Movie: My Sister’s Keeper

Today at Indonesia 65th Independence Day, we had this ceremony in the office, and after that we can enjoy our whole day as we like. Short story, I have done my cleaning task, and I dont feel I want a nap.. so I start search for dvd, and I found this one.. stared by Cameron Diaz -one of my favorite actress- the title is My Sister’s Keeper, it was a drama… big drama movie… so drama actually. And it is a great drama movie… lot of morals there… and touchy…
So here the big story.
So there is a family contains of mom (cameron diaz) and a father, they have two children, Jesse (the older boy), Kate (the lovely daughter) and then there is the aunty. When Katie still a baby, doctor diagnose acute promyelocytic leukemia, neither the parent nor the brother have the match donor for her. Then the doctor suggest to make a baby -an engineered baby-, the baby was engineered to have genetic match for her older sister, Kate, then born little Anna.  
In a sarcastic way, Anna was born to be Kate’s spare part, but that’s not true. Since the little Kate sick, Sara, the mom, quited her job as lawyer and dedicated her life to take care the family. So the paln was successed she make it till big. The family just like other family but rotten inside…
The problem begin, when little Anna sued her mother to have medical emancipation and the rights to her own body. She wants to have control to her own body. And that’s the story begin..
We will see many interesting conflict in here. How Sara really loves her daughter and can’t let go of her, how close is Anna and Kate relationship, meanwhile the kids eventhough still happy they got affected by this Kate’s illness…in the movie also spot each member’s thought seeing the affected of their life due to Kate’s illness… 
and in the end, the message was… let the faith flow like it used to be.. since that will brought better effect than pushing our will to fulfill what we want… without consider others and the universe…  sometimes letting go is the best answers to all…
In Islam we call it as Ikhlas… surrender ourself to God’s Will with still have the positive thinking for what it comes. Great movie… really do like it.. the family love story… and overall there’s no blaming who is false or right, coz in the end is just a humanity choices for a reason and it’s all understandable and so human.
– apparently it was 2009 movies based on a novel, written by Jodi Picoult
Gosh… when will this wi fi start well…

Really do need internet connection for blogging.

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