Love to Learn, Love to Use

hi there,

how’s life? great right…. or hopefully yours just fine… coz… we should thank for what happened, since anything happens for reason ^^ *sok banget yah*

as my previous post, which mention that I have new companion name mang Mac *gosh really grateful to have him… no regret at all… just need to utilize him more :p hehehhe*, today post will tell you a little bit of my experience with him, as you know I just bought it last september… so still fresh…

first, little bit awkward, since that macintosh is quite different from window, instead using control [ctrl] we’re using much of command… instead of using microsoft office… we’re using iwork or openoffice… but thanks God, there’s Office 2008 and Office 2011 (thanks to Microsoft)

the earlier things that I’ve done after bought it… were googling and joining lot of forums, kaskus.us, indowebster.web.id, and http://www.macclubindonesia.com *I did lot of join forums coz I need a hint for what should I do or what can I do with my mang mac :p*

for watching video, we have default Quicktime, iDVD, and DVD player (already in the package of it). then I added with VLC (i need to watch the .avi format).

for working:

  • iwork : but I still haven’t found the best way to use Numbers, but I find Keynote has a lot of great template for presentation.
  • openoffice : this is a free software, and since it free… for me… not really friendly user
  • office 2008 : best way to work in office, excel was great (but it still using the office 2003 format, no ribbon…), word and powerpoint are okay, entourage is as good as outlook. And I’m looking forwad to use the new office 2011, coz it seems it has the same format as office 2007 in windows.
  •  mindmanager8 as good as windows version
  • Omni product!! wow terrific… thanks to Omni.. it helps so much in making chart, project plan… it just as good as microsoft visio and microsoft project

what a bout game… hehehehe… I have a lot also… ^^

the best in mang mac, is the way he makes me learn all the time… if I want to master it.. I gotta search a lot, read a lot… and use it a lot… coz almost everything is a new from me… everytime want to make something… googgling here and googgling there… from keyboard shortcut to software tutorial… everytime I use it and that each times I learn something new ^^

The more I use it, the more I know new thing

hopefully someday… I’m I’m not lazy enough to share what I’ve learned with all of you….



P3K Stroke (sangat PENTING!)


how’s there? it’s everything okay? I hope so…

yesterday, I received a sad news from the office, one of the colleagues had a stroke attack while meeting in Jakarta office. he was quite young, about 40s. and since, I know him… that even make us more sad hearing the news… Sir, hope you get well soon…

this is not the first event which happened in my work place, several people already had it… and why is that? and definitely stroke is not good!!


Stroke is…
according to http://www.strokeassociation.org and http://www.strokecenter.org
a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Most strokes are caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain (ischemic stroke).  Other strokes are caused by bleeding into brain tissue when a blood vessel bursts (hemorrhagic stroke). Because stroke occurs rapidly and requires immediate treatment, stroke is also called a brain attack. When the symptoms of a stroke last only a short time (less than an hour), this is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or mini-stroke.

Warning Signs
according to http://www.strokeassociation.org and http://www.strokecenter.org

numbness Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
confusion Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
trouble-seeing Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
dizziness Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
headache Sudden, severe headache with no known cause

If you’re experience those warning sign, call and seek medical help immediately.

according to http://www.medindia.net/patients/Firstaid_Stroke.htm

  • High Blood Preassure
  • Diabetes
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Heart Disease 


  • If you suspect stroke, call emergency medical help
  • Reassure the patient
  • Lay the patient down with head and shoulders slighty elevated
  • If patient is notbreathing well do a CPR
  • Place the patient on the left side if breathing/not responsive
  • Keep the chin slightly extended

    Steps to Avoid

  • Never give a suspected stroke victim anything to eat/drink
  • Do not premit the victim to move

And… this is a several step in first aid stroke which I found in Indonesian pages. (according to kaskus.us forum and http://bloggertouch.appspot.com)

(Dengan cara mengeluarkan darah pada setiap ujung jari tangan dan ujung daun telinga)

Ada satu cara terbaik untuk memberikan pertolongan pertama kepada orang yang mendapat serangan STROKE. Cara ini selain dapat menyelamatkan nyawa si penderita, juga tidak menimbulkan efek sampingan apapun.

Pertolongan pertama ini dijamin merupakan pertolongan GAWAT DADURAT yang dapat berhasil 100%.

