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Life Less Ordinary *something missing…*

Hi there,

it’s been long time not updated my dear blog, place to talk non sense, place to be mad, and place to be exist… Happy New Year 2011.

wishing for the better things will happen in this year. Amin… Bismillah…

Remembered first week on May 2010, I bought myself my Blackberry… and since then… it’s quite change my networking life… re-connecting again with friends from College, High School… and getting more intense with my colleagues who already scattered even still in one company… an easy and fast connection with my mom and brother.

The loneliness was replaced… and life become merrier and merrier… then BB become something that less noticed… yet we still kept it near to us… even in the “private” place (read: toilet)

Sunday morning, 30th January 2011. I reset my BB by replace the battery for a while… and then.. yup… HANG!! my BB displayed nothing than the white screen and a small loading icon… which always shows the “loading” process all the time…

Anything that I could imagine has already been tested… but still no difference… and the consulting has been done to the IT from our company group… but still.. he surrender…

big dark cloud suddenly appear right in front of me.. and yes! a black out for my merry world… from my existence… lebay? oh yes I am… :p

Alhamdulillah, it was happened not more than 2×24 hours 😀 re-installing the OS was the cure, unfortunately I missed all my contact phonebook and my notes… hiks… but *smile* the existence is begin…

But unfortunately the same thing happened again to my BB on my duty trip, and this was happened because the same mistake, I unplugged the battery 😦 and this time was three days off from BB world… poor me… so poor me… same mistake, same handling, and same technician… since then, screw the procedure to unplug battery to refresh our BB memory..

from now on.. I’ll love my BB more… I’ll take care of him more… ^^
*Lebay??? I don’t care…*

see ya at my other post


this was a two time period of writing, since I’m too lazy to finish my post in the first time I start this post ^^
and will happen lot more in future posts…
please understand ^^