my curiousity in "Expandable Post Summary"

Hue… what’s wrong with me yah? after two weeks rumbling with numbers, chart, and t-code, Now, I kind a “choose” to have my idle time here, actually there’s still lot thing that I can do… but I don’t know why, today, I’m tempted to do something else, like write this UN-IMPORTANT post and work on my blog template.

Actually, this desire’s already came about two days ago, when I read the 100 most visited blog in Indonesia. and Wow!! it’s not a celebrity whose in d first rank, and almost many of them I don’t really know who they are! *or it just me who didn’t know them -____-a* okay, the point is I’m curious with their blog, how their blog can be so famous? and then… daaaaaang… I open two blog… the #1 blog and one of them random picked blog. two of them, I have no idea who they are… but then… I guess their just ordinary people with fantastic blog.

The number one blog is owned by a young stylist or designer… lot of her picture in mix and match dress, fashion show picture and bla bla bla… creative one… The second, is just a young girl which has a lot of friends, I guess. She posts a lot about her story… *just like me hahahhah* but her blog design is so fun, drawing of a girl, then lot of accessories.. so girlie…

And then I spot one thing the “Read More” yup… it is for putting our summary post in our home, and the rest of the post will be link to the full post. Since that I have lot of posts in huge amounts of words, then… I think I do need that “Read More” gadget…. but how… ??

and thanks to mr. Google who always answer my curiosity with much more curiosity -coz it needs time and the right key to get what we want in google- but still thanks mr.google you do help me a lot to answer my curiosity.. love you.. love you…

So I get this blog, ouchh… I forget the address… he teach us to make the read more by editing our html… he guide us.. in which line we should customize out html… and yippy…. it’s done… wow… this is my first time dealing with that kind of… if/
things… hehehhe…

but there’s another problem occurred, in every post.. even in the short post… will be attached the “read more” links… quite annoyed though.. then I did another googling things… and then… I found this blog under the blogger help… and he said.. that blogger already facilitate jump break…

yup… to cut between the paragraph which we’d like to show in our “HOME” and the rest of the complete paragraph which will show after the click on the link… we just click the Jump Break… that is much more easy than… using the customized html… plus we can choice in which post we should use the jump break.. and which’s not need to…

Bravoooo…. but thanks for those blog who teach me… to deal with the html customized… it was really do something new for me… and I did enjoy the feel and the enthusiasm in customizing the html… wakakkakaka…

I just want to write something…
so comes this un-important post
and I don’t expect you to like this.. but please do not hate
peace ^^

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