Sebagaimana diketahui, orang yang mendapat serangan STROKE, seluruh darah di tubuh akan mengalir sangat kencang menuju pembuluh darah di otak. Apabila kegiatan pertolongan diberikan terlambat sedikit saja, maka pembuluh darah pada otak tidak akan kuat menahan aliran darah yang mengalir dengan deras dan akan segera pecah sedikit demi sedikit.

Dalam menghadapi keadaan demikian jangan sampai panik tetapi harus tetap tenang. Si penderita harus tetap berada di tempat semula dimana ia terjatuh (Misal: kamar mandi, kamar tidur, atau dimana saja)
Sebab dengan memindahkan si penderita dari tempat semula akan mempercepat perpecahan pembuluh darah di otak. Penderita harus di bantu mengambil posisi duduk yang baik agar tidak terjatuh lagi pada saat itu pengeluaran darah dapat dilakukan.

Untuk yang terbaik gunakan JARUM SUNTIK, namun apabila tidak ada, maka gunakan
JARUM JAHIT/JARUM PENTUL/PENITI yang sudah di-steril-kan dulu dengan cara di bakar diatas api. Setelah jarum steril, segera lakukan PENUSUKAN pada 10 UJUNG JARI TANGAN.

Titik penusukan kira-kira 1 cm dari ujung kuku. Setiap jari cukup di tusuk 1 KALI SAJA dengan harapan setiap jari mengeluarkan tetes darah. Pengeluaran darah dapat dibantu dengan di PENCET apabila darah ternyata tidak keluar dari ujung jari. Dalam jangka waktu kira-kira 10 menit, si penderita akan segera sadar kembali.

Bila mulut sipenderita tampak mencong / tidak normal, maka KEDUA DAUN TELINGA sipenderita HARUS DITARIK-TARIK sampai berwarna kemerah-merahan.

Setelah itu lakukanlah 2 KALI PENUSUKAN pada masing-masing UJUNG BAWAH
DAUN TELINGA sehingga darah keluar sebanyak 2 tetes dari setiap ujung daun telinga. Dengan demikian dalam beberapa menit bentuk mulut si penderita akan kembali normal.

Setelah keadaan si penderita pulih dan tidak ada kelainan yang berarti,maka bawalah si penderita dengan hati-hati ke dokter atau rumah sakit terdekat untuk mendapatkan pertolongan lebih lanjut.


  • Do regular checkups for Blood Pressure
  • Eat food with less salt
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a ba;anced, healthy diet
  • Take Blood Pressure regularly

Hopefully this information is helpful… and let’s take a good concern in our health… coz anything is not really worth when we’re in sick.

love always,

beautiful Indonesia · mE..Me...aNd me...

the "unaccomplished" fishing

this is a late post ^^ (supposed to be on 14th November and near it)

happy Idul Adha… *as I say in d beginning, it is a late post :p so please understand…*

so happy in this year Idul Adha… *even it was little bit disturbed by news from office 😦 okay… okay… I’m not going to discuss about office in this post… so let forget it for a while*. this year Idul Adha was special, since that this is my first Idul Adha at my hometown in two year abroad (“merantau”). I took a few days leave, and it was worth!

I never knew that my mom need me so much till I came home… and thanks to Allah that I could come home… no regret at all… so in Sunday, we decided to have lunch outside… my father was driving the car without deciding where would we have lunch at. the choices on that time were eating Gulai Kambing in Tempoe Dulu or eating Kepiting Cak Gundul… and since it was so sunny… hehehehe… we prefer Tempoe Dulu then…

we’re taking the highway and…. voilla… my father came out with this unusual idea… how bout going fishing and eat there… my mom greet it with high enthusiasm ^^ *typical mom… so mami.. hehehe* the idea to fishing… get some fish… than eat our fish in the same place was so terrific… so okay… fishing we will!! car changed the direction immediately… Gedangan and straight toward the beach… on the way we found lot of fish market and fishponds. and -what we were afraid of was happened- we lost.. or we don’t know where -to be exact-. so my family -___-“

we didn’t get to the place that people recommended, but we find another place which almost the same as their description, except it didn’t meet with our expectation… yes, it was a fishpond… and yes we could eat there… but it was not as our imagination as the place should be…

apparently, for fishing there, you should bring your fishing equipments, and you have to –ehhm…– quite understand and mastering the fishing technique… and yup!! so not us!! and the place… not bad… but surely it was not for eating in the place… little peek for the fishpond sceneries:

