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Jejak Jalan Sehat 2010

Wow, finally I can install Picasa on my laptop… *fuihh… so happy*. What I like about Picasa is I can easily do the collate photos, so I didn’t have to upload lot of pictures to share -coz I need only one collated photo, to describe the moment! Great right ^^ Yihaayyy…- And collated photo upstair is my creation, they were our photos from Jalan Sehat Semen Padang 2010 event (Semen Padang’s Jogging Event) in order to celebrate company’s expropiation and a hundred years our company’s anniversary.

Me and my other eight friends (bi’ nito, m’ayu, doraemon, TTT, koko, kodok, IP, mas pri) were grouped together along the route… sharing the joy and do the narcis thing together. the photos were taken anywhere we could along the route, start from on the way to the fountain, on the way to Bukit Atas, before the golf field, in the golf field, in our way to IND 1 -backgrounded the Limestone mining hill- and anywhere we could do the pose!!! much of it were taken by kodok -who’s volunteered to be my photographer- heheehehe…
It was a great event.. I really did enjoy it.. since it’s quite hard now to gather us (XMT ’08) in this kind a of event… I’m sure gonna miss this moment… Guys… thanks for accompany me… thanks for being around me… thanks for being my friend… thanks for tolerating my behaviour… Thanks for everything… this whole “merantau” thing is easier because of you… Love you all… hopefully we could fine success in life and in the future life.


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