Currently Watch… Currently Excited About


Jump again me with my new favorite activities… yup! another K-drama :p hahahhahahahha…
*this is the real… when I like something… I’ll go get it… apparently not quite work out for my love life… *pathetic rite?* deep sighing,,, put my pillow covered up my head*

Currently I’ve been keeping up my spare time busy… meaning in my spare time I spend it by busying myself with this whole k-drama, since my housemate runaway to another city leave me all alone in this d*mn big mess *house* hiks.. and for it, I’m not only watching one serial and get intense with it after the end like usually, but I prefer to watch several of dramas, which are:

Star’s Lover (2009) – 17 episodes
Star’s Lover is so drama, plays by the korea drama queen *oops I forget the name, but she was also the lead actress of the famous winter sonata (confession: I’ve never watch that famous winter sonata ckckckkc) and she also the lead actress in stairway in heaven, nah… it was my favorite sad drama ever!! so touchy… :D*
In Star’s Lover she act as the big star, which has quite ‘playgirl’ attitude… which later will be fall in love with the ghostwriter who wrote her books. yah… sure we could guess the plot and the story right :p I’m still watching it and I’m still looking for the climax problem of the drama, still watch 7 of 16 but still haven’t found any clue what is the problem that this drama will brought to us… yeah will see later lah 😛

You’re Beautiful (2010) – 16 episodes
This drama is really hilarious… totally… it got me a lot. it’s more merrier than the Star’s Lover because this one has a lot young actors. And they were a good cast, especially for the lead actor Jang Geun-Seok *woops how can I remember it??? how?? aaaah… he must be a quite actor or he must be that handsome hahhahhaha… yes he is* Ok ok… enough being teenager!! so  the drama is about a group band which has a new member band but apparently the new member is a girl who disguise as a boy in order to save her twin place in the entertainment world with the hope to be recognized by their born-mother. you can imagine it will be funny rite? but it get better since that she is raise by nun, and will be a nun… yup… chaos then… I’m looking forward to finish this drama soon, but since that I watch it via you tube… and it’s not a complete one.. so it hard for me to finish it soon… hiks.. somebody please lend me this drama… or drama file even better :p

Smile, You (2009) – 45 episodes
First noticing that it has 45 episodes was fading my will to watch this drama, but since in the http://www.dramabeans.com has a good review, than I try to watch the first episode, and guess what? yup… it totally turn off the will to watch it, since in the first 10 minutes we see a lot of old man… so it’s quite a mother drama…
But then… I read the recap again.. and I dare myself to watch it again and it’s good… yes it’s good drama, it’s more a family drama…. so witty… ahh you have to watch it too… but I couldn’t say more now, since I’m still watching the 8 of 45 episode so not much to talk about except as far as I get… it’s a funny one 🙂

Ahhhh… enough for today babbling… I’ll babble a lot next time… I wanna go home now, and finish my drama…

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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