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for Formula 1, Kuala Lumpur here we come!


Twin Tower Petronas

Ok, in this post I will write about my short holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Basically this holiday happened because several of our friends want to watch Formula 1 live in Sepang. And since that they got cheap ticket, then here we come… joining them, but not to watch Formula 1, just for travelling…

Ticket, place to stay, place to visit… was already arranged by the boys ^^ we’re the women (me and m’ayu just prepare ourself and prepare the money to spend there :p hehehhe)

Kuala Lumpur, in my opninion is better for city tour, like shopping or just walking… it’s almost the same as Jakarta but of course with much better city planning ^^ it’s true… the street, highway, wow… so width with less car… never found traffic jam there.. and the mass transportation.. wow.. planned well… bus, train, mono rail, and taxi… terrific… making many place reachable without troubling yourself looking for transportation.. quite cheap and clean…

And one thing that quite different from Jakarta, you can still see many pedestrian there… make the walking activities comfie :p

As I remember, everytime I went abroad it was always mean “WALKING TIME”, when I went to Perth is almost everyday is walking… When I was in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it also many walking (to do SAI and Tawaf 😀 serious!) and this time in Kuala Lumpur is also many Walking… and in abroad walking is a need, a fun, and no complaint activities… in Indonesia??? *huffff* walking is not comfortable at all, due to of the miss-used pedestrian, the indiscipline parking and driving… and everywhere is far!!!

Day #1 Genting Highland

Enough for the opining, now the trip… day #1 we’re heading to KL Sentral by KL Transit then continued the journey by bus to Genting, to get to Genting atas (is it true?? sorry if miss informed the name) we’re riding Kereta Gantung to Genting Atas. In Genting we spent time by playing… yups it’s quite same as Dufan in Indonesia except it’s in highland… and it’s cold enough.. we play in Indoor theme like Snow World, Bom Bom Car, etc… and we play in outdoor theme park… to get adrenaline rush ^^

my opinion:

it’s a fun place like Dufan… the Kereta Gantung is amazing, since that we don’t have it here…

my advice:

(1) if you want to go to Genting, try it come early… so that you could try many games in the theme park and enjoy the view… (2) first arrive there submit yourself in the outdoor theme park first, coz the ticket is one day ticket… you could come out from outdoor and back again in a day… (3) try the Kereta Gantung two way (return ticket) to feel the sensation… (4) loose yourself and Enjoy!! ^^

Day #2 City Tour

Day #2 in Kuala Lumpur will be spend with city Tour, first we were going to KLCC to see the Twin Tower Petronas (sadly we couldn’t get to the top, since that the ticket to Petronas is limited, and we had to queue at early morning to get it) we see the twin tower, taking lot of picture… and went shopping in Suria Plaza (still in KLCC), the Formula one and the gals team separate in here… coz the boys will be heading to Sepang and the Gals will be going to Bukit Bintang. Second destination is Bukit Bintang, we went there by monorail, first we take Train from KLCC to KL Sentral, then little walking to Monorail station. In Bukit Bintang, we went shopping there… and since there were request for “VINCCI” shoes, so we spent lot of time in Vincci shop searching for shoes, which in here is cheaper than in Jakarta (this happened because Vincci is originally made in Malaysia).

Then our trip continued by monorail heading to Maharajalela, by little bit walking after arrived at the station, the we were entering a china town, which in front of us there is big street market sold many of things (lot of them is malaysia’s goody goods in lower quality), it was so crowded with stuff but still can be enjoyed by walking and it’s affordable. we went there and buy several souvenirs, our guide (our friends) quite shocking knowing that we didn’t shop a lot :p

After almost everything is already bought, then we back again to KL Sentral (see, KL Sentral is really the central station of almost any transportation, except airplane :p) we took a rest there and having dinner… and then suddenly the boys called us and told us that they get jammed… and asked us to go to KLCC to buy a jacket for them… and here we go.. we went back to KLCC, bought the jacket and see the beautiful view of Twin Tower at night and Kuala Lumpur at night… Beautiful… ^^

KL at nite… many people with their own way to enjoy KL

my opinion:

see, you couldn’t expect a lot if you went to Kuala Lumpur except the City Tour. Since that they have beautiful City planning and great mass transportation… The one which make different is the Twin Tower Petronas… it is really a masterpiece especially at night

my advice:

hehehehe… you should be true in here… should prepare your goal first, do you want to shop or you just want to admire Kuala Lumpur? (1) if you want to go inside the twin tower, you have to queue at least from morning. (2) bring your own chilli sauce in here it’s so sweet ^^

Day #3 Going Home and Working Again
This day was the killing day… we had to wake up at 3 a.m (malaysia time) and heading to LCCT at 4 a.m. since it still dawn, we have no choice beside taking the LCCT Bus from the KL Sentral it’s only cost about 9 RM and it took about an hour. Arrived at LCCT we checked in and having breakfast first, before heading to Padang and going to work…

My Overall Opinion

It was a nice adventure… a nice opportunity for me… seeing such organized city (this one bigger than Perth, since it’s the Capital city of Malaysia). Love the mass transportation and love the pedestrian ^^ the adventure…hm.. sorry will say it’s not much… since that I couldn’t find the adventure except for the city traveling… maybe it was happened because the short trip that I had there, so couldn’t explore more of it.. Overall it’s a nice one…


Bapak/ Ibu di pemerintahan kapan nie kita mo bikin kota dengan mass transportation yang oke dan trotoar yang seru buat jalan kaki? Jadi kalo kemana2 kan ga perlu repot bawa mobil dhewe atau desek2an di angkot… biar gak macet tuh jalanan dan semua orang happy…

Little Tips and Cost

  1. Cost for entering Kuala Lumpur is cheaper than the exit cost. LCCT/KLIA – KL Sentral by KL Transit 12,5 RM for entering, and around 30 RM for exit. Oh ya.. this is the cost if you want to use train+bus. But if you want to go to LCCT by bus it’s around 9 RM.
  2. The Cost for meal around 5-15 RM (for not expensive restaurant or for fast food)
  3. KL Sentral is almost like the central station… get lost? better go to KL Sentral :p

Ok it was a fun trip… thanks for the guys, who let us joining you, even in the time almost in any time we were bothering you with our stuff… thanks to Mr. Boy and wife for letting us stay in your home… so that we could save our cost ^^ and thanks to Angel for accompany us (me, especially) and for letting us sleep in your room ^^

Thanks again to KL Government and KL people to keep their city that nice ^^ I have great time there…
Capek tapi menyenangkan ^^

Love always

*wondering where will I go traveling next*

note: foto menyusul blom di transfer ma empunya camera -____-“

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