Our Football Match

Wow.. wow… another collated photo nie.. this photos were taken on July 9th 2010 in a football match between PROPERA staff and TRANS JACK staff (if I’m not wrong)… okay I guess I mixed up… the point is there were four team (PROPERA, TRANS JEK, SUPER BEN, and I didn’t notice the other one)… it was staff game, so the duration is 2×15′ with break 15′ (hehehehe… very short time right, but the sweat they produced same as many as pro hahahhahaha).

watching the game was fun, especially when meeting our friends there, so those are the narciss picture of us, you can see kodok with the tight and narciss photo of him, doraemon with a very tight uniform, mas senior with a very girlie pose, photo of the game, photo of spectators, and us… the xmt ’08

gosh.. time passed so fast.. I just remembered my first porseni… just as fun as this one… but this year porseni… hue.. less hurting… and less noticed… hehehehe…


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