quite beautiful right…? it was so sunny… the sun in a really in a happy mood ^^ meanwhile we were waiting for the assurance… I was taking several of photos there… ^^ 

this is me and my mom ^^

my father and me ^^

believe it or not… I have a lot pictures like this in my family album… apparently since I was a little girl, I’d like to have the spoiled pose with my father… no matter how stiff he is… I love him so much… ^^

hehehe… this is me with my beloved little bro… he is kind a uneasy person when dealing with camera.. very different from his sister ^^

my mom and my lil bro… hey… be nice each other.. I know that you love each others so much… then sometime it was a undemonstrative one, which caused a big misunderstanding… I love you both so much… ^^

and since… the service not so great, and we have no equipment at all, plus we are already starving… we were deciding to leave the place, and back to the first destination, tempoe dulu! yup… after we were enjoying being narciss of course ^^

so off from that place we are… to tempoe dulu… but wait… it seemed it was another journey for us… yup.. yup.. yup… WE COMPLETELY LOST!!! we were just following the road… while keep guessing that we are close enough from the main street… it was so lost… since that we could see the free highway (tol) several meters in our side… but still couldn’t reach it…

but… since that I could make this post… then the conclusion is… we made it… it was so long journey… but it worth the Gulai Kambing and Sup Iga!!! after we arrived at home… my lil bro has his own problem with his headache.. which turn him to do several exercise that my mom forced to him… hehehhehe ^^

It was really nice journey with my strange yet so funny and so lovely family…
I love you all…

wondering when I could come home again
since I have no many leave left 😥

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something from "so-not-me" workshop

just got home from my so-not-me workshop in Bukittinggi…

why is that? coz in d whole section of d workshop… I dont get what we were discussing about,  or they have been debating about… totally blank… and not intend to know more… since we’re discussing about the rule in archival matters… coz I’m simple one… I’m not really understand the complicated on it…

then why I join the workshop? simple answered coz my boss said so… hehehhehe…

so two days has been my idle time… with no work… (gosh I miss my office)… but lot of foods… yup… lot of it…

in d last day.. we had this chance to go to Jam Gadang and shop… since that I’m not shopping girl… so most of the time the committee gave us, I spent it with hanging around in Jam Gadang… and took this narciss picture… hehehhe…

And since it was still long to wait… then I deided to have a twister in KFC… I asked teteh’s hubby to accompany me… but it was ended up with buying “oleh-oleh” for teteh and my house mate -MRQ- hehehhe we travel to Bukittinggi, but it ended up by buying KFC hey… that was because KFC was much better for us than the nasi Kapau.. fuihhh full of fat!!!

ok then… time to sleep now..

love always,

mE..Me...aNd me...

Sedari Dulu

there is a song… my favorite song… the fall in love song… and I love to hear it… come come my prince charming… please show urself to me… please…

[this song dedicated to someone.. which coz a reason.. don’t show up yet…]

SEDARI DULU (by dr. Tompi)

Hatiku berharap
Mungkin engkau kan berubah
Bisa mencintai aku
Seperti hatiku padamu

Hujan badai kan kutempuh
Bintang dilangit kan kuraih
Bila harus ku kan merayu
Untuk cintamu bagiku

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Membuatku tak bisa berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Sayangku hanya kamu

Cintaku telah terlabuh
Berhenti selamanya dihatimu
Takkan kukayuh menjauh
Biar kurapatkan cintaku padamu

Cintamu tlah menjadi candu
Cintamu tlah membuatku membisu
Cintamu ohh seindah lagu
Hanya dirimu satu ohh cintaku

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kau adalah belahan jiwa

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu

Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Kutahu itu sayang sedari dulu
Kau cinta yang hembuskan aku
Surga dunia disepanjang nafasku
Kau adalah belahan jiwa
Aku cinta kamu sedari dulu
Dan aku takkan berpaling darimu
Hanya kamu


Welcome Mang Mac and Bub-bye Flashy

Updated news from me… I bought myself a new Macbook Pro when I was in my Idul Fitri’s holiday, I named him Mang Mac ^^

Mang Mac will replace my best Ac*r laptop which already rest in peace about a year ago. Mang Mac wouldn’t do much daily work, since he is a private laptop :p

