Welcome Mang Mac and Bub-bye Flashy

Updated news from me… I bought myself a new Macbook Pro when I was in my Idul Fitri’s holiday, I named him Mang Mac ^^

Mang Mac will replace my best Ac*r laptop which already rest in peace about a year ago. Mang Mac wouldn’t do much daily work, since he is a private laptop :p

It’s been a tough, hard, not easy life with mang Mac… yup.. in the beginning of every relationship is not easy, lot of things need adjustment… between my habit and behavior with his and that’s what we call Compromise! (gosh! now, I’m talking my laptop just like I talk about my boy -_____-” hehehehehe… he is the substitution now :p so why should I care?)

first adjustment, mang mac it’s not windows… it’s quite difficult to learn and to get used with his keyboard function.. starting from [control + c] change to be [command + c] and since the place of the keyboard also not in the same place.. so it really need adjustment there… and plus first time want to use internet, I couldn’t install my modem, flashy… and it was really shocking…. until after two days “ngoplo” without internet connection… then I brought mang mac and flashy to Grapari so that they can get along together… and it works… ^^

then… problem come when I want to watch movie from file not a dvd… gosh… the dvd player ad the quicktime is not helping at all… but thanks God… we still have a place to search missing lyrics… wakakkaka… yup… there the prince charming come with the name GOOGLE!! big thanks… really help so much… mbah Google help me so much to find VLC for mac… and since that day.. almost every search ends with “for Mac” hehehehehhe…

then… problem come when I want to do my job at home… I don’t have proper applications to use to edit or create my office document… I already have Iwork, but totally confused in using it… OpenOffice quite the same.. it was not as powerful as Excel in Windows… I start to prepare “incence” to Mbah Google… and voilla…. it ended up me join tree massive group!! yup.. it was kaskus.us, indowebster.web id, and macclubindonesia… and it was really big help….

Short story I found the temporary solution for my problem, I installed the Office 2008 aplication and it really help. but why it’s temporary? coz.. apparently with mac… I need to learn and study a lot..!!!

it is a great one… it so passionate for me… my goal, I have to mastering Mang Mac…!!!

it’s nice having something around you to accompany you… thanks Mang Mac… you make my day colorful here ^^ but so sad… I have to say goodbye to you, Flashy… it’s been a wonderful two years with you… still remember the passionate time I got with you while downloading those massive file of movies… hey.. and thanks to connect me with al my friends through YM, Facebook and Twitter and of course this blog, hehehhe… before I have my BB you really do so much for me…

It’s not that I’m not love you anymore… It’s just that… you already…. *tooooeeeing confused to fine the right word, so that I’m not hurting you* you already broken… you can’t perform your best performance… and even you can’t connect yourself anymore with Mang Mac and others laptop… so sorry for drop you so badly… so sorry…

Hiks… flashy… you will always be on my heart.. please rest in peace.. and please don’t report me, and don’t avenge me.. please don’t… I’m sorry… I promise I wouldn’t do the same to your replacement… I promise… or at least I have the intention not to do the same :p

hehehhee… what so not important post this is ^^ hopefully I could share my new finding about Mang Mac in my blog… coz I already prepare one post about keyboard shortcut in Mac… hopefully that can be launched in this week.. thank you…

on a saturday nite
accompany by Mang Mac…
XOXO (means listening itune and staring his sophisticated lcd monitor)
hehehhe.. pathetic one ^^

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