RAIN [in d past]

I’ve just read a friend’s tweet talking about rain in jakarta a year ago, which brings me back to my own memory of rain in my past *mellow tune… #nowplaying Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head*

so it was more than a year ago… when we were still living in L75, when teteh hasn’t married yet… when I’m still involve with my ‘blind’ love… so it was in the evening and it was raining… quite heavy… with wind… Brr… Brrr…Brr… and this teteh, with spoiled asking me to pick her by walking in the rain… with umbrellas of course. and I kind a forget how… he -the golden ticket boy (GTB)- ended up accompany me to pick up teteh, in my memory there was something to do with teteh’s wish…

so it was me and GTB, walking from L75 to the main office… raining, me with my umbrella, GTB with his umbrella… in our way we were talking… how weird and awkward feeling’s GTB got by teteh’s wish… he was afraid and feel very uncomfortable, especially if it got busted by teteh’s boyfriend and my ‘blind’ love… hehehehe… yup, teteh is weird… why she didn’t ask his boyfriend??? -____-“

but then, we realized something.. hey he was so good friend.. eventhough he knew the consequences, he still picked her up… hehehehhe…

it was really nice… d walking… d heavy rain… and walking home with teteh in a umbrella with bare foot ^^

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