cin[T]a is a movie…
cin[T]a is an indie movie…

it was all started with I’m browsing for movie Sang Pencerah to completed my post, and then I also find this movie, called cin[T]a… I ever heard the story.. and I like it a lot when I took a peek at the story… wow.. it’s indie… with great resume that really works to make people curious about the movie (they got me!) okey, here are the official review taken from http://www.godisdirector.com

Cina, played so great by Sunny Soon, an 18 year-old college freshmen, was ready to conquer the world with a strong faith, yet naive, since it had never been tested by failure. and Annisa, played by Saira Jihan, is a 24 year-old college senior whose education was held back because of her career in the movie industry. Her fame and beauty left her so lonely that she drew a sad face on her finger as her companion. Until one day, another finger came and she was no longer lonely. and GOD, is the most unpredictable character. Everybody tries to describe Him. Everybody thought they knew Him. Every art tried to figure Him. But nothing is really like Him…or Her.

“Why do You create us differently if You only want to be worshiped in one way?”      
and God loves them both      
But Cina and Annisa cannot love each other      
because they call God by different names

okay… nice one rite? hmm the story is about two people in love which has different religion. they said.. lot of religion dialogues in the movie… and they also commented that the cinematography is terrific. love before seeing the movie… and short story… I finally can see the movie by rent it.

and here’s my review:

the movie topic? excellent… it was brilliant… and very different… and it’s really happened in our circumstances (I like how the movie’s topic is chose differently.. not like many others of Indonesia movie, various topics are really needed in Indonesia, and sometime simple topic or common happened topic could be a great movie -see Japan and Korea, they do have lot of topic’s in the movie- so great job!!)

the story? uhm… I like it… I love it.. I fall in love with Cina and Annisa… but why.. why… why… it ends not a happy ending… why.. *sorry spoiler 😦 so sorry* but even though you’ve already known the ending -just like me before- the movie still worth and not annoyed to be watch… hey.. even me, myself already watch it twice in a nite… 😛

the character and cast? wow… I love Cina… and Sunny played so well… meanwhile Annisa.. I like the character… but maybe Annisa is too much soft… so for me.. kind a not real… but… still we will love Annisa of course… and Saira she’s good to be Annisa.

the overall movie? Great One!! but… gosh the music in the beginning is totally messed! many commentator said so… even though in the end not so disturbing. then, the cinematography terrific… lot of beautiful scenes…  almost in every chapter is so artistic… beautiful… beautiful… beautiful… and overall story, great… but sometime I’m not really understand why… it just like… it was softly flow… but then… make me think.. why they can?? how it can be… still make me think.. and not satisfied with the whole story this movie try to share to us… guess… they take it less deep… and disappointed one is the end…  hiks…

And I love the finger acts in this movie… wow… really nice… it seems that those finger tell us story!! love it… love it… so much ^^

Ok.. hopefully… someday…they make the repackage of this movie… with nicer movie score!! hopefully…

and they said there are the longer version of this movie… about 90 minutes length, longer than 70 minutes cin[T]a that I’ve seen last nite… how.. how.. can I have it? *curious.. curious… BIG CURIOUS!*

It really do a Good Movie!! thank you…


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