It’s been a tough, hard, not easy life with mang Mac… yup.. in the beginning of every relationship is not easy, lot of things need adjustment… between my habit and behavior with his and that’s what we call Compromise! (gosh! now, I’m talking my laptop just like I talk about my boy -_____-” hehehehehe… he is the substitution now :p so why should I care?)

first adjustment, mang mac it’s not windows… it’s quite difficult to learn and to get used with his keyboard function.. starting from [control + c] change to be [command + c] and since the place of the keyboard also not in the same place.. so it really need adjustment there… and plus first time want to use internet, I couldn’t install my modem, flashy… and it was really shocking…. until after two days “ngoplo” without internet connection… then I brought mang mac and flashy to Grapari so that they can get along together… and it works… ^^

then… problem come when I want to watch movie from file not a dvd… gosh… the dvd player ad the quicktime is not helping at all… but thanks God… we still have a place to search missing lyrics… wakakkaka… yup… there the prince charming come with the name GOOGLE!! big thanks… really help so much… mbah Google help me so much to find VLC for mac… and since that day.. almost every search ends with “for Mac” hehehehehhe…

then… problem come when I want to do my job at home… I don’t have proper applications to use to edit or create my office document… I already have Iwork, but totally confused in using it… OpenOffice quite the same.. it was not as powerful as Excel in Windows… I start to prepare “incence” to Mbah Google… and voilla…. it ended up me join tree massive group!! yup.. it was kaskus.us, indowebster.web id, and macclubindonesia… and it was really big help….

Short story I found the temporary solution for my problem, I installed the Office 2008 aplication and it really help. but why it’s temporary? coz.. apparently with mac… I need to learn and study a lot..!!!

it is a great one… it so passionate for me… my goal, I have to mastering Mang Mac…!!!

it’s nice having something around you to accompany you… thanks Mang Mac… you make my day colorful here ^^ but so sad… I have to say goodbye to you, Flashy… it’s been a wonderful two years with you… still remember the passionate time I got with you while downloading those massive file of movies… hey.. and thanks to connect me with al my friends through YM, Facebook and Twitter and of course this blog, hehehhe… before I have my BB you really do so much for me…

It’s not that I’m not love you anymore… It’s just that… you already…. *tooooeeeing confused to fine the right word, so that I’m not hurting you* you already broken… you can’t perform your best performance… and even you can’t connect yourself anymore with Mang Mac and others laptop… so sorry for drop you so badly… so sorry…

Hiks… flashy… you will always be on my heart.. please rest in peace.. and please don’t report me, and don’t avenge me.. please don’t… I’m sorry… I promise I wouldn’t do the same to your replacement… I promise… or at least I have the intention not to do the same :p

hehehhee… what so not important post this is ^^ hopefully I could share my new finding about Mang Mac in my blog… coz I already prepare one post about keyboard shortcut in Mac… hopefully that can be launched in this week.. thank you…

on a saturday nite
accompany by Mang Mac…
XOXO (means listening itune and staring his sophisticated lcd monitor)
hehehhe.. pathetic one ^^


Pray For Indonesia!

Hi there…
how’s life…

so sad hearing news about the nature disaster in Indonesia, earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai, volcanic eruption in Mount Merapi… let’s #prayforindonesia hope for strength and patient for those in lost, coz there always be a sunshine after the storms… we have to survive, we have to struggle… so let’s we pray and do something for our indonesia.

Mentawai, is in Sumatera Barat Province, in the same province where I work now, the earthquake before the tsunami were quite noticed here… several earthquake I felt even though I’m in Indarung… still can’t believe and how they feel there… people who live in Padang and Mentawai… but then.. the news turned out to be there was tsunami in Mentawai…

and how’s Jogja?? my favorite get away city… you gotta to survive just like couple years ago when the earthquake shook you badly… bad it was totally so sad seeing that beautiful city turn to be a dusty city… and those nice people now bowed their head sadly… everytime watching the news… I just wish I be there… do something…

today I called my cousin who live in Klaten… she said situation is bad in there especially near the merapi, the sound of the eruption… the huge wind which bring material is so scary… but Alhamdulillah they are okay… but then one of our relative… we still don’t know how she is… she is my grandparent sister… living about 17km near Merapi… last information… she didn’t want to move out from her house… and till now we still don’t know how she is? Bismillah.. Ya Allah.. please protect her…. Amin…

Please God, give strength for all of us and light their burden and hopefully all this ordeal ends with a happy ending… amin…