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My Opinion on "I am Number Four"


Last night I’ve just seen this movie, an sci-fi movie called “I AM NUMBER FOUR” I got interested in seeing this movie coz I saw a nice thriller of this movie in the tv cable, and yup because that the actors look so gorgeous ^^

First, I Loooooooveeeeeeeee this movie ^^ yup… it’s not surprising movie *as other action movie* but it’s definitely unforgettable one for me… How’s so?

Simple, this action, science fiction movie, was about alien teenager (from the Lorien Planet) so.. it’s not hard type of movie… the story was quite simple and common… yup.. so common, so that we could guess what will happen next… and how’s the ending… plus, the action… not too extraordinary… it’s just so common action.. so common effect that they used in this movie, not bad… bad not too “wow” if you know what I mean…

so what makes this movie so special for me? despite the handsome and beautiful actress they cast for it. and despite that the story taking background of teenager and alien ^^ hmmm…. maybe this one of review I found in the internet, can describe how I could be in love with this movie…

User Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by this film!

21 March 2011 | by sheriesuter (United States) – See all my reviews

I found this film while looking for something to take my 14 year old son to. I was not expecting more then your standard action flick,I was pleasantly surprised! The effects were very good and believable. But what really got me was the well developed story line and characters. The actors all did a wonderful job of bringing these people to life and making you care about what happens to them. Which I find to be the number one thing missing in most of today’s action films. I am Number Four does not fall into that trap at all! Yes it is high action, yes there are spectacular special effects, but far more importantly, you care about these characters, you can relate to them, you leave the theater wanting more. I highly recommend this film and really hope they continue the story!

hehe.. I highlighted my couldn’t agree more part in that review ^^ and Yes!!! the movie, the actor developed the characters so well… not only one character but almost all… remembering that there were not much character in the movie :p and this movie, makes us care about the character…. and yes! I wanting more when the credit shows in the end of the movie… hua…. wondering what their journey next… and how’s the character will develop next… ohhhh I like it… I like it… now I know that I won’t get bored if I have to see this movie again and again ^^

haha.. enough ’bout me… how’s the movie story, for the synopsis of the movie you could visit this site:


or the official web

When I read in wikipedia, they said that this movie based on novel with the same title author by Pittacus Lore. ooohhh….. make me want to read the book :p And I heard that there’s sequel for this movie… can’t wait… can’t wait…

Overall it’s really enjoyable movie!!! Love it, love it…


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