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Milk, Fever, and Gastritis

Hellowww oowww ooowww,

How’s your day? mine, not really great, since this is my first day of work after 3 days in row not working, and regarding that today is the official “day off” based on “sudden announcement” of our government regulation, which piss me off!!! the more I mention it, the more I get piss! okay, that was not the topic that I’d like to write in this post… maybe next time… ^^

and again… welcome to my absurd, odd and yet so not important blog ^^ hehehe… but trust me this blog help me a lot to transfer my mood, share my story and thought, and of course in my unbelievably queer style ^^ So in this post I’ll write about the chronicle how I get gastritis again! since that there are millions of people asking my healthy… *even most of them knew I was sick, from my tricky status or answer :p wkwkwkwk* but then, there’s a lot of lesson here… so please read carefully…

It’s all starting with last weekend, saturday 7th may 2011, I went shopping, and I saw this gorgeous strawberries in the display… and they keep calling my name *that’s why I bought it*

what will I gonna do with those strawberry? I don’t like the sour taste, not big fan of sour fruit… so I start to imagine… lot of recipe *yes, I’m exaggerating it* then, it came out with strawberry milkshake! and yes we do need the milk then… and I found my favorite milk, Gr**nfields, I love that milk! it was my “coffee exchange” drink when I was in college, as my energy drink at night before the exam day 😀 a carton a night. And how’s that strawberry milkshake turns out? failed! the strawberry got rotten… cause I get sick hiks…

So… I have this a big carton of my favorite milk in refrigerator, ready to mix with the strawberries, but one night, on Thursday night, I have this passion to drink the milk as the substitution of my night meal, so I drank about one… two.. and yup three glasses of milk on a night… so delicious o it was :p

and then… Daaaaang.. at the middle of the night, I got this stomach ache.. diarrhea I got! and successfully emptied my stomach at a night. and it was a Thursday, that means my fasting day… so.. what did I had on mind on that time??

diarrhea… acute one I believe… so that means on the whole day.. I hypothesize myself that during day… I’ll got diarrhea acute, so my fast decision was to still have fasting, since by fasting I definitely won’t get diarrhea, since I’m not put anything to my stomach! okay… done! fasting still on… coz I do believe.. by fasting won’t kill us! yes it won’t! but… hiks

by the time I should have my early breakfast before I start my fasting that day, I felt too lazy since my body so weak coz the diarrhea, then decided again that I will pass my early breakfast… so fasting starting with the will only…

and yup…. totally disaster!!! that was my bad decision! fasting should be done in the fit condition…

so… my hypothesis regarding the diarrhea is correct.. a hundred percent… I didn’t get diarrhea all that day… but my stomach not feeling so good… plus I’m too weak! I did the normal activity but no carbo to be burnt into energy… and no energy to support my activity -___-” so it was, the gastric was working, but none in it to be worked at… so the gastritis occurred hiks…

and yup… bad decision.. finally I had my fasting finish line time… I cook my meal, ate it with laziness since that I have no energy…. I finish it.. and I got so weak still… then… fever… yup… I got fever… all that night my body temperature increase… damn so miss my mom on that time…

and yup… I asked for a day off in the morning, noticing that I still not in my fit condition.. plus… got little shock when seeing my tongue in the mirror.. it was so pale… I was so scared if I’m having typhus… I can’t imagining myself lying in the bed.. in the hospital alone.. oh no…
so I managed myself to have a descent meal.. and less move my body get totally bed rest… and then I couldn’t avoid to tell my mom… between regret and glad on that time…

regret, coz I made my mom worry… glad, because my mom told me, that “pale” tongue it could be because of the diarrhea… *Alhamdulillah…*

but I still manage myself to have bed rest… to avoid that worst case of scenario… but… everything were blew off by the phone ringing…
something happened in the work… and they need me to fix thing… so.. working was started.. proper bed rest… how are you there…

but Thanks God it could be done before day…. and during that day… I didn’t get any fever again… but there were definitely something wrong with stomach… coz sometime it hurts… and it was fast to feel empty or hungry again… and yup… my gastritis is officially recurrence…

since that time… hunger attacks lot of time… I have this must to eat actively.. not let my stomach empty.. and drink the medicine every night for a week.. which I failed to obey it… hehhehe…
and since then… I have to stock food in my bag :p and bon appetite… fuiihhh it was shamefully big… hahahhaa 😀

so it was my story about Milk, Fever and Gastritis…

now, time for the morale…
as Allah SWT mentioned in the Al Qur’an… any thing that is over done, is not good ‘”segala sesuatu yang berlebihan adalah tidak bagus” and that’s correct!!! too much drink milk not good!!!

okay.. enough for boring me…
take a good care of your health please..
coz health is so expensive when you were sick :p

mE..Me...aNd me...

yes, this is the time!

It might used to be my mistake
for being that self centered
for just thinking “Me”
for just being “Me”
that I’ve already known for a long time…

which still I couldn’t change
which I’d love to change it – for you
but I don’t know how…

Or it might be your mistake
for not be square with me
for not shared with me
for just being a man
But, believe me, I did forgive you

Sorry, for not being honest,
for not showing how I felt
for not communicating it
But, trust me… in my head
all that communication with you went okay
went so well…
But then, I realized it was just in my thought
in my thought only…

I’d love to make a move
I’d like to say a word
Coz I realized…

I miss talking to you
I miss laughing with you
I miss quarreled with you
I miss sharing dream with you
Now I realized I miss and missed all those things

Time goes by
I ready to make my move
but then, it wasn’t the same

It’s different from it used to be
It’s awkward right now
I have already tried
maybe not my best

But knowing how it went
how your reaction

I guess now… I know…

Yes, this is the time
to let you go
to emptiness my head – from you

Yes, this is the time
to live my life again