mE..Me...aNd me...

My Weekend: totally nowhere!!!

hue… happy monday everyone…

how’s ur weekend? mine… totally nice… two days nowhere less than 2 km around the mess ^^ yup… totally feels that we were in long weekend!

Saturday morning: nowhere
like usual I wake quite late around 8 pm still in my laziness… wake by my mom’s call but still in the hug of my beloved blanket… and suddenly an angel voice came.. *wakakkaka* then I wake up took a shower, tidy up my bed and my cupboard. clean the dirty plates, and clean our dining/family table… then do cooking things with m’ayu… hmm… it was sayur bayam, deep fried squids, and tumis tempe+teri… huaa… delicious… we’re eating our breakfast and watched movie… and yiaaaaaaakkss… still in the morning.. and we already watched a “gay” movie!!! wakakakkakkakka…
oops.. It’s not what you think!! it wasn’t pure “gay” homo… actually it was korean in the past movie… which the king has this sex disorientation… he is gay! yup in love with his own emperor guard.. who’s already be his friend since their childhood. okay.. there was no any inappropriate scenes there… coz it was VCD! the movie title is A Frozen Flower… funny.. we’ve seen this movie.. but it was a nice film… *hopefully I could write something about this movie*

Saturday afternoon: attending the baby born celebration
at about 2 o’clock we had to be in this place of our neighbor to attend the new baby born… yup! but the ‘fun’ part is… we little did our favorite here.. taking pictures… like this:

this one was a moment before we left the house…

model: m’ayu and me
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: heading to our neighbor place
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: doraemon

and this is another of our pose… hehehe … 
“manyun-manyun” mode on…  funny rite… ^^
And finally our today’s photographer’s!!! doraemon… by the way he do really intend to be one.. his goal now is having a DSLR and master it… really support his idea… coz we’re really like to be the models!!! wakakkakkaka..
model: doraemon
place: our living room (mess 2)
occasion: our temporary model
date: 23rd october 2010
taken by: me ^^ using “fish eye” effect see…. his head looks bigger and his hand look thinner hehehhehhe… which wouldn’t change her feeling kok hahhahha…
okay… after satisfied by the narcism photos at home…. and after make sure that our friends would meet us in the party place… we decided to move our body and force it to walk since that the party place was quite near from our mess… and we still have this….
Yup!! collate pictures of our journey heading to the new baby born party… which was took a long time.. not because the distance but more because the narcism activities we did!!! hehhehhehe….
And after that short party we attended…. we have our kind of party in our mess… these are little peek of our activities ^^

okay…. apparently rest of weekend was spent with another photo sessions ^^ it was me, m’ayu and doraemon… most of the pictures taken by doraemon… if you see a lot of doraemon… it wasn’t me who took the picture… hehhehhe… and you already know who did it rite… ? :p
And little bit later we have this unbalance, unfair fighting… 
it was really a unbalance and unfair fighting…. he is so big, with so much hard pillow, and of course he is a man… which’s stronger than me…. that’s why I have to protect myself by wearing the helmet… I was so lost… but shame on him… he has no mercy at all at woman…. hehheheh or maybe that’s because it is me not her hehhehehe ^^
Sunday: Going to market mode on… and still nowhere ^^ hehehe..

Okay.. do you wanna puke after read this post…. go head puke… coz I want to do the same now…
love always
the narcis me

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