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akibat bergaul dengan Pasutri

Hey there… how’s life? Is everything rite? Hopefully everyone’s fine even better. So this is my second week in a new mess, happy? I am… it almost like family here… we connected by that family room in front of our rooms… that family room turns to be our watching tv room, our dining room, and our chat room. That room was surprisingly turns to be our gravitation in this house.

And regarding the topic, as all we are know (I assume all of you already know J this is my blog I own the rules) my dear house mate MRQ is already married and they’re having long distance married or we called it Cinta Satu Malam (ooohhh…. indahnya… ohhh capeknya.. hehhehe). And as we all know, many of my gals friend (XMT ’08) is already married, like my married bibi’, teteh, and bi’ nito. And since that our company contract regulation ends in the end of August, now, everyone is racing to have baby… *I want it tooo….. hiks*

My married bibi’ seems success to be the first to have baby, it’s almost two month now, and MRQ is also trying to have one too… hehehhe… this weekend, actually her turned to visit her husband in Pekanbaru. First, she seemed to postpone her visiting, regarding how messed our mess is, and she want to unpack and bla bla bla… but then Saturday dawn… she came to my room, and said to me… “hon, I want to go to Pekanbaru today, is that okay?”

And me in my sleep answered “oo… it’s okay say..” then I continued dreaming. Morning come, I was awake.. and I ran to her room, accompany her to do the packing thing to meet her husband. And then there she went… byuuuh… just like the wind *exaggerating I am*

Monday dawn, she went home.. so tired…on our way to the office, she told me that she had test pack, and it’s negative. And when we had this diner together just now, she’s complaining how her stomach hurt… and we kind a always say “maybe you’re pregnant” and that is for everything… anything is for the pregnant thing.. like vitamin E is good to help pregnancy happened… the coconut water is good for the uterus, the sprout good for fertility, the greenpeal good for pregnancy…. even pizza is good for pregnancy… everything behalf the name of good for pregnancy… make anything legal to be eaten to support the pregnancy thing… hehehhehe…*some of it, is true*

Then MRQ said to us -me and m’ayu- “apparently making baby is not as easy as people thing, as not as easy as in the movie” flash back to all the sinetron about having baby coz one night sex… then we are all agreed… how tv describing how easily girls to get pregnant by one accidental sex. Hehhehe… and another our crazy theory comes out… “maybe we need the same ingredient as the tv described to make a baby..”

In the tv, we usually see how this lover… fall in love each other.. have a great relation.. then they come too much.. and ended up in the hotel room *sinetron sensor it of course.. hehehhe* and in the following morning, the girl wake up with white blanket covered her body and sit on the bed beside the man… then crying… the man confused and try to calm the girl… and not long after that.. the girl has the morning sick.. and Voillaaa…. this is it… you will have a baby…

Maybe, that’s the patern to make a baby.. hehehhe… we have to wake up beside our man… and crying.. wakkakakkaka….

Mak Na… laughing… agreed.. but then she said… “that means I can’t prove that theory hon”. “maybe both of you have to try that theory in your first nite gals” she adding up and pointing me and M’ayu. Coz she has theory that the pattern maybe will work if it’s the first nite… hahhahhahhaha.. and she already do passed the first night… wakakkaka…

So guys and girl… if you want to have a baby.. maybe you can follow our theory.. and if you dont want to get pregnant yet.. please don’t cry on your first night *DAAAAAAAAAAAANG*

Hahahhaha… happy trying our stupid and thoughtless theory…

Note: if u try it, and it works… please let us know (coz, one person proves this theory quite true… hahahha)

write on Monday, 16 August 2010
We will have this conversation a lot as far as she hasn’t get pregnant yet
*wondering when my time to be pregnant… I kind a miss those little and soft hand*

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