This is the BIG weekend for all of us

this weekend is BIG weekend for all of us, member of XMT ‘08 which stays in L75. This weekend, we are forced to move to a new house, the guest house in Bukit Atas. Before it, we have 10 houses in L75 for us, 35 XMT ’08.

But then, time went by, friends with family moved out, and friends who found their soulmate also moved out. And now, left 19 of us.

And through company regulation, we are forced to move in the 4 guest houses, one mess special for the ladies, and three mess for the boys. A lot of pros and cons during the moving process. Regarding the more far place, and so quite and hard to reach by public transportation, plus the decide of which people in which mess, specially for the men.

We are the ladies, left 4 of us, me, MRQ, M’ayu, and Ike… Ike choose to move outside our company. And some of the guys also choose to move out, but he had family here.

Today, Ike also move out in her new place. Me, myself already move several of my goods in the new mess, but now I still sleep in my old mess.

Ike, how are you.. Sorry we’ve been also so busy here, so we couldn’t help you. How’s the new place sweetie.. Hopefully you find ur wish there, eventhough I’ll be so glad to have u in the new mess.

Guys, how’s the mess? Have u already make a deal between you guys? Come on.. We are all friend, there must be a way out that can make everyone happy..

Mom, how are u? So miss u too, mom, but I’m afraid to call u, afraid that I make u worrier than before.. Mom, don’t be worry, coz it will make me sad even more.. I’m already in shock here, mom… Lot of things come in mind.. Mom, please pray for me..

Ya Allah, you know this “moving” thing, quite bothering me.. I’m so sad thinking what the future would be.. But, I believe all of this just another way for me to be tougher.. Ya Allah, give me strength to handle this.. Ya Allah, I know that you won’t give thing without reason..

Have a good sleep everyone

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