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Me, K-Drama, and Six Pack actors… *saranghae..*

Hello… it’s been a while… hufft… apparently it’s quite a long time I didn’t update my blog.. I have a lot of my story I’d like to share in this blog but didn’t have much will, time, and internet connection to blogged it -____-” but soon… I’ll blog it…

Meanwhile, my daily life was super awesome, surrounding by nice friend, tickling by most carrying and worrying (which I love so much) mom, having a very considerably father, and yet… so friendly brother which I love and love to do something good to him 🙂

we’re just passed the very blessed Ramadhan… during Ramadhan I love to cook so much, I dare to try new recipe like sambal goreng  ati, asem asem ayam, fruit salad with yogurt, etc huaaa… love it so much to cook it and it’s all so yummy…. since, that I cook it myself and ate it all by myself for most of it, yeay ^^  you can’t complaint ’bout that, rite :p

then I spent a week holiday at the hometown, and I got this virus attack! yup… K-drama attack.. I bought more than 8 serial drama… yup more than 8 serials… *and for this dvd bought please blame the shopkeeper, who turn out to success to persuade me to buy more drama than I planned to buy* huft…

plus I got several serial both korean and japanesse from my friend… *the blame goes to my best friend ms. ada dech and her sister!! good influencer!!! hahahhahhahha… And you know what… SARANGHAE…. K-DRAMA…. love it… love it…

And do you know what I like the most from K-drama?

Beside the country scenery (which I adore.. it looks like a nice scenery, a nice circumstance, a nice people….) wondering when I will go to korea…

the actor, they have beautiful actresses and handsome actors… and guess what… handsome and six pack… huaaaa… what a combination there…  nowadays in k-drama love to put scene where the actor have a time to show off their abs, which is for me… a very okay… *hahhahhahhaha* (prove by Fullhouse, Oh! My Lady, My Princess, Secret Garden, 49 Days, A Love to Kill, Dal Ja’s Spring) and many more I believe… hahhahahha.. *actually I’d love to put some of those six pack in this blog… but I found myself inappropriate to do that seeing how old I am… deep sighing… fuiiihh….

the story… even though most of it are about love… but they have their own way in show it… each serial different even though sometime the common pattern is used… but it still… worth enough to watch…

and the length! yup… it has their own standard length… the common length is about 16 up to 24 episode! this is what I love… knowing that the story will end somehow… and when it’s get into episode 12 and more… this curiosity rise above… and wondering.. what will happen next.. what will happen to them… etc etc… 😀

And the house/ apartment interior… it was so beautiful… and of course this refers to k-drama which has a rich character xixixixixi :p see above pictures: it was the house of our main character in Secret Garden and Full House.. beautiful and unique… love it so much….

Sometime is not enough by watching them…. sometime need a synopsis to know how great the story are… or how beautiful the casting is… xixixixi… sometime bad story great acting, so so story wonderful casting… xixixixi :p I’m just ordinary person with ordinary taste and which love to be entertained 😛 *big grinned*

Oh ya… I found great place to read k-drama recap in both episode recap and analysis for each episode.. wow the do DO a great job in making the website… if you’re interested please visit their website:

For several k-drama their recaps is away better than the drama itself. why is that? first by reading it you just spend little time, but still you get the detail, and important info in each episode (like I said, they recap it very well with analysis) plus you get the hint of some picture view of the drama *a lot of picture* so that you’re imagination can go along while you’re reading the recap…. second, not all of the drama are worth to watch in every episode… you know what I mean rite… sometime great story bad acting, or slow rhythm… third, you can filter which drama are worth to watch based on their review.. I mean first you don’t get the feel to watch a drama, because the big story is not fascinating or the cover isn’t that great, but actually the drama is quite good (this one is self experience miss judging the 49 Days drama which I thought a sad and so so drama,,, but actually it turn out to be unique story even still sad one).

hahaha… too much babbling about k-drama rite… so sorry… but for now and quite future *I couldn’t estimate when this addiction will fade* I’ll talk a lot about K-Drama and my planning to learn korean language… yup… I’d love to learn korean… since it’s hard for me to watch dvd on mang mac without confuse what they’re talking about *in my mang mac the subtitle cut in a half* -____-‘

ok… see ya…
saranghae all…

*acting weird lately, talking a lot about korean actors, k-drama, korean, and even their music and CF
which sometime I get frustrated seeing myself this weird looking like a teenager… hmmm… I should be old enough for this kind of stuff*

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