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the "unaccomplished" fishing

this is a late post ^^ (supposed to be on 14th November and near it)

happy Idul Adha… *as I say in d beginning, it is a late post :p so please understand…*

so happy in this year Idul Adha… *even it was little bit disturbed by news from office 😦 okay… okay… I’m not going to discuss about office in this post… so let forget it for a while*. this year Idul Adha was special, since that this is my first Idul Adha at my hometown in two year abroad (“merantau”). I took a few days leave, and it was worth!

I never knew that my mom need me so much till I came home… and thanks to Allah that I could come home… no regret at all… so in Sunday, we decided to have lunch outside… my father was driving the car without deciding where would we have lunch at. the choices on that time were eating Gulai Kambing in Tempoe Dulu or eating Kepiting Cak Gundul… and since it was so sunny… hehehehe… we prefer Tempoe Dulu then…

we’re taking the highway and…. voilla… my father came out with this unusual idea… how bout going fishing and eat there… my mom greet it with high enthusiasm ^^ *typical mom… so mami.. hehehe* the idea to fishing… get some fish… than eat our fish in the same place was so terrific… so okay… fishing we will!! car changed the direction immediately… Gedangan and straight toward the beach… on the way we found lot of fish market and fishponds. and -what we were afraid of was happened- we lost.. or we don’t know where -to be exact-. so my family -___-“

we didn’t get to the place that people recommended, but we find another place which almost the same as their description, except it didn’t meet with our expectation… yes, it was a fishpond… and yes we could eat there… but it was not as our imagination as the place should be…

apparently, for fishing there, you should bring your fishing equipments, and you have to –ehhm…– quite understand and mastering the fishing technique… and yup!! so not us!! and the place… not bad… but surely it was not for eating in the place… little peek for the fishpond sceneries:

quite beautiful right…? it was so sunny… the sun in a really in a happy mood ^^ meanwhile we were waiting for the assurance… I was taking several of photos there… ^^ 

this is me and my mom ^^

my father and me ^^

believe it or not… I have a lot pictures like this in my family album… apparently since I was a little girl, I’d like to have the spoiled pose with my father… no matter how stiff he is… I love him so much… ^^

hehehe… this is me with my beloved little bro… he is kind a uneasy person when dealing with camera.. very different from his sister ^^

my mom and my lil bro… hey… be nice each other.. I know that you love each others so much… then sometime it was a undemonstrative one, which caused a big misunderstanding… I love you both so much… ^^

and since… the service not so great, and we have no equipment at all, plus we are already starving… we were deciding to leave the place, and back to the first destination, tempoe dulu! yup… after we were enjoying being narciss of course ^^

so off from that place we are… to tempoe dulu… but wait… it seemed it was another journey for us… yup.. yup.. yup… WE COMPLETELY LOST!!! we were just following the road… while keep guessing that we are close enough from the main street… it was so lost… since that we could see the free highway (tol) several meters in our side… but still couldn’t reach it…

but… since that I could make this post… then the conclusion is… we made it… it was so long journey… but it worth the Gulai Kambing and Sup Iga!!! after we arrived at home… my lil bro has his own problem with his headache.. which turn him to do several exercise that my mom forced to him… hehehhehe ^^

It was really nice journey with my strange yet so funny and so lovely family…
I love you all…

wondering when I could come home again
since I have no many leave left 😥

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