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something from "so-not-me" workshop

just got home from my so-not-me workshop in Bukittinggi…

why is that? coz in d whole section of d workshop… I dont get what we were discussing about,  or they have been debating about… totally blank… and not intend to know more… since we’re discussing about the rule in archival matters… coz I’m simple one… I’m not really understand the complicated on it…

then why I join the workshop? simple answered coz my boss said so… hehehhehe…

so two days has been my idle time… with no work… (gosh I miss my office)… but lot of foods… yup… lot of it…

in d last day.. we had this chance to go to Jam Gadang and shop… since that I’m not shopping girl… so most of the time the committee gave us, I spent it with hanging around in Jam Gadang… and took this narciss picture… hehehhe…

And since it was still long to wait… then I deided to have a twister in KFC… I asked teteh’s hubby to accompany me… but it was ended up with buying “oleh-oleh” for teteh and my house mate -MRQ- hehehhe we travel to Bukittinggi, but it ended up by buying KFC hey… that was because KFC was much better for us than the nasi Kapau.. fuihhh full of fat!!!

ok then… time to sleep now..

love always,

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