YOU vs You (a year ago)

I realize that there will always be a little ‘heart’ for you in my heart.. And I knew that u’ve already know ’bout this..
You just can charmed me with your charisma and I fall for u again -and I’ll break my heart again-, or u just let things happened just the way they are *which is more I appreciated*.
Gosh!!! If I ever fall for u again, I’ll make sure this time I fall rasionally -not only use my heart but also use my thought- But I also sure that won’t be easier for me to fall for u again, since that I didn’t see any changings from you, you still you a year ago, and my eyes aren’t the same as a year ago.
Yup, my eyes aren’t the same as a year ago!!!
There’s always be a ‘heart’ for you, coz what we had was a big lesson for me…and in a bitter way I owe you big thanks for this learning path!

hkl, too mellow with all this event that keeps remind me of us a year ago 😦
P.S and people tend to enjoy torturing themselves

Do I still like you? *proudly said nope, this is just my way to distract myself from YOU*

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