mE..Me...aNd me...

yes, this is the time!

It might used to be my mistake
for being that self centered
for just thinking “Me”
for just being “Me”
that I’ve already known for a long time…

which still I couldn’t change
which I’d love to change it – for you
but I don’t know how…

Or it might be your mistake
for not be square with me
for not shared with me
for just being a man
But, believe me, I did forgive you

Sorry, for not being honest,
for not showing how I felt
for not communicating it
But, trust me… in my head
all that communication with you went okay
went so well…
But then, I realized it was just in my thought
in my thought only…

I’d love to make a move
I’d like to say a word
Coz I realized…

I miss talking to you
I miss laughing with you
I miss quarreled with you
I miss sharing dream with you
Now I realized I miss and missed all those things

Time goes by
I ready to make my move
but then, it wasn’t the same

It’s different from it used to be
It’s awkward right now
I have already tried
maybe not my best

But knowing how it went
how your reaction

I guess now… I know…

Yes, this is the time
to let you go
to emptiness my head – from you

Yes, this is the time
to live my life again



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