Pray For Indonesia!

Hi there…
how’s life…

so sad hearing news about the nature disaster in Indonesia, earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai, volcanic eruption in Mount Merapi… let’s #prayforindonesia hope for strength and patient for those in lost, coz there always be a sunshine after the storms… we have to survive, we have to struggle… so let’s we pray and do something for our indonesia.

Mentawai, is in Sumatera Barat Province, in the same province where I work now, the earthquake before the tsunami were quite noticed here… several earthquake I felt even though I’m in Indarung… still can’t believe and how they feel there… people who live in Padang and Mentawai… but then.. the news turned out to be there was tsunami in Mentawai…

and how’s Jogja?? my favorite get away city… you gotta to survive just like couple years ago when the earthquake shook you badly… bad it was totally so sad seeing that beautiful city turn to be a dusty city… and those nice people now bowed their head sadly… everytime watching the news… I just wish I be there… do something…

today I called my cousin who live in Klaten… she said situation is bad in there especially near the merapi, the sound of the eruption… the huge wind which bring material is so scary… but Alhamdulillah they are okay… but then one of our relative… we still don’t know how she is… she is my grandparent sister… living about 17km near Merapi… last information… she didn’t want to move out from her house… and till now we still don’t know how she is? Bismillah.. Ya Allah.. please protect her…. Amin…

Please God, give strength for all of us and light their burden and hopefully all this ordeal ends with a happy ending… amin…


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