable (I will say logic, but then I remember it’s fusion sageuk/ fiction, hehehehe)

my opinion: this the most well written romantic time travelling drama. i love how the writer have her own rules of the time travelling, and show us how it works. and I love how she wrote Kim Boong Do character so perfect. he is a perfect man, smart, have faith, and have commitment, with high dedication. i also love the love story here, it’s so sweet not cheesy but sometime cheesy. the best romance drama so far! plus the main lead dating in real life in the end of drama. I love it. period.

my rate: 9 of 10

I Need Romance 2012

time airing: June-August 2012

episode: 16

annoying character: Yoon Suk Hyun

favorite scene: the make up scene between Yeol Mae and Ji Hoon

heartbreaking scene: Yeol Mae and Ji hoon broke up ㅠ.ㅠ

story: this drama is Korea’s sex and city version. actually there was a drama with the same title in few years before, with almost the same recipe, about a women with her long time relationship. Yeol Mae, she’s a woman in her early 30, living in one roof with her ex boyfriend Suk Hyun. their relation is a on-off relationship over 15 years. the last break up happen coz Suk Hyun doesn’t want to get married. despite of all that, Yeol Mae loves Suk Hyun so much, that she is still clinging to him. but one day she met Ji Hoon, a coffee shop owner next to her studio. Ji hoon personality is very different from Suk Hyun. if Suk Hyun is very introvert with his feeling, Ji hoon is an open person one, who spoke his heart openly and very understandable person. After a big fight with Suk Hyun, Yeol Mae open her heart to Ji hoon. then she changed into someone with less temperament, and more patient. and this is what bother Suk Hyun. and then he start to interfere and seeks for her. but there something that Suk Hyun kept a secret from Yeol Mae.

the ending: happy *but I’m not happy*

my opinion: hiks T.T why she has to end up with her ex. it’s not fair, when there is a good guy there for her, why she chose him. aaaarghhhh… I like the story but I hate the ending. period.

my rate: 8 of 10

Ma Boy  

time airing: August 2012

episode: 3

outstanding acting: Sun Woong

favorite scene: when Tae Joon sit in the bench with Irene, and he’s so shy talking to Irene, meanwhile Irene has those priceless facial expression. and those scene also capture how great they are together, xixixixixi..

story: Geu rim is new student in this special high school. Irene who is the princess of CF is a very quiet girl happens to be Geu Rim room mate. problem occurs when couple girls named theirself Tackle start to trouble her, because geu rim idolizes Tae joon. As her day in her new dorm, she found out that actually Irene is boy. meanwhile geu rim idol, Tae joon, is so in love with Irene, asking Geu Rim to help him to get her.

the ending: happy ending of course

my opinion: I love this drama, It’s really sweet.. made me blushing, smilling, and even giggling when I’m watching it. so simple, easily to digest, but yet so sweet

my rate: not gonna rating it.. since it’s mini.. and it has it’s own charm 😀

Arang and the Magistrate

time airing: August – airing

episode: 20 (now still 10)

outstanding acting: Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah

unique character: Arang – the Ghost

favorite scene so far: Arang’s dress measurement by Eun Oh (so intense! love the acting and cinematography) and Arang-Eun Oh bickering which ended up they’re turning their back!

touching scene so far: Eun Oh’s taking Arang to ‘heaven’

story: Arang is maiden ghost which has no memory of her past life. then she met Eun Oh, who actually can see ghost but pretend not to, after knowing the truth, Arang is asking Eun Oh for a favor, by turning him into a magistrate in Miryang. Eun Oh helps Arang in order to get her memory back, so he wishes she can tell him about his mother binyeo which is now in the Arang’s possession. in their quest to get Arang’s memory back, they fall for each other, but knowing the boundary, can they love each other? and what it’s all about the mystery, will it reaveal? is Eun Oh mom the bad guy or she’s just a victim?

my opinion: the first couple episodes are the one making me hook to this drama. I love the acting and the chemistry, first episode and they already have such good chemistry even though most of their scenes are bickering sweetly. i love that Eun Oh is not that perfect even so cold in the first. and i like the fact that Arang is not soft at all. she is ghost with princip! hahahhaha. the first 6 episodes roll so fast, giving us so much clues yet so many more mysteries to solve. i love their description about the other world and heaven, how they did cast so differently between the Hades and Jades emperor, but making them as twin, brilliant! but the episode 7-8 is quite a slow, even though we get development from our main couple and the villian. but the episode 9-10 pay all the last slow episode, it’s no reveal any mystery, but it gives our main couple time to grow their bond and their emotional up, and starting to acknowledge their feeling. ohh so love this drama.. and I’m sure I aint gonna drop this drama, that’s why I put it on the list. Araaaaaaaaaang!

my rate: 9 of 10 (so far)

Omo… what did I write? I can believe that it’s already this much.. after long time no write, this is my longest post. Okay, that was quite a lot dramas that I’ve been catching up, right? actually beside all dramas that I mentioned above there are also few dramas that i watched marathon, but i won’t discuss it here since it’s late already.

not all dramas that I watched live streaming *catching up the on air* I followed till the ending, there are also several dramas that I dropped in the middle, such as:

I Do I Do
this drama is funny in the beginning, I like the interaction between the main lead, but then, come the second lead male character that so mature, not so nice, but he wins my heart, and deep down I want him to end up with that pregnant working lady *i forget the name, sorry*. by the time I was catching up this drama, deep down in me felt that she wont be with my second lead guy, and that’s why I dropped it, since I saw that between the main couple there is chemistry, but not ‘that’ chemistry.

Dr. Jin
this drama is so promising in the beginning,  coz it has such promising actors/ actresses in the character line up. but when I watched it and I watched it with positive thinking, then I gave up at episode 7. i read the recap after that and I’m glad I dropped it, it was the worst script drama ever. and cheesy editing. sorry.. but that’s it.

this is actually my favorite one. I saw the first episode and it hooked me just like arang did. the premise is also good, the acting was superb. i watched it till the episode 14, but it seems that they won’t deliver the *right* body to the story so I dropped it before I get like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? you end it like that?” hahhahhaha… that was my wise choice also. confused? okay, big is about body switching, a high school boy get switched body with his teacher’s fiance. when the body switched Da Ran (the teacher) realize that her love grow for Kyung Joon not to Yoon Jae *her fiance*. they suppose to end together in the right body in my opinion, coz Shin acting as KJ in first episode was so outstanding, that won’t go away from my mind everytime I think about drama Big.

okay.. now.. I’m off to bed. coz it’s passed the day already.