Cameraku Sayang, Cameraku [terlalu] Canggih

In May, I bought myself camera digital ^^ hehehe.. budget checked, type (hmm, still confused.. between Sony or Canon??). Review has been made, advice seeking also has been done..but still confused -__-a

So, when the buying time arrived, I was guided by my friend *I like to give people name, so let’s called this one Camera Guy (CG) nice name rite? :p hehehe* we went to Marina Plaza, he knew exactly which store..and there were we..choosing between Sony X1 and Canon Ixus 210. By all the reason he gave..then I chose the Canon Ixus 210. Nice one..really..*actually I’m not really know -__-“ hehehe* I just trust him to choose it for me..hahaha

Since that day, I have my lovely camera…and it’s pink!! I bring it almost everyday..to fulfill my narcis and talking hobby :p oh yeah, pinky is a touchscreen camera *sophisticated rite* has a lot of menu there..which up to now I can figure out all the function -__-” and since that I am a ‘model’ not a photographer..other people used her a lot than me..hehehe.. and since she is too sophisticated, others also little bit awkward in using her..

Short story, they touched many things..they figured many new things…that I also didn’t know before..I also learn by using it..first month doesn’t matter at all.. Then, come our trip to sikuai *read my blogspot* and when d time transferring the picture, I realized that all the pictures are in small pixel! What????!!! And I just figured that there was a hand changed the setting into small pixels, without noticed, and it’s already happened since the end of May -___-“ poor me..

And since that I managed myself to understand more ’bout her..the manual book didn’t help so much..it was just a get started thing..huhuhu..Then, when I went to concert, I got difficulty in taking the right picture..since that so many picture mode in her menu..huhuhu..all the pictures are lousy picture..not using her best performance..

All of that makes me want to know more about her..about all the tricks in using ixus..hiks hiks..coz I want picturing the moment in the best way of course.. Do anyone know the tips and tricks to use Ixus 210?? Coz I believe she is sophisticated with huge power in producing best picture in her class.. I do like her ^^


[Or maybe I’m too sophisticated to have Ixus 210 hehehe]

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