Ninja Assassin (what a ‘aaaarrrrrggghhhhh’ movie)

okay… okay… here we go…
Glad to be back to write a little after several weeks off from the blog world ^^

here’s the new from me… in my weekend alone… d*mn… really alone… I thirst for movies.. movie that can entertain me with the story that will keep me focus on that movie… then… the searching begin *my red inside black outside -RIBO- ext. hardisk and in the black inside red outside -BIRO- ext. hardisk plus lot of stack of dvds*

and then I found what I want “NINJA ASSASSIN” it’s a action with full of martial arts plus blood anywhere… my type? not really… I don’t have any specifics kind of movie to watch.. as long as the movie has a good story and packed well… then.. have to watch :p but why? uhm.. I like Rain… yup big fans of him, since the Full House serial drama… further about him you can googling or just visit this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_(entertainer) long story short story… here’s my review…

release on: 2009
starring: Rain, Naomi Harris, Ben Miles, Sho Kosugi

the story begin with a brutal assassination of a mafia gang, the assassin was perfectly covered but moved so fast just like shadow, what we can see there was only a horrified face of the gang and then… splash… head slice off from its body… hand separating from its arm… and lot of it.. splash of blood anywhere…

then, scence moves to an Europol office, when Mika and her boss Ryan, figure about the connection between the assassination of several famous people with the money transfer which indicate belongs to Ozunu Clan. A clan which beliefs to be like a ninja training centre which bring orphan to a training to be an assassin. Raizo was one of orphanage that trained to be a successor in a clan, train by his master’s itself to be a assassin ninja.. short story Raizo have heart for Kiriko, also a student in the Ozunu Clan. Kiriko is quite different from the other her heart is soft, and due to it she plans to escape, and in the night of her escape whe asked Raizo to join, but Raizo refuses to join.

Sadly Kiriko was caught by Ozunu clan, the execution of her was held in front others and executed by Takeshi -Raizo’s elder ninja brother- when the time of Raizo successes to execute his first task of assassination, his master asked hin to execute another traitor like Kiriko, in that moment despite doing the execution, Raizo attacked his master, then having battle with his ninja brothers.

ok… long and make it short he survived and begin the ninja assassin… and then meet Mika, the Europol… and she helps him to find the Ozunu Clan. and bla… bla.. bla… watch it by yourself yah.. hehehehe…

as I watch the movie… I scream almost every 5 minutes, since there were lot of battle which occurs lot of blood splash… and body apart scenes… hiyaaaaaah….

my conclusion:
overall it’s really really a BOY Movie!!! so Man!!! the martial art terrific, the effect superb!!! the blood splashes yiiaaaaaks… truly hieeeee….. the story ok!
It’s a worth to watch movie… none of the scenes are bored!! really a good one, despite all of the violence in the movie…

good acting Rain!! good movie ^^

ok… then.. see ya in next movie review
with love,

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