All About Food and Hobbies: Queen In Hyun’s Man



Queen In Hyun’s Man

So I’ve actually been quite silent for the last 3 episodes now. It was too hard to write/gif stuff when the emotional roller coaster ride hasn’t ended yet. But now that it has, I will say this:

I never really quite had a number 1 k-drama in my list. I’ve always had more of #1 in the thriller category, or #1 in cotton candy category (as in super sweet but completely nutrition-less), etc. But it’s official. Queen In Hyun’s Man has become my favorite k-drama of all time so far. Heck, it might even be my favorite drama of all time. It certainly is the drama in which I was most emotionally invested. And that says a lot.

I mean, for crying out loud, I was all giddy and excited to read about Ji Hyun Woo’s public confession. The man is so swoonworthy I could die! (read that in the same tone as “it’s so fluffy I could DIE” girl used)

It’s so epic that I’m about to restart the journey all over again. With more gifs and more comments. I have so much to say about this drama but for now I’ll only talk about the last episode.

First of all, I cursed the fact that I was following QIHM live and that it’s a wed/thur drama. I can’t watch it at work!! And usually I’m pretty good with keeping off the spoilers (though this drama production crew has been REALLY tight-lipped. It’s amazing). But I just couldn’t with the last episode. I NEEDED to know what would happen. I needed to know that my trust in the writer was not misguided.

I have to be honest, when I read the reactions and recaps about the phone as “the tool” I was pretty damn upset. It’s like, all this awesomeness and you did that?!?!

But I watched it and had a full-restless-day-at-work’s time digesting that information to say this to all those people who complained: It’s a friekin time-travelling story that uses a talisman as a time-machine. Be glad that the writer at least used the phone (that had literally saved him the first time he used it) which has been a very important device all throughout the drama (in various forms) as their form of communication. If it was any other writer, she/he would have just made the two of them run toward the storm to die together (*coughs* SG) or made her fall with some guy with the exact same face (*coughs* RP).

It actually makes perfect sense.

I do have to ask though, what is the first scene in ep 1 then? Is that just a scene to show the viewers, “here’s your OTP guys, bask in their lovelies and just know that this kiss is only like 5% the heat of the total love action in this drama.” ?

But I guess if you treat it as a story premise of sorts, it makes perfect sense. Especially with her narration in the beginning. And how much do I love that there’s a reason for all of her narrations throughout the drama – that she’s literally narrating for his story at the end?

For the most part, everything is tied together beautifully. Like I said before, everything about this couple is reciprocal.

When the talisman was first broken, it was Boong Do who lost his memory while Hee Jin kept it. And it was Boong Do who was the active one in pursuing back that lost memory.

This time, it was Boong Do who kept the memory and Hee Jin who lost it. And it was Hee Jin who brought him back.

One thing I should note though. The first time, Hee Jin only had to cope with the pain of remembering for a month. The second time, Boong Do friekin lived in pain for A YEAR! A YEAR!

That year of pain in addition to all those times he had to put a damn sword across his throat just to see her in the future (granted, he first did that mostly for reinstating the queen plan, but STILL!)

Hee Jin seriously has a good eye for character.

I always hear the question, “would you die for her/him?” as a testament to how much you love someone. But honestly, living for that person is much harder. *pushes Boong Do to the stage* Exhibit A right there.

Gee, thanks a lot Writer Song… now, not only do you give me an even more unrealistic expectation of men, you also gave me unrealistic expectations of phone booths, audis, libraries, bikes, pasta, and neckties. Hell I even blush whenever I see sunflowers now!

I do have to ask though, what is the first scene in ep 1 then? Is that just a scene to show the viewers, “here’s your OTP guys, bask in their lovelies and just know that this kiss is only like 5% the heat of the total love action in this drama.” ?

Episode 1 : there are two QHIM definitions: Kim Boong Do as the QHIM in 1694, and as the QHIM in 2012 c/o Hee Jin.

Episode 14, he died (in records).

He’s no longer a QHIM in 1694, only in the future where hee jin is—2012.


All About Food and Hobbies: Queen In Hyun’s Man

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