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Annyeong ^^

Yup! still K-drama addict! but not as addicted as last year *then, I just realized I’ve been apart from this lovely place to bubble like years*

Just as the title, this post is sequel to my last post Currently Watch… Currently Excited About. This time I’d like to update my post, as per my last post I’ve been mentioning that I was watching several dramas… So here my conclusion and my opinion on the drama that I’ve watched.

Star’s Lover (2009) – 17 episodes
Failed to watch! stag at episode 7, can’t figure out what the script writer and the director up to! 7 loooooooooong episodes and I still searching for something to attach me to this drama. Quite disappointed at first, since I like the actress, I love her acting in Stairway to Heaven, it was the best sad k-drama ever for me! As I remember the story is about super star with her ghost writer in Japan, then they had like strange attraction one to each other, which later we call it love, but what I’ve got *maybe I’m not really good at taking up what the script writer want, and not person which have enough patient -since it’s only a drama-* they just running around between the ghost writer and superstar, denying their feeling, and aaaarrrghhh…. I’m not that smart in dealing this drama… for me is not that attractive to put my eyes at it for another 10 hours, hehehhehe.. sorry just my opinion -______-

You’re Beautiful (2010) – 16 episodes
Hilarious! but the last couple episodes are too drama! but it was worth! Honestly I didn’t watch it marathon, but I watched it the whole episodes. When I watched this old drama it was quite difficult to watch it marathon, since they are lot of good new dramas, but I managed to watch all and I like it. Like I said before it was different and funny. I love how Go Mi Nam *the girl who pretend to his brother, since they are twin* try to avoid being caught, and how all that miss understanding became so funny. Aaaiiish this is a cute one! just not really like the last 2 episode… they make it become to drama, and not as fun as the begining.

Smile, You (2009) – 45 episodes
This one was damn GOOD! this family drama and this is long! actually I heard that it purposed to have 35 episodes but then rating spoke, and they made it into 45, and yup… rating make me sleepy in the end! the first 35 episodes were worth to watch, the story plot good, the main character chemistry pull me into one sadistic marathon ever! they were so good that I had to stay till midnight at workday!!! but then the 5 last episodes are quite draggy… looks like it didn’t have deeper purpose just like a filler to the ending! but me, still like it like it.. coz the chemistry between the main character is DAEBAK!

Yes! I’ve finally finished it! I’ve been watching quite a lot drama, maybe I’ll make another one just for my opinion purpose only, about what I like and dislike in that drama! ok, have to catch early plane tomorrow…

Happy writing again, hopefully I don’t get lazy to write again! 

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